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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Continuing Series > Gallery of Evil: Part Two

Gallery of Evil: Part Two

by wonderful_aishas

Also by adoriblelapin

“Gee, that’s the last time I do that,” mused Blizzy aloud, hardly glancing at the Pant Devil.

     Miff squeaked and hid behind Blizzy for cover, mumbling in fright. “You summoned them… now Neopia is doomed!” At this, Blizzy leaned over to Miff and reminded her what the Pteri messenger had said about the beasts appearing more often.

     Meanwhile, the Pant Devil sneered menacingly at them and then began to hover around them, swirling in all directions. Miff ducked, fearing the worst once again, while her Flotsam friend did nearly the opposite.

     Blizzy waited a minute, as the Pant Devil neared them, hovering lower. She then plunged her slippery water-resistant body to him, slamming him to the grass beneath them.

     “Hey you, Pant Devil!” Blizzy yelled into his non-existent ears. The blue thief was mortified. His captor continued, “Quit scaring my friend! Why don’t you just lay your devilish claws off us and go back to where you belong!”

     Unknowingly to her Flotsam partner, Miff shivered behind Blizzy, staring at the opposite direction. She squeaked in fear, as a thick, sticky material fell upon the two friends. Blizzy only had a second to acknowledge the happenings before the Pant Devil vanished from her grasp and floated round once again.

     “What’s this?” snarled a cold, raspy voice. Blizzy and Miff rubbed the web off of their eyes to gain back vision, seeing the web making was none other than the Spider Grundo himself. “The Panty taking advantage of a bunch of Neopians?”

     A green blob, Meuka, came from behind and whacked the Grundo with his tail. “Come on,” he hissed. “Leave Panty alone. We should get moving.”

     And with that, the two left, leaving the Pant Devil looking humiliated. Miff and Blizzy looked at each other, puzzled, and scared to their wits. They glanced at the Pant Devil, who hovered over them and tossed them a blue pillow.

     “There’s for standing up to others unlike what I do,” he sniffed sadly, and flew off.

     Blizzy sighed, and said, “You know, somehow I feel sorry for that guy. He must be like us; lost and confused.” An idea flashed in Blizzy’s mind. “Hey, Pant Devil!” she shouted, waving her fins frantically.

     The Pant Devil veered back and zoomed toward them. “What is it?” he questioned excitedly, relieved to finally be noticed in a good way.

     “How would you like to help us a bit?” asked Blizzy, a grin upon her face. The Pant Devil looked puzzled for a moment, and she continued, “We’re looking for the book of the Gallery of Evil. We’ll need someone’s help, and I guess it could be you.”

     “What will you give me in return?” wondered the Pant Devil.

     “In return…” muttered Blizzy. She looked at Miff, who shrugged slightly, looking worried, as usual. “We’ll make you the greatest villain in Neopia.”

     The Pant Devil, too eager to ponder how, whirled around in the sky, and hovered beside them, looking much happier than usual, a (evil) smile on his face. After prodding them and asking them repeatedly what they do first, and them replying they did not know, the messenger Pteri flew toward them.

     “The Pant Devil!” he exclaimed, pointing.

     Miff nodded, as Blizzy said, “Relax. He’s on our side now.”

     Sighing in relief, the messenger said what he was sent to say. “Tomorrow, there will be a meeting for the Faerie Queen, Fyora. It will be held in Faerieland, and tomorrow morning we will transport you there. Good luck with handling yourself for the rest of today!”

     The Pteri then flew off, leaving a trail of dust behind him. The Pant Devil continued to grin, flying about. Miff was worried about him, and about the meeting tomorrow. Afraid that they would mess up, she questioned rapidly, “What if we don’t make it? What if we fall into the ocean on our way there? What if Fyora is in a bad mood? What if—? What if—?”

     That night, Miff and Blizzy huddled into their bed of leaves and looked at the stars above them. The Pant Devil was off for his nightly hunt for items. Miff looked to her side, at Blizzy, and whimpered.

     “It’ll be alright, Miff. In fact, it will be better than all right. We’ll be rich, and we’ll never have the Pant Devil to steal all those things from us again!” reassured Blizzy happily, preventing herself from hopping off the bed and dancing around into the night. “It’ll be fabulous.”

     Miff whimpered again, although this time with a hint of hope. She looked up once again to the sky, watching the stars, hearing the soft breeze around her. As Blizzy slept, her Cybunny friend took a glance at her, sighed a sigh of relief, and too slept.


Morning arrived, and Blizzy began a continuous action of yawns. Miff searched around for some items to bring to their meeting, when the Pant Devil appeared from above.

     “Ah, that was a very busy night. I believe I’ve done much more than usual!” the Pant Devil said proudly. “And soon I will be called the greatest villain in all of Neopia!” He began to cackle as evilly as he possibly could, when a voice came from behind.

     “And how will that happen, with you helping a bunch of Faeries and regular Neopets?” questioned a voice, which came from a creature who looked slightly like an Acara.

     The Pant Devil whirled around, as Blizzy and Miff stared, stunned at their site. The Pant Devil staggered back, “V—Vira…”

     “That’s right! The most beautiful Neopet villain in Neopia speaking!” boasted Vira, sneering. “Aren’t I just beautiful?”

     Vira looked at the Pant Devil, who stared back, frightened. The Pant Devil squeaked, leaving Vira looking angry. Finally, Blizzy said courageously, “You aren’t the most—”

     Miff nudged Blizzy, and finally spoke. “To tell you the truth, you are beautiful,” she said truthfully. Vira did say the most beautiful villain, and there weren’t many beautiful villains out there in Neopia.

     “Thank you!” retorted Vira, unfolding her wings. “I must go now, so continue on with your business.”

     And with that, Vira took off into the morning sky.

     The Pant Devil glanced at the two stunned Neopets. “Thanks for lending the hand there. I dare not speak a lie, and I think Jhudora’s actually quite the—”

     “Yeah, yeah,” interrupted Blizzy, seeing the messenger Pteri in the distance. “Our ride is here!”

     “Did someone just say something about Jhudora?” questioned the Pteri suspiciously, eying the Pant Devil, even after his soft “no”. “Well, follow me. We’ll be traveling by air today.”

     Suddenly, a large puff of cloud zoomed by. Blizzy hopped on it immediately, and told Miff to do the same. After the Pant Devil was finally seated, and was ushered by all three other Neopians, Miff finally clambered on, regretting her action the minute she did so.

     The cloud carried them across the lands, the scenes flashing by in miraculous colors. Blurs of colors passed by, making Blizzy watch in awe, as Miff hid under her scrawny paws. The Pant Devil, being used to traveling in air, lay down on the cloud coolly.

     At long last, the trio and the messenger arrived at Faerieland. The got off the cloud and marched to the tower. As the Pteri ushered them hurriedly, they did not have much chance to look around the building. Finally, they arrived in the meeting room, and were shoved in rapidly, the doors closed behind them.

To be continued...

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