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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Short Stories > The Mutauleko Story

The Mutauleko Story

by aerisangel01

Mutauleko slowly opened his eyes and looked about; he was still in that jail... Mutauleko was a mutant Grundo, who fought in the Lost Desert War… but not for Dr. Sloth. He sat on his bed, closed his eyes, and remembered what happened...

     Mutauleko had not always been a mutant Grundo, he was once a Faerie one, blessed by the Space Faerie herself. He lived on another planet, but he had forgotten it's name, it was so long ago... His parents consisted of a starry Grundo named Floramilina, his mother, and a green Grundo named Grasolireto, his father. He also had a baby sister, a purple Grundo to be exact, named Quasaralia. She was mute, but he always loved her more than anyone or anything else, because she was beautiful, sweet and very intelligent. Life was perfect, until the terrifying day arrived...


One day, a big and green thing came. He called himself Dr. Frank Sloth, and said he could  give them everything they wanted, such as thing like riches, power, and a lot more power! Every Faerie Grundo met (in those times, only Faerie Grundos were blessed by the Space Faerie, and she only did it to the wisest ones, so the Faerie Grundos ran the planet) to decide what they would do. They all refused to follow Sloth, and they made him return to where he came from, but one day, he came back with a strange gun, he fired, turning every Grundo mutant! Then he forced them all to go into his space ship and he lead them to a Space Station, close to another planet: Neopia.

     Every Grundo was worried about the events to occur, but he acted like nothing had changed with Quasaralia, acting like how he was when they were in their planet. Being very young, she had not been mutated, and he still played with her. One day, Sloth came again and ordered them all to come with him. Every Grundo was now in a big empty room, containing nothing but a cylinder shaped glass cage. He made a Grundo enter this, then a vast amount of smog appeared all around him, when the smog disappeared, the Grundo was dim-witted. This was enough for Mutauleko, and he hugged his parents before he talked to them.

     "Mom, Dad, I will run away with Quasaralia. I have to save her.. I will come back to save you later, I promise, so please, even if you go into these cages, please don't forget me..."

     He took Quasaralia into his grasp and began to run, and he used his magic powers (from the Space Faerie) to open the door. A vast amount of Grundos sprinted out of the room. He ran until he saw what he was searching for, a space ship. He jumped into it, and got into the world known as Neopia. He later learned that he was the only one that managed to escape, as the others who tried were not in this world anymore...

     His space ship crashed in a strange place, with a cylinder-shaped building that had a scroll that lay on its roof, a living tree (and this tree was looking at him), and strange pets all around him. He attempted to talk to them, but they didn't understand a single word. While listening at them, he understood what was the difference. Their language was reversed. So he took paper and did the best he could to write reversed. Finally, the leader of Neopia came.

     They took him, with Quasaralia, to a big building, where he told them his story. He and and the leader of Neopia made a deal: if Mutauleko agreed to became a spy for them, Quasaralia was sure to have a good job in Neopia when she was older. He accepted, and after special training, he was now officially a spy...

     One day, a Bruce named Brucy B discovered a new land, the Lost Desert. Soon after, Sloth attacked it. Mutauleko was then sent to his first mission. He joined Sloth and acted like he was one of his dimwitted minions.

     Every time Sloth was preparing something, Mutauleko told Neopia about it. They were always ready to defend themselves, but there was one thing Mutauleko did not know about. Sloth, after he noticed that Neopians were always ready to fight, knew that there was a spy. When he decided the final wave would be sent, he did not tell any Grundo of his plans.

     When he told them about it, the attack started immediately. Mutauleko had no time to explain it to the leader of Neopia, so he decided not to stay secret, to fight against Sloth HIMSELF! He just had the time to think when a ray came up from a tower. It touched the ground. He saw, in front of him, a big stone golem, he had no choice; if he wanted to fight Sloth, he first had to defeat this thing.

     At first, the citizens of the Lost Desert didn't know what to do, but soon Mutauleko and the citizens were fighting together. Sometimes some mutant Grundos attacked him, but he easily got rid of them. After a long battle, the golem was finally defeated! But he did not take the time to shout his joy, for he ran to the tower where Sloth was.

     He climbed the stairs of the tower. He did not stop, except when he saw another light ray. He looked outside by a window; the golem was living again! He was sad because it was impossible for him to go back and help the pets, but he continued. Soon, he saw him, the one he hated so much...

     "Sloth! It's finished now! Give me the scepter and nothing will happen to you!" shouted Mutauleko.

     Sloth glanced at him and cackled evilly. "Mwahahahahah!!!!! Stupid fool! No one, no, no one can stop the great Dr. Frank Sloth! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

     While Sloth was laughing, Mutauleko jumped at him and attacked him. He hit Sloth's hand, and he dropped the scepter! He used every curse he knew, all his magic, but Sloth was too powerful. He pushed Mutauleko and Mutauleko fell in the stair, rolling. The last thing he heard was Sloth's evil laugh, and a motor sound before he fainted....

     When he woke up, he was in the hospital, and the doctor told him that he was here for about one month. He also discovered that when he was sleeping, the leader of Neopia had judged that he was a betrayer. The second thing he learned was that his sister had been sent to the VirtuPet space station.

     When he was better, he was been sent to the jail. He often saw some people from the Lost Desert who didn't forget what he did for them. They offered to help him, to take him out of this place, to clarify what he did for them to the leader of Neopia, but he always refused. Without his sister, life was nothing for him… and, to himself, he really was a betrayer. He promised to his sister that she would always be happy, she would always be with him, and it was not true. He even heard that Sloth used her for his experiments. He also promised to his parents to save them, and he never did.

     He started to cry when he heard a little sound coming from the window of his jail cell. When he looked outside, he saw a hopping little purple Grundo with something in her hand, as she was smiling. He looked at her and knew that what she was holding was a gift for him. He took it; it was a little flower. "Thank you..." he said sweetly, now with a beam on his face.

     "Hey, sis! What are you doing! He is a bad person!" He looked to the one who said this, it was a red Zafara. The little Grundo moved her hand and the Zafara began to laugh.

     "What are you laughing about? And why did she move her hand like that?" said Mutauleko. The Zafara looked at him.

     "She just said that you didn't bite her, so you're not a bad person! It's pretty funny, and that's why I laughed! And she moved her hand like this because she is mute, and it is the only way she has to talk. I am a kind of translator, if I can say it this way, but also her best friend!"

     Mutauleko smiled. Even if he was in jail, the other Grundo was free, and it was a good gift. "Wait here for little while..." he said. The two Neopets saw him shrink into his cell, and then he come back with a book. "I don't need it, you can have it."

     The Zafara smiled. "Wow, thanks!" She took the book and looked at her sister; "Come on, we have to go, Aerisa is waiting for us!" She began to run but the Grundo was still here. "Ho, Come on! We have to go, Quasaralia!"

     Mutauleko stopped to breath for a moment, his baby sister, she had a new family, she was happy. Now, THAT was the best gift he could ask for.

The End

Author's note: I want to said a BIG thank to adoriblelapin and everyone in The Neopian Times Writers Forum who helped me to edit this story, thank you everyone!

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