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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Short Stories > Unexpected Friends

Unexpected Friends

by ginger23456

Harvey the green Chia stood out on his front porch breathing in the fresh morning air. He lived with his sister on the outskirts of Neopia Central in a small house surrounded by trees and a stream running alongside it. His sister Kala walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

     "Kala!" he yelled, turning around suddenly. "How many times have I told you not to do that? It scares me!"

     "I only wanted to ask you what you wanted for breakfast!"

     "Oh, well in that case I'll have a bowl of Neo-Crunchies please, and remember to pour me loads of milk too. Oh, and sprinkle loads of sugar on top!"

     Kala the red Chia walked away, shaking her head and muttering words under her breath. Harvey, breathing in the fresh air once more, turned and followed. Sat at the table, the two were discussing places to visit.

     "Any suggestions, Harvey? Where haven't we been in a while?"

     "Dunno," he replied as he shoved a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. "How about Meridell? We haven't been there since the war between them and Darigan broke out a couple of months back."

     "Sounds good enough to me."

     They opened the front door and stepped outside into the fresh morning air once again. The sun was warmer than it was before and the beautiful, golden rays warmed them as a cool breeze blew softly on their faces. They wandered downstream; it was the quickest route to Meridell that they knew of.

     Harvey could hear something in the reeds. It sounded like whimpering, like an injured child. He told Kala, but she immediately dismissed it as just being the wind whistling through the reeds.

     "Well I'm sure it's something else!" snapped Harvey, Kala's ignorance angering him. "Go on ahead if you want to, but I'm staying here to find out what that noise is."

     As Kala walked slowly ahead, Harvey knelt down and pulled back the reeds. A baby Lupe was lying there, licking a wound on his leg. His fur was raggedy and his eyes were tearful.

     "Please find my mommy and daddy," he said. "I don't know where they are."

     "Y-You're a Lupe," Harvey spoke up, not taking his eyes from the Lupe's. "You do know that Chia's and Lupe's are--" He stopped in mid sentence realising that a small Lupe probably wouldn't know that they were enemies. "Would you like to come back to my house for a while?"

     The Lupe shook his head, smiling for the first time. He followed Harvey down the stream as he shouted for Kala. Kala emerged seconds later and let out a yelp.

     "Harvey, there's a Lupe following you!"

     "I know there's a Lupe following me. He's injured and he's lost his mommy and daddy. I said he could come back to our house for a while."

     Ignoring the expression painted upon his sister's face, he turned to the Lupe. "What's your name?"

     "Jame," the Lupe spoke up quietly, sensing the fear in Kala.

     "Why are you injured Jame?"

     "Oh, it was awful! I was playing hide and seek here with mommy and daddy and all of a sudden a Pteri swooped down and attacked me! I tried to find them after that, but they were nowhere to be seen!"

     Harvey patted Jame gently on the shoulder. He looked at Kala who was half hidden behind a tree and beckoned her over.

     "What's there to be scared of?" he whispered to her. "He's an innocent child. He won't do anything."

     "He might be harmless," Kala replied, "but what about his parents? They're bound to come looking for him!"

     Harvey's heart dropped into the pit of his stomach. The thought hadn't crossed his mind. If they found out that Chia's were looking after their child he and Kala would surely be doomed. He looked back at Jame. He couldn't let the poor child down. They had to look after him, even if it did put their lives at risk.

     "Let's take you to our house Jame," said Harvey lightly. "We'll get you all cleaned up and warm."

     The three Neopets began to make their way back upstream. Jame was in front walking with a limp, Harvey right behind. Kala kept her distance. Turning a corner, Kala heard something in the distance. She turned around to see two Lupe's.

     "Well what do we have here?" snarled the male, his eyes afire and his pearly white teeth showing.

     "H-H-Harvey!!" yelled Kala, fear spreading in her voice. "I think it's Jame's parents!" "Jame?" spoke his mother. "You took Jame! Get her Davon!"

     Davon descended low to the ground. He snarled, his eyes filled with rage. He was just about to pounce at poor Kala when suddenly...

     "Daddy! Please don't hurt her!" Jame ran up to Kala and stood in front of her blocking his father from attacking her. Harvey soon emerged; fully unaware of what was going on.

     "Mommy, daddy! These Chia's are my friends! They were going to help me! Don't hurt them!"

     For a moment or two it looked like Jame's mother and father believed in him, that maybe Chia's weren't so bad after all. Davon growled and pushed his son out of the way. "It's time for lunch!" he shouted to his family. He pounced upon Kala knocking her to the ground.

     "Lay off her!" shouted Harvey, coming to his sisters aid. With all the speed and energy he could muster, he charged at the Lupe knocking him to the ground. He looked up dazzled, the female Lupe watching Harvey in shock. Kala got up and dusted herself off taking shelter behind her brother.

     "That'll teach you to mess with my sister!" he yelled. "All we were trying to do was help your son! He was injured! He needed looking after! Why do we have to be enemies? Why do Lupe's envy us Chias? What have we ever done to you? Are we tasty, is that it? We shouldn't be fighting like this, we shouldn't! It's gone on for too long, it must stop!"

     The Lupe's looked at each other and then at Harvey. Davon looked down at his paws. He looked ashamed.

     "W-we're truly sorry about our actions young Chia," spoke Davon, pawing the ground nervously. "Please forgive us."

     Harvey glanced at Kala. After all, she was the one that was attacked. She nodded.

     "We forgive you," spoke Harvey.

     "Your words," began Davon. "They were truly amazing. You've taught us many things. You've taught us not to dislike others just for the sake of it. You've taught us about compassion, you've taught us of friendship. Thank you."

     "And thanks for finding me too!" shouted Jame happily, a huge grin spread across his mischievous face.

     From that day forward, Chia's and Lupe's lived together in peace. There were no more anger and hatred, no more bullying, no more hurt feelings, just friendship and companionship.

The End

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