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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Continuing Series > Vierna: Part Two

Vierna: Part Two

by forgotten_realms_

I woke up to Kelra poking my shoulder. "Come on, get up. You can't sleep in, we've got a lot to do."

     "Juffive orminiths," I groaned.

     "Oh, no. You get up now." She clapped her hands and I felt wet and cold. Ice water.

     "You are one cruel Faerie, you know that?" I told her as I got up and peeled off the sopping wet nightgown. "You could have just taken off the covers. That always works."

     "Last time I had an apprentice, I had to light them on fire for three weeks till she started getting up the first time I told her to."

     "Huh?" I staggered over to the closet and got out that lavender dress I had set aside and put it on. It was quite comfortable, for a dress.

     "Now, hurry up and brush your hair so we can go and see Fyora."

     "Fyora?" I asked, trying to work out a particularly difficult knot from my hair. "Why do we have to see Fyora?"

     "I forgot yesterday, with the excitement of having a new apprentice. Fyora keeps a record of all the apprentices, so she knows whom to send where when a new Faerie comes up who hasn't been taught. Here, let me help you with that." She reached over and took the brush, running it through my hair and gently working out any knots she found.

     "Anything else you forgot to tell me?" I grumbled.

     "No, but there's something I forgot to ask you. What's your name?"

     "Vierna. People call me Vierna, here."

     "Vee-er-nah. Hmm. I once read a story with someone named that."

     "Yeah, that's probably the story I got this name from." I shrugged. "I just used it for a game a while ago in the Human world, and it stuck."

     "I just hope you're a better sister than she is," she said with a small smile.

     "Don't worry, I'm fine as long as my brother keeps his promises and doesn't use his size or computer smarts to his advantage."

     "So, either he's a taller younger brother or an older brother way taller than you."

     "Both. Acts like a younger brother, two and a half years older than me."

     "Ah. Well, we shouldn't keep Fyora waiting, come on."

     I followed her out of the house and down a street, through some large gates and past hundreds of shops, most owned by Humans and their pets.

     We came to a stop in front of a large palace near the center of Faerieland. "Big place," I commented as we waited for the guards to open the sizeable doors.

     "And getting bigger all the time. People and pets move here from all over, building shops and such."

     The guards finally finished opening the doors and we went in. Kelra went over to a dog with long ears seated behind a desk. A Gelert, I believed. I was still having trouble identifying the different pets.

     "I must see Queen Fyora," Kelra told the Gelert.

     "I am sorry, but Queen Fyora is busy at the moment."

     "I must see Queen Fyora," Kelra repeated. "It is on the matter of a Human magic user."

     The Gelert blinked, slightly taken aback, then started scribbling something on a piece of paper. When she had finished whatever she had written, she mumbled a few words and waved her paw, and the piece of paper disappeared.

     We waited for a few moments before another piece of paper appeared, right in front of the Gelert. She read it over, then looked up from the paper at Kelra. "Queen Fyora will see you in the throne room in three hours. Wait over there," the Gelert told us, pointing to a padded bench over by a wall. There were several other benches, all with some pet or another occupying them. There were quite a few Faeries too, mostly fire and water, shooting sour looks at each other. It was probably some political thing, or an Element rivalry of some sort. You just never know with Faeries.

     "Can you teach me anything while we wait?" I asked Kelra.

     "No, but I can show you a few things."

     "Like what?" I asked, eager for whatever she might show me.

     "Watch." Kelra closed her eyes for a few seconds, and I could tell she was deep in concentration. Then she put up her right hand and turned it into a fist fist, her thumb sticking out to her left. Suddenly, she snapped her four fingers up and put her thumb against her palm, then lowered her two middle fingers down over her thumb, then snapped her fingers and her thumb out. Some color flickered in front of her palm, then took on a form. It looked like a cartoon version of my face.

     "I can only do simple Illusions," Kelra told me as the image faded from view, "and none of them last long. If I were a Light Faerie, I would be able to make a much more detailed design, and have it last much longer. But since playing with Light patterns is not my innate ability, more a gathering of magic threads other Light Faeries have left behind in their weavings, I am unable to make my 'Illusions' last more than a few seconds."

     "How do you do it?"

     "Gather color, and see the image in you mind. It's a bit advanced, and seeing color in the Air is quite complicated. I doubt you will be able to do it for a while."

     I shrugged and closed my eyes. I was going to try. I formed an image of one of the characters in a story I was writing in my mind, and opened my eyes a crack to see if I could find color on the Air. I couldn't. I remembered Kelra hadn't opened her eyes, so I closed mine again and concentrated on making my image real. I made the fist with my thumb sticking out, snapped my fingers up and my thumb in, lowered my middle two fingers and feeling a strain at my wrist as my muscles pulled against those in my wrist, then I snapped my hand completely open. I opened my eyes to check the result, squinting at the area in front of my palm. There was nothing but a blur of white, blue, green, brown, and metallic violet behind the green, all in order from top to bottom.

     "Not bad for a first try," I muttered as he disintegrated.

     "Not bad," Kelra agreed. "What was it?"

