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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Continuing Series > Jhudaberries: Part Eight

Jhudaberries: Part Eight

by twayblade807

Ixi, Luperusse, and Ghicaccio walked for only fifteen minutes after parting with Skeithena and Fluffy, before they reached a door.

     It looked a little like a NeoHome door, complete with a little Username-And-Password box. Ghicaccio lunged forward, but Ixi held her back. "No, it could be a fake login box," he warned her. "What's more, it could be a trap."

     "Why, you sound just like me, young Ixi!" A Yellow Lupe suddenly appeared behind them. "It is odd, however, that a fine Faerie Ixi like you would be in here, in the Ice Caves - in such terrible condition, too! That is, if you don't mind me saying."

     "No, I don't," said Ixi briskly. "Go on."

     The Lupe nodded, and continued, "So you would like to get past the door, eh? Why would you, hmm? You could get into rather large trouble with some rather scary people, if you did... "

     "Who are you, to say that to us?" said Ghicaccio, hostility sharp in her voice. Of course. DellaNeve was her brother.

     He laughed. "Ah, I have not told you my name. I am sorry, young ones. My name is Garon, the Lupe who ventured in the Ice and Faerie Caves. Now I have found a new challenge - this part of the Ice Caves, it is even harder to navigate around than the Faerie Caves. How you young amateur Neopets (if you don't mind me saying so, of course) even got here, seemingly unaided, I can hardly believe."

     Ghicaccio was convinced, but Luperusse narrowed his eyes. "Are you friends with Jhudora, to try to stop us?"

     Garon laughed, again. "Oh no, I am not a friend of Jhudora's. Neither am I trying to stop you. I am simply warning you of the dangers. I have, however, befriended the Snowager. He told me everything, and he knows a fair lot about Jhudora's plan too." Garon tapped the code box with a claw. "Including that."

     Ixi knew what to do, but only Ghicaccio could do it. Not because of her wide, cute eyes, but because Della was her brother. Ixi looked at the Baby Lupe, and she got the message. She turned to Garon. "Uh, Mister Garon... could you please get us through... please? My brother's... imprisoned by Jhudora. In there."

     "I promised my good friend the Snowager that I would not type the username and password in, for his employer's enemies," began Garon, but Ghicaccio cut him off -

     "Mister Garon! If you just tell us the username and password, and not type it in, you won't be typing it in for us, right? Go on!"

     Garon sighed. "I guess so. The Snowager will be so mad at me, but for an innocent - cute - Baby Lupe and her brother, I guess I'll have to do it. The username is a smiley - that's a colon and the right bracket - and the password is 'hotdog'... "

     Luperusse and Ixi bit their lips trying not to laugh at Jhudora's username and password, and Fluffy licked her lips at the thought of a chocolate-flavoured Brucicle-flavoured hotdog, while Ghicaccio typed into the code box:

     Username: :) [Luperusse and Ixi were still trying to refrain their laughter, without much success]
     Password: hotdog [At this point they were Rolling On Floor Laughing Their... Tails Off]

     The lock clicked and the door flew open, with the code box still saying Username: :), Password: ******.

     The three walked in. Ghicaccio turned to thank Mister Garon, but she found that the Yellow Lupe had already slunk away. So she thanked him silently.

     DellaNeve was in there, pacing to and fro. He turned to Ghicaccio. "I'm cold," was all he said.

     "We'll get you out of here," Ixi assured him, but just as he said that, the door behind them slammed shut. The code box screen, on the inside of the door, flashed Username and Password?. They heard Jhudora's voice, recorded on the code box: "I guess you got in by typing a password, but when I installed this code box, I made a password for getting out as well as in. Have fun trying to get out!" After that was the expected evil laugh, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

     Although, trapped inside, the four NeoPets were flabbergasted, but on the outside of the door, the code box still flashed:

     Username: :)

     Password: ******


The Snowager sighed. "I hate it when Jhudora makes me imprison innocent Neopians, but my employer said that I had to capture all who tried to come in here. I failed my job with the other NeoPets; but I must do my best, by keeping you here, as much as I will regret it."

     The Moltenore didn't answer, but fired a jet of flame at the Snowager's tail. The snakelike creature literally flew up into the roof of the cave, making a horrible cracking sound, and Pants On Fire had to run for his life as the (obviously) heavy Snowager fell back down.


