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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Continuing Series > The Reality of Dreams: Part Seven

The Reality of Dreams: Part Seven

by sabreur

Untitled Document


> incident7.txt
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::::::::: FILE NAME: INCIDENT7.TXT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
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Things were getting out of control. I had been attacked by creatures that I had only dreamed up the night before, a psycho detective was convinced that I was some kind of criminal mastermind, and Fyora, one of the most powerful individuals in all of Neopia, had just sent for me. It was tempting to simply throw up my hands and yell, "Why me!?"

Unfortunately, that question is rarely answered.

End of Prologue

Location: About 5600 feet above sea level, en route to Faerieland.
Time: 9:13 am NST

"Remind me again why we decided to do this!?" I yelled, once again hanging for dear life from leather straps tied to Infernus' legs.

     "Because we've practiced it some and we need to get to Faerieland in a hurry!" Infernus yelled back, trying to make himself heard as the air rushed past us. Up ahead, Dark Night was flying towards our destination, his trench coat billowing in the wind, his Shoyru wings beating steadily. He turned to watch our progress.

     "There's a thermal current up ahead!" he yelled, then turned back to watch where he was flying. I briefly thought back to my physics class and remembered that thermal currents are rising columns of warm air that flying creatures could use to effortlessly soar to higher altitudes. Such a current would be useful, since Infernus was having difficulty keeping us both aloft.

     My pondering was interrupted as we reached the thermal. Although it couldn't be seen, it was immediately evident from the way the air warmed slightly. Infernus stopped flapping and spread his wings wide. The current of air made his wings billow out like sails, and we were borne upwards. A large cloud passed in front of us as we rose. I checked my watch, which had a built in altimeter (the result of a few hours tinkering with some spare airplane parts). After a few minutes of gentle looping through the thermal current, it read just over 10,000 ft. I looked at the cloud we had passed, and blinked in surprise. How on earth could a tower be perched on top of a cloud...

     "Faerieland!" Dark Night yelled, pointing. As we approached, more details became visible. Graceful towers rose from the cloud banks. Pets and owners walked the avenues, bouncing slightly on the soft white surface. Faeries of all descriptions soared past. One air Faerie, only a few inches tall, flew effortlessly next to us, watching curiously before flying away. An Uber Fire Faerie sat on a bench in what appeared to be a park, chatting with a human and a Gelert. A long line of people and pets had gathered in one spot. I noticed with a sinking heart that they were gathered at the healing springs. As we approached I could hear snatches of conversation, all related to the attack that had just occurred at Neopia Central.

     We landed on a stretch of cloud just in front of an ornate palace. A glowing thing I at first thought was a firefly flew up to us, revealing it to be a small Light Faerie.

     "We've been expecting you," the Faerie spoke softly. "Please, come inside."

     Infernus, Dark Night, and I all walked towards the entrance, only to be stopped. "Only you are needed, Sabreur," the Faerie spoke. She gestured towards Infernus and Dark. "Please wait here." Infernus shrugged, and began looking around at the various towers of Faerieland. Dark Night glared, and began to walk off. He pulled a can of Neocola from a pocket of his trench coat, opened it and took a sip.

     "I'm not needed here anymore," he said, not bothering to look back. "Next time you call me, try to give me something more interesting than delivering a message. I'm not an errand boy, you know." He took another long sip of Neocola, and calmly walked away.

     The Light Faerie watched him go, then gestured for me to follow as she flew inside the massive palace. I followed, feeling uncomfortable. As we passed through the massive corridors of the palace, I finally located the source of my unease. Everyone was watching us. Everyone.

     Two Faeries, an Earth Faerie and a Fire Faerie, had stopped in mid-flight and watched us pass. A boy and his Moehog stood watching, as did a girl and her two Lupes. Several of them were talking in furtive voices, and I couldn't hear what they were saying. Two Uber Air Faeries and an Uber Light Faerie stood in a hallway, glancing at us and talking. Particularly disturbing was an Uber Dark Faerie leaning against a pillar. She appeared to be smiling.

     My light Faerie guide noticed my gaze, and answered my unspoken question. "That's Rycio," she whispered. "She's tolerated here, but just barely. Best not to draw her attention." We walked onwards, and at last came to an ornate set of doors, easily twice my height.

     "The Queen awaits," spoke my guide. Before I could ask any questions, she turned and flew back the way she came, leaving me standing alone in the corridor. A shape moved out of the corner of my eye. I turned, and saw the man in grey, once again in his perfect suit and sunglasses. The dark red Scorchio once again sat at his side, watching me. I was about to ask him how he had escaped the creatures when a voice spoke from behind the doors.

