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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Continuing Series > The League of Super Authors: Part Six

The League of Super Authors: Part Six

by erika_idle

Six creatures entered Neopia's Space Station air lock chamber. A red Ixi named Rosie, a green Lupe called Sebastian, a yellow Chia called Albert, and a blue Aisha named Harriet. These four made up the League of the Super Authors. Along with them was a mysteriously handsome red Eyrie named Jay, and a recently-converted-from-evil Writer's Block dubbed Spot.

     The six looked around at all the Grundos running around with big folders of complicated formulas in their grasp, or with long sheets of binary code trailing along behind them. The six quickly jumped out of the way of a desk on wheels that seemed to be out of control, carrying three Grundos and a computer. It crashed into a second desk, starting a chain reaction. Soon desks were rolling all over the Space Station. It was a harmless little disorder until the Space Station Weaponry shop became affected.

     Jay quickly ushered his companions into the air lock chamber again, just in time as a Grundo long bow was hurled at the door. "Is it always like this?" asked Sebastian, watching the distressed Grundos try to get a hold of their situation.

     "It's usually much worse. Those silly Grundos," smiled Jay, watching as two cafe Grundos collided and hot coffee went flying everywhere.

     Harriet and Rosie laughed forcefully.

     Jay patted Albert on the back. "C'mon. Let's get you guys into the Starhopper. It'll take you to you death -- I mean, to the evil space station, so you can save Neopia."

     Rosie gulped. Spot started to cry again.

     They flew off, into the darkness of space. It seemed like eternity before they arrived at the evil space station. The (until now) unknown space station certainly looked evil. Maybe it was the fact that it was red and black. Maybe it was the fact that it had a large skull and crossbones painted on the side, or a sign reading, "KEEP OUT: Evil lurks inside!" on the other side of it. Nobody knows for sure.

     A collective gulp of terror went through the group, as the Starhopper slipped unnoticed into an empty landing chamber. The six stepped out. Jay turned to look at his companions. "Now, listen to me. Spot will direct you around this place. Don't get lost. Don't get yourselves cornered. Don't get scared. Neopia depends on you. I'm going to go get some coffee. Toodles!" Jay said, jumping back into the Starhopper and flying away.

     "Well, isn't that just peachy," Rosie said.

     Harriet looked around. "This place is sketchy, very sketchy..."

     "Well, duh," said Sebastian.

     "Keep your voices down, guys! We need a plan. I suggest that we get around in the heating ducts until we find the actual headquarters. Spot can direct us around from below. Sound like a plan?"

     The group nodded, and Albert had no trouble finding a heating duct. Sebastian whipped out wrench and pulled off the grate, and the four hopped inside. Spot reattached the grate loosely. "Good luck, you guys," he said, mournfully.

     "Don't. Get. Lost," muttered Albert through clenched teeth.

     Spot nodded, and they started off. Luckily, they met few others in the walkways. The League had to hold its breath once, as they watched Spot pass another Writer's Block, and once again as Spot passed an odd sort of creature that looked like a thin tree with no leaves.

     Finally, after much crawling on the League's part, they arrived the rafters of a large, rectangular room with a platform leading into an office on one end, and a set of heavy, iron doors at the other end. Spot stopped. "This is it," he muttered. He took the wrench and helped the League out of the heating duct. At that moment, the doors swung open. All kinds of different creatures swarmed inside.

     "Yes, as I was saying, my dear King of Writer's Blocks, he's clearly over reacting..."

     "Oh, c'mon, give it a rest..."

     "No, I thought that it was a wonderful plot, so wonder -- wha? Who are? What are THEY doing here?!?" cried the King of Writer's Blocks, pointing at the League.

     Rosie, Sebastian, Albert, and Harriet whipped out their weapons of choice. "We won't let you get away with this, evil space station of... of... much evil! We're not going down without a fight! This is for Neopia!" cried Harriet, pointing her sparkly wand at the group. Lightning-like beams shot out of it with a loud crackling sound, shooting most everyone back out of the room.

     "Ouch! That really hurt! I do believe I've caught on fire," said a creature that resembled a pencil, who had indeed caught on fire.

     The King of the Writer's Blocks took charge of the situation. "Czar of the Ink Stains! Quick, put out the fire on the King of the Dull Pencils! As for the rest of you, ATTACK!"

     Rosie fitted a quill onto her long bow and fired. The King of the Dull Pencils went down with a crash.

     Sebastian was having fun chasing a bunch of Writer's Blocks around, shooting at their, erm... heels. Or what was probably their heels. "Yee-haw!" he yelled. "This is fun!"

     Albert pulled out his weapon of mass destruction. He looked around for a trigger, but found only a large red button that had a sign next to it reading, "DO NOT PRESS". Albert pressed it.

     For an instant, it seemed as if the world had turned upside-down and backwards. Everybody was temporarily blinded, and those who had looked directly at the light that was emitted never saw colors again. A few Dull Pencils caught fire again, and ran around the room, saying, "Oh, dear. I seem to have caught fire again. Oh, dear."

     The gang of writer's foes and woes finally surrendered. Screaming and howling, the group of Writer's Blocks, Dull Pencils, and Ink Stains (among others) ran off into the halls of the space station, boarded all of the transport vehicles available, and were never seen again.

     The League of Super Authors whooped and cheered. "We did it! We destroyed them! We sent them running for their mamas!" yelled Sebastian, giving Rosie a high-five.

     Rosie smiled, and shot off a victory quill. Harriet twirled around, twisting up her cape and making her loose her balance and fall. Even Spot couldn't contain his joy. He leapt about the room, sending all the furniture flying up into the air every time he hit ground.

     "So, you think you have won the war, do you?" said a voice.

     The five stopped cheering. A door from up at the platform stood ajar, and a shadowy shape was barely visible. "You may have defeated my army, but you have not defeated me," it said.

     Harriet trembled. Spot whimpered. Albert bit his lip. Rosie backed away. Sebastian did little of anything.

     The creature laughed softly. "You think you are so great, so powerful, don't you? Well, you haven't even tasted fear yet," it said.

     The five trembled, and the door swung open, revealing...


To be continued...

Author's Note: Don't you just love cliffies? What's behind that door? Who is this mysterious ringleader, really? Will the power of the League even compare to this new evil? And not to mention George! Find out in the final thrilling chapter of the League of Super Authors!

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