     "He -- a shapeshifter, with blue skin and white hair. He has a multitude of other abilities, ranging from instant healing and holding fire to flying and teleporting in a flash of light."

     "You know him?" She asked, incredulous.

     "No, I'm writing a story and he's one of the main characters. I haven't decided on a name for him yet."

     "What were those purple things behind him?"

     "His wings -- they look more like a bird's wings than a Faerie's, though, and he can't fly anymore. He lost the end half of both his wings in a battle one day."

     "Oh… why was he leaning to the side?"

     "You could tell? Personally, I thought it was a bit blurred to tell details like that."

     "Us Faeries have good eyesight. Well?"

     "He was attacked by a Werewolf when he was a kid. It hurt his left leg and arm pretty bad, so he favors that side."

     "Quite an interesting character. Who are the others?" I assumed she meant the other characters.

     "Well, there's Kara. She's pretty close to nature, and loves riding horses. She lives in my world, Earth, and in my time. She one day finds a magical arch and goes into the world of Moralicir…"

     I continued telling her about my story-in-progress. It was about 185 pages in my notebook, but my writing was pretty big and I was double-spacing, so it would end up about 60-50 pages or less when I finally got around to typing it on the computer.

     "The Faerie Queen will see you now," the Gelert told us, interrupting me as I explained to Kelra what a dragon was.

     We followed the Gelert into a large chamber filled with Faeries of several different kinds, all sitting in throne-like seats, the Queen in the center. I suspected that the higher in the hierarchy they were, the closer to the Queen they sat.

     "You claim you have found a Human magic user?" the Faerie Queen demanded of Kelra.

     "More than claim," Kelra told her evenly, he tone revealing nothing. "Vierna, show Queen Fyora your stone."

     I pulled the leather strap holding the bag over my head, opening the bag and taking out the diamond, as gasps sounded around the entire room.

     "And why did you test this Human for magic? What indication did you have that she might have the ability within her?"

     "She is marked. Vierna, show Queen Fyora your wrists."

     I held up my arms, fingers pointing to the sky, palms facing towards the Queen, thumbs pointing towards my ears. More gasps.

     "And why did she show you her marks? Why would she think that a Faerie would know what they meant?"

     "She was lost, and fell into my Springs. When I offered my hand to help her up, I saw the marks when she gave me hers."

     "How did she get here? How did she know about Faerieland?"

     I knew that question was directed at me, so I answered. "I was trying to find my way to the Bank in Neopia Central from the Gameroom. I lost my way and stumbled through a thick forest. The next thing I knew, I was standing on clouds. I had never before heard of Faerieland, and had no idea where I was."

     Queen Fyora nodded, and started talking in a low voice with the other Faeries.

     "You do understand what you hold, don't you?"

     I wasn't sure if she meant my stone or the ability to use magic in general. "I do," I told her, believing it was an adequate answer to both.

     "What magic have you worked?"

     "I made an attempt at an Illusion earlier, and managed to make a blur of color. Other than that, I have not done anything, to my knowledge."

     "Have you any idea what you marks mean?"

     "I can become a mage."

     She nodded, but I knew there was something she had left unspoken.

     "Show me an Illusion."

     I hesitated. I had tried making Illusions of Shae, Leo, and Lynn after my minimal success at the other character -- I had to figure out a name for him! But none of them had worked. I had to try. I closed my eyes and conjured a mental image of Fyora. I put up my fist again, thumb out, and moved it like I had before, switching the positions my fingers were in, then opened my eyes and squinted at the area in front of my hand. Nothing. I sighed. Then I saw something. It was a formless purple blur, as tall as me, slowly taking on form. Gasps once again sounded around the room as an only slightly shorter version of Queen Fyora shaped itself perfectly in front of me before vanishing in the wind. Well, not really the wind since there was none in the Faerie Castle, but the way it vanished made it seem as if it was blown away by a gust of wind.

     "What…what do you wish to learn?" Fyora asked, her voice shaking slightly.

     "Healing," I all but whispered. Does the Illusion have to be of someone living in order to work?

     Fyora nodded. "Kelra, you will teach her?"

     "I will."

     "Fine. Now, this meeting is over. Everyone get back to where you are needed."

     I left with Kelra --the Battle Faerie held me back for a moment, to ask me about my sword, but we eventually left with the promise of lessons from her.

     And so it began. I trained hard over the next three years, learning all there was to know of every Element, until I could create Illusions whenever I wished, until I could heal a Faerie, Human, or Pet with just a wave of my hand. Eventually, Fyora called another meeting of the Faeries, and I was 'released' into Neopia. By then, I had about fifty thousand NP to start me off, as well as a home in the Tyrannian Marshes I had been constructing during my training, but Kelra had told me something before I left. "We will bring you your pets, or give you a sign to tell you whether or not to adopt them, but you must never, ever, create them."

     So I left, with a young orphan Draik with white spots beside his eyes Kelra had found just outside the Meridell castle. I also left with the greatest gift a Faerie can give me. That was the day I truly started my life in Neopia.

The End

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