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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Continuing Series > The Tale of Jeran: From Boy to Warrior--Part Five

The Tale of Jeran: From Boy to Warrior--Part Five

by jiggles24944

Currently Outside...

"They're trying to surround us, charge!" Aizen yelled. With a great roar the pets on four feet charged. The knights on top of them unsheathed their weapons and lowered them around the sides of the knight they were riding on.

     Each of the charging Neopet's face masks hit the petpets hard. All sorts of petpets were tossed through the air. Being very weak, the tossed petpets quickly blacked out and released the evil spirit inside of them. Many petpets were grabbing onto the charging knight's legs. The knights on top of them slashed and hacked the petpets off their rider's legs, and continued.

     Jeran happened to be at the back next to his knight partner, Aizen. Silver arrows from his archer companions whizzed over his head. ChristmasTheAngel and the other archer knights fired with deadly accuracy, never missing or hitting any knights. He noticed that many knights were getting off their rider and attacking on ground. Both Aizen and Jeran saw that the Elephante knight, ErkleZerkle, had just unloaded every knight on top of him.

     ErkleZerkle spotted them and yelled, "Get on!" The two Champions jumped on top of the Elephante.

     "Let's break into the fortress," Aizen told ErkleZerkle, "We're the only ones trying this, so be careful." With a great roar like thunder, ErkleZerkle charged.

     In about ten seconds they had crashed through over six hundred petpets. Domar and the petpets alike hadn't suspected the attack by only three knights. The petpets soon regained control of the situation and did what they had done to all other charging Elephantes, Ixi, and Acaras -- grab on to the legs. Many others jumped on top and bit ErkleZerkle's flesh.

     Aizen and Jeran hacked away at these petpets, but were very close to failing, being that they were against hundreds. A big Hopso jumped up and grabbed Jeran's face. Jeran grabbed the Hopso and threw it at the Hopso attacking Aizen.

     "Disgusting mutated bunnies..." Jeran murmured. They were running into another hundred petpets. Jeran knew that they would be overwhelmed by the hundreds in front, and the hundreds behind them if someone didn't do something quick. It would be all over.

     Suddenly, the Blue Acara knight, Roy_520717, raced right past them. He hit the petpets right in the middle and cleared a pathway for ErkleZerkle. The Elephante then ran faster than any Elephante ever had back then, and looked like a giant, yellow, blur. The petpets he touched flew in the air like bowling pins. Jeran and Aizen were having a hard time holding onto him.

     In front of them, Roy had had crashed into the door, but it wouldn't break. He flew backwards, then ErkleZerkle hit it.


     A giant hole was formed inside the door.

     ErkleZerkle flew back, and Jeran and Aizen skyrocketed into the air. The two knights flew into the hole, and crashed on the floor inside, shook but not stirred.

     Roy got on his four feet. He saw that the hole in the door was going to cave in. He sprinted inside just before it did.



     Aizen and Jeran got up and looked around the room. There were metal cages everywhere that used to hold the petpets. In the back was an elevator. The elevator was not fancy like an elevator you'd find at a five star hotel, but an elevator you'd expect to have if you were going on a mining expedition. It wasn't closed up and you could see all around it if you were inside it. Roy was knocking at the rubble that blocked the hole.

     "You go up," he said, "I'm opening this. I'll meet you later with some knights."

     "Let's go, Jeran," Aizen said, "We have to stop Domar and the petpets." They ran into the elevator and hit the highest floor number, the three. Nothing happened. Aizen hit the button for the second floor instead. The doors closed and the elevator shot upward.



     ErkleZerkle panicked. He was cornered, and six hundred petpets were about to attack him! Of course, because he had gone so fast earlier, it would take about a minute for most of those six hundred to even be near him. This would be enough time for the other knights to save him.

     Scot was making it harder for the petpets to charge. He would fly in the air and grab two petpets with his grappling hooks. After spinning them round for a short time, Scot would release them, were they would land right in front of a group of petpets. The petpets would trip and fall over each other then, slowing them down.

     Scot and many flying knights saw the battle while flying through the air. The archers did not know that Aizen, Jeran, and ErkleZerkle would do such a bold charge, and actually had to move closer now that the petpets had chased after them. Some archers such as ChristmasTheAngel, had to take out their close range weapons now that they were so close to the petpets.

     Scot looked up. On top of the mountain, Domar's room was unprotected. Scot slapped himself in the face.

     "Why didn't I think of it before!" the Pteri said. "I must congratulate my brain later." Like a bug flies to a light bulb, Scot went ever up towards Domar's room. When he was very close, he hit an invisible magic barrier and was electrocuted. He fell all the way back down like a leaf, and landed on his back safely. He shook off the ashes that were once many of his feathers and said, "Maybe I shouldn't congratulate myself..."


The Elevator

     Jeran and Aizen couldn't see in front of their faces. All they could hear was the sound of the elevator crank slowly upward. There was almost nothing to do in this time right before the danger ahead that could cost them their lives.

     After a few seconds of prolonged silence Aizen cleared his throat and said, "I'm going to explain to you now, Jeran, on how the Castle Defender is made. Are you ready to know?"

     "Yes," Jeran answered.

     "Very well then." Aizen coughed and said, "This is a story of Meridell passed down along the ages by the kings of Meridell. It is so old that the scripture the first king wrote on has now turned to dust. This is the story...


Long ago, the land was filled with darkness. Giant bugs ate Neopets, technology was scarce, and cold winds swept across the land. Few survived.

Long ago, a Moehog named Isaac Meri and a band of 50 Neopet travelers migrated from the cold desert and into the land that is now Meridell. They bravely brave the unknown.

Long ago, Meri and his pets were very weak. They collapsed in the sand almost halfway through their journey. Meri then met a White Kougra named Dell. None is known about this pet except that his name was Dell. Dell was a strong fighter, trained in the desert were meat-eating Poogles roamed the land. Dell guided them a land of safety, fighting and destroying the dangers in their path.

Long ago, the town was built. Isaac Meri ran the government as King Meri, and Dell led the army of knights as the first Champion, Dell. Together, they put their names together to call the town Meridell.

Long ago, battles raged. Dell managed to save Meridell, but was killed in battle, along with many other knights. Meri feared that they would be destroyed if knights kept being killed, so he used a bag of ancient magic powder to make the Castle Defender.

Long ago, the Castle Defender was formed. It was made up of every knight ever killed in battle. When a knight dies, their soul will float into the Castle Defender and make it stronger. It looks like a White Kougra because Dell's soul controls all the Castle Defender's movements. With it, Meridell was safe. This is the story.


Back to the Elevator...

     "Is that story true?" Jeran asked.

     "Yes. It is kept a secret from everyone outside of Meridell's royal family. You must tell not one person that story, except for the knights. If our enemies find out... it would be chaotic."

     "It sure is dark in here," Jeran said. A bright light busted out of a crack in the mountain, twenty feet below them. Many more lights followed it. When they hit the elevator, Aizen and Jeran realized that they were lasers. The elevator flipped sideways harshly. Unlike Aizen, Jeran was not holding onto a rail. The Lupe fell off the elevator and into the blackness.

     Aizen watched as his companion tumbled downward. He heard Jeran touch down, and knew that the Lupe was exploring where the lasers had come from. Without warning, the elevator stopped. He opened up a door to the right of the elevator and walked carefully through.

To be continued…

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