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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > New Series > Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia--Part One

Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia--Part One

by evil__sakura

Dreams are fragile things, every day we dream, coming into a fantasy world of either joy or fear. One can say that some dreams have big purposes. Like conquering a fear or serving as a useful plug for artistic inspiration. But what if one couldn't control the shifting pattern of the two realities, becoming a habitual way of life. Well, maybe we should just ask our friend, the plushie Buzz, Abaddon . . .


The storm is deadly and I'm on a one Neopet ship, me being that one Neopet. The vicious torrent flings my ship from to side to side, making it one bumpy ride! The sail on the mast is about to be hurled off, pushed by waves that curve my boat aloft. The sea is unforgiving, and I hasten my breathing, but am I dreaming? The rain loosens my grip upon the steering wheel. But yet, all of this isn't real.


Abaddon really had his hands clutched onto a wet plate. He shook away the images of his day dream, and let the water run into the sink. The rushing water pushed the soapy foam into the drain, and it spiraled down ending with a small plop sound.

     His owner patted the Buzz’s head, and handed him a white Lupe plushie with wild rugged fur.

     "Where did you get this?" he asked her. Her face was always hidden under a hood and she never spoke to her pet. All she ever used were two glowing eyes that expected Abaddon to know every answer to every question he asked her. The Buzz shrugged and figured that the plushie was just another reject from her job in the plushie factory. Why she brought it home as a gift to him was what confused the Buzz the most. He’d probably never get the answer to that question.

     He dried himself off with a towel and went off to his room. When he entered, he glanced toward a corner where a sewing box laid. When he was younger, his master used this thing called a lab ray. Because of the ray's infamous side effects, he spent a whole week being a female! His owner thought it would've been funny to get him girly things, changing the whole atmosphere of his room with pink decorative. Abaddon did not enjoy this one bit, and begged his Master to stop. Eventually, she let up and they used the ray to turn him back into a male. This sewing box was, for one reason or another, was never removed from his room after that incident.

     He looked at it and the at his new plushie. Suddenly, out of sheer boredom, he picked the box up, opening it to see several pieces of cloth, thread, and other such items. The accessories were small, as if the box was meant for sewing small things. He pulled out a roll of measuring tape from the box and used it on his new plushie. "Hmm... I suggest blue and grey for you," he said, pretending that it was amongst the living.

     Taking note of the measurements, he made a grey sleeveless shirt with a collar, and three turquoise buttons. Abaddon placed it around the Lupe like a vest and after his limbs slipped through the holes, he buttoned it. His jacket was blue with long sleeves, but the sleeves were detachable. Strings attached the long sleeves to the jacket. Finally, the Buzz added a final touch by slipping a tiny belt under the Lupe’s jacket, around its waist, over the grey shirt.

     For the next few minutes, Abaddon marveled at his success, the clothes upon the Lupe plushie made him look less sloppy. His perpetual smile grew even wider. Its four whiskers more straight, and the fang on the right corner of his mouth, sharper. But all the Buzz did was add on some clothes, such an odd occurrence.

     Shaking his head, Abaddon picked the little guy up and placed him upon a pillow. Then our hero laid his head on the pillow beside the pillow the plushie rested on. Closing his eyes, he wandered back into his dream world, continuing on from where he left off.


Hearing the calm waves drift slowly under a large plank of wood, I get up quickly to find that my beloved ship was gone for good. The outcome of the experience surrounds me with the pieces of my boat. Suddenly, I heard a strange grunting from under a sheet, at first I expected it to be some goat.

     But in turn, it was a Lupe, which sends me right through a loop. For he wore the same clothes as the plushie from before. He's holding an item that's very large and red, it was a huge X, not a thing I would describe in past tense. "Hello brother," he shouts, his voice raspy with experience. Looking around, he then volunteers to give me his two cents.

     "I think you're lost, therefore I will assist you." He points into the four different directions.




     "Sou-- Whirlpool."