     "Sabreur, you may enter." I turned, saving my questions for later. Nervously, I pushed open the door and walked into the throne room of the Faerie Queen. The spacious throne room was nearly empty; rows of ornate seats reserved for important dignitaries were left without occupants. I had little time to take in the details of the room however, as my attention was immediately drawn to the figure that was just now rising from the throne. Fyora walked towards me, her purple hued wings trailing gently behind her.

     "I am glad to see that you are safe," she spoke. "Please, tell me what happened earlier today."

     I am usually uncomfortable in the presence of powerful leaders, but something about her attitude put me at ease. I found myself recounting the events of earlier today, including the odd dream that seemed to have started it all. When I had finished, Fyora nodded, sadness evident in her eyes.

     "I had feared as much," she sighed. "Please, take a seat. This will take awhile to explain." I seated myself in a beautifully carved wooden chair, which was unfortunately more ornate than it was comfortable.

     "Centuries past, Neopia came under attack," she began. "Faeries, humans, and pets alike came under attack from creatures that seemed to come from the depths of our darkest nightmares. Things with fangs, things that slithered, things that defied description. It took us a great deal of time, but we finally discovered the source of the creatures."

     "A young Scorchio, whose name has been lost through time, was having nightmares. At first, we thought nothing of it - bad dreams happen, after all. But the Faeries soon realized that his dreams were more than mere nightmares. They were being influenced by something - else. Something was causing nightmares, and turning those nightmares into reality."

     "The details have been lost by the erosion of time, but this much we do know. There was a creature that exists beyond this world, who hungers for all that can be found in Neopia. His name is Nightmare." I felt cold all over. An image rushed to my mind. I knew that name. My mind rushed back to last night's dream.

     Despite my immediate peril, something caught my attention. Watching a short way off was a ferocious looking... thing. It was completely black. Red eyes blazed like hot coals, and it paced back and forth with a motion similar to a tiger. Six legs, three on each side, worked in a steady rhythm. A tail lashed back and forth. I tried to focus my eyes on it, but my sight refused to cooperate.

     Fyora paused, looking at me intently, her eyes revealing nothing about her thoughts. After a moment, she continued. "There was a battle of some kind. In the end, Nightmare was defeated, but only temporarily. The Faeries constructed a barrier, sealing him away from Neopia forever. Or so we hoped..."

     "Sorry to interrupt," I said as curiosity got the better of me, "but what does Nightmare have to do with me?" Fyora looked at me, sadness again appearing in her eyes.

     "Nightmare is very much alive, and still wishes to enter Neopia. He is trying to force an entrance. His choice of entrance - is you." My mouth hung open in surprise.

     "But what about the barrier? Shouldn't that keep him out?" I stammered.

     "The barrier is failing," replied Fyora. "Nightmare has grown in strength. We can no longer hold him back. I do not know what he intends for Neopia, but it is safe to assume his intentions are evil." She gestured in the general direction of the Healing Springs. I thought quickly.

     "What do I need to do? How was he defeated last time?"

     "We don't know. That knowledge has also been lost to time. There is more at stake here than just Nightmare, however." She looked at me intently. "Nightmare is a terrible foe, but he is overconfident. Even if he does manage to enter Neopia, he will be destroyed. We have faced worse, and won."

     Fyora continued, looking distracted. "There are greater evils than Nightmare in this world, however… things that have been sealed away since the dawn of Neopia. Things that could destroy this world." She turned towards me suddenly, and spoke, "Have you ever heard of Shadows?"

     I was taken aback. I had heard of shadows of course - shadows are simply areas where light is blocked by a solid object, creating a patch of darkness. But somehow I knew that wasn't what she was referring to. The way she had spoken told me that a shadow and "the Shadows" weren't the same thing at all. I shook my head, and replied, "No."

     Fyora spoke again. "Shadows are an ancient evil that could destroy Neopia if they attack. They too, have been sealed behind powerful barriers. If Nightmare's barrier fails completely, the Shadow barrier will also fail. Already, the Shadow barrier is perilously weak."

     Fyora turned away, and walked back to her throne. "The Faeries cannot help you. All of our strength is dedicated to keeping Nightmare and the Shadows contained, and even that is not enough. You must find a way to stop Nightmare, or all is lost."

     I opened my mouth to speak, and then shut it to think instead. Finally, I risked a question. "Fyora? Why me?" She turned to face me, and I continued. "I mean, of all the people in Neopia, why did Nightmare choose me? Was it just random? Or was there a reason?"

     Fyora shook her head sadly. "I am sorry, but I do not know why Nightmare choose you. I do know this however - he will attack your resolve, weakening you to the point where you simply give up. When that happens, he will be able to break through into Neopia."

     She looked up, fire in her eyes. "Don't give in. No matter what happens, you must never give up."

:::::::::: END OF FILE: INCIDENT7.TXT :::::::::::::::::::::::::

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