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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Articles > Training Secrets Revealed: How to Feed Your Pet More Often

Training Secrets Revealed: How to Feed Your Pet More Often

by featheralley

PET CENTRAL - In the past, there have been many articles about stat-raising Neggs and how they can increase the speed at which you can train your Neopet.  However, none of them have ever discussed the biggest secret to training with Neggs of all – How to keep your pet from being too full to eat and what to do when your pet does get too hungry to eat the Neggs.

Not all of the methods discussed in this article will be new to an experienced trainer, but many people will be able to learn a lot from reading through each of the methods.  Even experienced trainers will be able to come away from this with a better understanding of the way each method works and will probably learn a method or two that they never considered before.  Each section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each feeding method along with a description of how it actually works.

The first few feeding methods deal with getting your pet hungry again after they become too bloated to eat.  Then, there will be a detailed section about a way to feed your pet more often, but not keep them from being bloated.  Finally, there will be the ultimate method of feeding, whereby you can actually prevent your pet from ever being bloated in the first place.

DISCLAIMER:  All of the procedures in this article are current; however, NeoPets can easily change how things work in the future.

Healing Springs

This method is probably one of the more well-known methods that people already utilize in order to feed more often.  The way it works is after you feed your pet until they are too bloated to eat, you go to the Healing Springs located in Faerieland to see the Water Faerie.  Once you click 'Heal my Pets', she can do any number of things, but what you are after is when she says "and is not hungry any more" at the end of the message.

After you get the message that your pet is not hungry anymore, it will still be too bloated to eat, however, in exactly 3 hours you will be able to feed your pet again.  It will still say bloated if you look your pet up in QuickRef, but you will be able to feed again.  After you do feed again, you can start going back to the Healing Springs and repeat the cycle.  Please note that you do not have to feed in exactly 3 hours for this to work.  3 hours is just the minimum amount of time you will need to wait.

If the Water Faerie does not give you the "and is not hungry any more" message, then you will have to go back in 30 minutes and try again.  You will need to continue trying until you get her to feed your pet.

Advantages:  This method is low cost since the Healing Springs are free.

Disadvantages:  Lately, the Water Faerie has not been very generous and it has become more difficult to get the "and is not hungry any more" message now that she gives out snowballs too.  Also, this can be very time-consuming because it may take many attempts before she does what you want her to do.

Earth Faerie Quest

An Earth Faerie Quest is not really a feeding method since Faerie Quests are so random, but it will still help with feeding/training.  It is best to think of an Earth Faerie Quest as a guaranteed "and not hungry any more" message from the Healing Springs.  Once you do get the quest, you can feed your pet until they are too bloated to eat again.  Next, you can complete the Earth Faerie Quest.  Your pet will be able to eat again exactly 3 hours even though it will still show the pet as "Bloated" when you look them up in QuickRef.

Advantages:  This method is usually not expensive since most of the items the Earth Faerie asks for are low-cost.  It isn't time-consuming because you will have a guaranteed time to feed 3 hours after doing the quest.

Disadvantages:  Faerie Quests are random and it would be impossible to get the quests on a consistent basis.  In fact, sometimes you don't get Faerie Quests for weeks.  Also, not everyone would like the fact that when you complete an Earth Faerie Quest your pet gains 1 pound.

The Neolodge

This is one of the more unusual and creative methods to increase how often you can feed your pet.  After feeding your pet until they can't eat anymore, you can book them in the Neolodge in Neopia Central.  One of the purposes of the Neolodge is to feed your pet when you are away, but when it does feed your pet, since it was already very bloated, it actually lowers the level of hunger your pet has.

It doesn't matter how long you book the pet for or what options you chose.  After you book your pet into the Neolodge, you should go to QuickRef to see your pets Hunger level.  After a few minutes, it will drop from Very Bloated to Bloated.  Once the hunger level drops, you should take your pet out of the Neolodge using the link at the bottom.  Then in approximately 12 hours you will be able to feed your pet again and repeat the process.

Advantages:  It is a low-cost method because it only costs 5 NP to book the pet into the Neolodge.  It is also not time-consuming because after you are done withdrawing them from the lodge, you can go do something else either online or offline.

Disadvantages:  You can't feed that many Neggs using this method, however, it is still faster than waiting for it to become less bloated on its own.

Rainbow Melt Pizza

The Rainbow Melt Pizza method of feeding is one of the most misunderstood ways of increasing how quickly you can feed.  To really understand how Rainbow Melt Pizza works, you must first realize that there are multiple levels of being Bloated and Very Bloated.  As some of the previous methods hinted at, there are levels of Bloated that you can still feed your pet.  Rainbow Melt Pizza sets your pet's hunger level to Very Full.  In fact, even if your pet had a lower hunger level, it would set it to Very Full.

The way to effectively utilize the effects of Rainbow Melt Pizza is to feed it to your pet right before you feed them a Negg.  Since Rainbow Melt Pizza lowers a pet's hunger level to Very Full, after you feed the Negg it will be Bloated, however, it will be at a lower level of Bloated than if you had just fed the Negg and not the pizza.  Your pet would be ready to eat again in about 3-5 hours even though it will still say Bloated for the Hunger level.  At which time, you repeat the process by feeding your pet Rainbow Melt Pizza, then feeding it a Negg again.  You will be able to do this every 3-5 hours.

You do not have to feed in exactly 3-5 hours for this to work.  3-5 hours is just the minimum amount of time you will need to wait.

Advantages:  It is not time-consuming since you will get a guaranteed feed 3-5 hours after you feed the pizza and Negg.  You can go do whatever you want while you wait to feed again.

Disadvantages:  This method is extremely expensive.  Neggs are already expensive enough, but Rainbow Melt Pizzas are an additional 20k-40k.  Since you need a Rainbow Melt Pizza before each Negg, the extra cost adds up very fast.

The Anti-Bloated Method

This method is the most powerful feeding strategy of them all.  If you follow this method, you will be able to feed your pets every 2 hours with no effort at all.  Just as there are multiple levels of Bloated and Very Bloated, there are also multiple levels of Dying and Starving.  It is really the opposite of the spectrum, but they behave in similar ways.  When your pet is Very Bloated, it takes a long time for it to come out of that hunger level without you using one of the methods already discussed.  When your pet's Hunger level is "Dying" it has the opposite outcome – it actually takes more food for it to become a Hunger level higher than Starving.

Initially, what you would need to do is let your pet's Hunger level drop to "Dying".  Depending on its current level, this could take several days.  Once your pet's hunger level has reached "Dying", you can feed a Negg, which will make its hunger level "Starving".  In exactly 2 hours, you will be able to go to QuickRef and see that the Hunger level has dropped back down to "Dying".   At this point, you can simply come back every 2 hours and feed your pet.

You do not have to feed in exactly 2 hours for this to work.  2 hours is just the minimum amount of time you will need to wait.

Advantages:  This is a free method that you don't have to put forth any effort to continue using at all.  It is not time-consuming because after you wait 2 hours, you can feed whenever you want.

Disadvantages:  Since your pet will stay in Starving and Dying hunger levels, you will not be able to battle your pets.  Also, their Moods will drop since they are hungry and feel they aren't being fed even though they would be eating more often than if they were bloated.  If your pet gets sick, you will not be able to use the help of the Healing Springs to heal it for free.  If you go to the Healing Springs, you risk the chance of the Water Faerie feeding your pets.  You would have to wait a long time for it to get back down to "Dying" again.

As you can see, there are several methods that can be utilized in order to feed your pets much more quickly.  The strategies discussed here are not limited to stat-raising Neggs either; they can also have a huge impact in the Gourmet Club.

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