     I get up, and put on my dark-brown straw hat, I glance over the Lupe's shoulder and see the giant whirlpool. As it is sucking us in, I start to mope about how life was so cruel. We both go thud, in contact with a cold hard floor.

     Colds hard floor? Standing up immediately, I begin to notice my surroundings. It was nothing I had ever seen before. Metallic walls with tubes and wires. I address the Lupe, and he gives me a nonchalant expression. "My name is Zannibar Setizer, Great Navigator. Extra ordinaire!" he says, his body in a position that would cause others to stare.

     Not amused, I give him a serious glare, causing him to sit down and place a lollipop into his mouth. I still look at him expecting a suggestion on our current situation. Suddenly, a certain chill rolls up my spine, and my body fills with a cautious sensation.

     The Lupe's ears are upward and pointy, it's then I realize the strange creatures around me. Flat circular beings, each one with a single eye, resembling giant white blood cells. I see a reflection in their eyes, one of a mangled plushie buzz, the "dream" me. They glare at us, as if we were a cause of some important fuss.

     "INTRUDERS!" bellows one, and a huge struggle begins. Although much to our effort, I and Zannibar fell unconscious. I groggily try to acknowledge what is going on, and my focus comes back to me. To the first thing I see, I let out a small weep. The creatures clutch tightly onto our arms, over an edge of a cliff. That slid into a pit that was probably a couple of a million feet deep.

     We both gulp looking down at a swirling pool with a foreboding grey mist. Purple water was under the clouds, a bubbly cauldron of fear.


Abaddon’s owner had her hands clutched onto his arms. Holding the Buzz high above a bath with warm water and pink bubbles. Abaddon realized what his master was trying to do, and groggily struggled in her grasp. The hooded figure lost her grip and Abaddon sped toward the bathroom, immediately after he touched the ground. His owner raised her hand, but it was too late, and the Buzz banged his head on the closed bathroom door. Drifting back again into that other world...


A warm Lupine face greets my awakening happily, "You were awesome bro!" I look around and I notice all of the beaten foes. Their unconsciousness was a perfect signal to go. Running down a corridor, I notice a new patch of troops behind us though, following us in rows.

     "Zannibar!" I shout. "At this rate we won't go far!" We both stop and I explain to him that we need to exit this place. That's when he puts on a grinning face, trumping footsteps from behind the corner rushes us to continue the chase.

     But Zannibar stops me, and begins to wield his X like a huge gun. A compartment opens and a huge rocket shoots out destroying the wall in front of us. A gust of wind pulls us out along with several of those other robotic creatures.

     Our bodies thrown into the sky, at a quick glance there's something I started to realize. All along me and Zannibar were inside a metallic leviathan of massive size. The wound behind its neck made it wail in loud cries.

     I Take off my dark green cape, positioning it over my head like a parachute. Pressing a button on his huge red X, Zannibar follows suit, with a huge white sheet hovering over his head.

     Safely drifting upon the deck of a boat, a very familiar one, in fact it was my boat from before. Except now completely restored, I cheer gleefully, doing a happy little jig. "You didn't know?" says Mr. Setizer who is giving me a look of pondering.

     His question makes me wonder "What?" I ask.

     He starts to speak with one finger scratching his fuzzy muzzle. "The boats that we all travel upon were created from what remained of the great faeries from the 'End' War. You see these boats aren't just hunks of wood that float. They are living things that are capable of self repair, provided by the loyalty and strength of the crew." I marvel at his explanation, yet I begin to feel very puzzled.

     "What are you talking abou--"


But before he could ask Zannibar another question, Abaddon woke up with his owner looking over him. She sighed in relief and leaves the room. The Buzz pulled out his journal from the drawer beside his bed. He opened it and looked at the single sentence that started today’s entry. He scribbled another sentence into it, and laid it back on the drawer, wide open.

     He snuggled his head into his pillow looking at Zannibar the plushie quizzically. He then reworded his short entry out loud. “I’ve been noticing a strange pattern in my sleeping cycle... should I be worried?” He stayed up all night waiting for the Lupe to answer.

To be continued...

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