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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23


by smenkhkapep

Khamtef [ap] - Eyewitnesses report that the crown princess Sankara has been spotted at one of the local clubs popular with young Neopets of cosmopolitan Khamtef. Princess Sankara, daughter of former King Sobek, and rightful heir to the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty, was sent by her father to the neighboring kingdom of Sakhmet for protection when King Heksas from the lower Mentu invaded Khamtef in Yr. -7. With the exception of the Princess, King Sobek and the rest of his family disappeared shortly after the invasion and are believed dead or held prisoner in King Heksas' dungeons. The King from the lower Mentu has gained notoriety all over Neopia for his cruel torture techniques.

After staying with Sakhmet's Royal Family for ten years, the crown princess was later accused of murdering the popular King Coltzan and was subsequently exiled from Sakhmet, which was transformed from a public Palace into a Closed City upon the decree of Princess Vyssa, Coltzan's heir. Princess Sankara disappeared in Yr. 3 following what has been dubbed by the press as 'the Usurper Incident' and has not been seen in public until 2 days ago, when she was spotted partying at the Scorpion Room, Khamtef's hottest dance club. "It was definitely Sankara," said one star-struck onlooker, "she was wearing a veil, but you could definitely tell it was her... nobody dances like the Princess!"

Even Branston the Eyrie, who happened to be at club to promote his new electronic dance game Eyrie Electric, told the press, "The owner of the club is a friend of mine, and he introduced me to her and her surly Blumaroo friend. I never met this Princess before, but dude, the girl can mo-ove! She was smooth, chic, and sophisticated!"

He continued, "I only read about her in the (Neopian) Times when that whole thing went down in the Lost Desert, but when I saw her last night, I couldn't believe this was the same girl everyone was accusing of murdering Coltzan. She was a really sweet Aisha. A real class act."

Photographers tried to take pictures but were kept at bay by Sankara's date, a mean-looking Blumaroo. Reports indicate that they were staying at one of the Scorpion Club's VIP rooms with a few close friends, finishing several bottles of the extremely rare and retired Rose Wine, and snacking on impossible-to-find Scamander Egg Caviar. One overzealous photographer who barged into the VIP suite uninvited reportedly came down with a bad case of Veruccas, giving rise to speculation that the Princess Sankara has mastered many of the Lost Desert curses that she had been studying from when she was a young Aisha.

Eyewitnesses also say that the couple have been spotted at various locations all over Khamtef, talking to some locals like blacksmiths, retired generals, and union leaders. None of these Neopets could be reached for comment. While generally reviled in Sakhmet because of the allegations, Princess Sankara remains an adored public figure in her former kingdom. "We love her," exclaimed a Grarrl who operates a fruit stand outside Sakhmet Palace (formerly City), "I relocated to Sakhmet when the mean King Heksas took over Khamtef. I'm always excited when I hear some news about Princess Sankara, she's a superstar back home!"

Asked to comment on the resurfacing of her former house guest, the Princess Vyssa shrieked, "If that (*really nasty word that Neopets should never say because it's a bad thing*) ever shows up in Sakhmet City again, she will be persecuted to the full extent of the law! No one escapes justice in the Lost Desert! Specially not the murderer of my beloved father, the greatest king Sakhmet has ever known!"

"Oh, and if we ever manage to pin down that Blumaroo friend of hers," Vyssa added, "we'll send him off to Edna to have him made into a Blumaroo steak!"

Princess Vyssa's advisers have also expressed plans to work closely with King Heksas and the Khamtef imperial guard towards Princess Sankara's capture. "An extradition treaty is being worked out between the two kingdoms," stated Advisor Wessle, "even though she's also a wanted criminal in Khamtef, we're confident that she'll be brought to Sakhmet for persecution upon her capture."

Her sudden reappearance also has many of Heksas' military analysts scrambling for explanations. There has been a warrant issued for her arrest and that of her Blumaroo companion. A bounty of 1,000,000 NP has been offered by King Heksas for their live capture. Some have alleged that the money is drawn from Khamtef's royal coffers, rightfully belonging to the Princess. Wanted posters have been posted all over the city, but no leads have been given. "It's just a minor annoyance," a visibly harassed General Nut said, "we have yet to confirm if it is indeed the real Princess Sankara or just her evil clone,"

Asked by reporters to elaborate on his comment about an 'evil clone', the General replied, "What? Did I say evil clone? Er, no, you heard wrong. I said, um, Weevil Cologne, that's it. That Sankara smells like weevil cologne. Really smelly. Yuck." And he quickly slunk away.

The local populace believe that the crown princess has returned to Khamtef to finally reclaim her throne. Security levels have been raised all over Khamtef proper and a curfew of 10 pm NST has been instituted. "That should stop them pesky Neopets from dancing in clubs," another general said. "Oh, and that might help in capturing Sankara," he quickly added.

Khamtef's economy has declined slowly following the take-over of King Heksas in Yr. -7. Many natives have left to seek their fortune in other places, leaving only those too poor to make the trip out of the region to fend for themselves in the collapsing economy. But the rumors about the return of their rightful regent has found many inhabitants growing more cheerful, believing that Princess Sankara might soon change the fortunes of their kingdom.

Many overseas workers have even expressed plans to return to Khamtef should the rumors about Sankara's return prove to be true. "We've been waiting for this day for a long time," said one Zafara who had relocated to chilly Terror Mountain, "she's always been a smart girl, with a good head on her shoulders. We believe she'll be as great a leader as her wise father was, if not greater!"

When asked to comment on the recent events, King Heksas snorted, "that girl is foolish for thinking she can come back and take over my throne just like that. She doesn't even have an army!"

"I say bring it on!" Heksas bellowed, and then laughed maniacally.

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