Fluffy was perched on Skeithena's back. "Skeithy, where?"

     "I think we're close to... somewhere," said Skeithena. "We're going deeper underground... and it seems a little warmer here, Fluffy. The tunnel walls, floor and ceiling seem to be somewhat dryer. What? In the name of Donna, there are actually weird plant roots on the walls!"

     "Plant. Root," agreed Fluffy, poking the roots with a paw.

     "Dead end," said Skeithena sadly. Roots and vines blocked their path, but Fluffy actually hurled herself off Skeithena's back, and crashed straight into a Yellow Chomby's face, which was peeking out of the vegetation.

     The friendly Chomby didn't seem to mind. "Well hello you two!" he said enthusiastically. "WELCOME TO TYRANNIA!" he screamed suddenly in their ears.

     "Ouch, don't do that," said Skeithena. "You'll deafen us."

     "Sorry," said the Chomby, grinning slightly, yet trying not to. "It's my job. Well welcome, welcome to the wonderful and wacky land of - "

     "Ty-wann-ee-ah," completed Fluffy delightedly.

     They walked past the Chomby and wandered around Tyrannia for a while. "We'll go back into the Ice Caves after we get some food," Skeithena assured Fluffy gently, "just in case the rest are in any trouble."

     "Skeithy no have money," said Fluffy. "But Skeithy get Chock-lick Brucicle?" she added hopefully.

     "This isn't Terror Mountain, Fluffy," Skeithena laughed. "But I'm sure we'll find some way to buy some food... "


Later on, in Tyrannia...

     "What are you doing here?" said Sharon, surprised.

     "We need some food, we're famished."

     Jess hugged Fluffy, and nodded at Skeithena. She bought about five Cactus Leaves and threw some NP at the Tyrannian Foods shopkeeper, who said gratefully, "Uggh-Ugga-Ugg!"

     "Tell me everything," said Jess.

     "No time, I think we should go back to the Ice Caves to meet DellaNeve, Luperusse, and the rest... " said Skeithena.

     Sharon and Jess didn't know who DellaNeve and 'the rest' were, but they had the sense not to ask. "We'll come with you then."


"Well, we'll freeze here I guess," said Luperusse sullenly.

     "Probably. Unless Skeithena comes. I'll freeze first," added DellaNeve. "Or starve. I don't look forward to either."

     Ghicaccio opened her mouth to join in the gloomy conversation, but then the door swung open. "Skeithena! Fluffy! PANTS!" she cried joyfully. "How did you get here? FOOD!"

     The famished Neopets grabbed the Cactus Leaves, while Skeithena did the introductions and told them what had happened since the five NeoPets had split up. "We arrived in the Ice Caves, and we saw Pants wandering around... " [Ghicaccio had a vision of Pants shooting fireballs everywhere and terrorizing the Ice Caves] "... and then when we got here, the username and password were already typed in the door. We figured you'd be trapped in there, or something. The door looked like a dungeon door... "

     "Hold the door open!" shouted Luperusse suddenly, as the door started to swing shut.

     The two humans, five Neopets, and Petpet all hurled themselves on the door at the same time, keeping it open. "Let's get out of here," panted Sharon, "this door is going to crush us if we stay in here and have to keep holding it open."

     "Made out of Faerie metal," nodded Ixi, and they started the journey out of the Ice Caves, talking happily, while Ghicaccio practically strangled DellaNeve and Pants with hugs.


When Ixi went home, he found Jane packing her bags. "I hope you had a good adventure," she nodded at him. "I see you're still alive."

     "Yes, I am," Ixi agreed. "We're all okay -- JANE! You're packing your bags?!"

     She nodded. "Yes, what did you expect? You should know that I'm going away... "

     Ixi howled. "I'm sorry! When I was in the Ice Caves, I kept thinking about you - and - please don't leave!"

     His owner grinned. This was what she'd been waiting for. She gave a false sigh. "Well, Ixi, I don't know if I should leave or not... I really don't know.... "

     Jane and Ixi caught each other's eyes and they both burst into laughter.

The End

I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do please Neomail me with any comments, complaints, questions, suggestions, or just to have a friendly chat! I will be eternally grateful... Anyway, I won't waste any more of your time ;) Thanks for reading and have a really GREAT day!

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