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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 92 > Continuing Series > The Aisha Thieves 2: Part Four

The Aisha Thieves 2: Part Four

by stormydreamer

Part 4 / The legacy revealed

Jeronik awoke in a dark cell, the only light came from a small window that allowed a pitiful amount of moonlight to shine through. He shivered slightly and whimpered.

     "Sari?" he whispered, already knowing he was alone. "Lae? Shii?"

     There was no answer, and slowly, Jero fell into a fitful sleep.


He was awoken by the door clanging. Slowly, a scrawny figure wearing an oversized cloak walked in, given the air of someone important. Jero merely growled at the figure.

     "Come now Jeronik, is this anyway to treat your host?" the figure said, and threw back his hood. Immediately, Jeronik recognised him as the man that had given Sari the money, some months before.

     "Host? You kidnapped me," Jero growled.

     "For a very special reason," Mr Brown replied, a smirk on his face. "You are no ordinary Gelert, Jeronik."

     "Don't tell me, I'm adopted," Jero glared, remembering Sari's sarcastic streak. For some reason, Sari seemed to rub off on him, little characteristics of her popped up in him. Jero didn't care, anything was better than hiding in a corner.

     "Have you heard of the Jewel of the Lost Desert, Jeronik?" he asked.

     "No, what is it?" Jero asked curiously.

     "The Jewel of the Lost Desert was said to be a legend, a jewel capable of giving its owner a power that far outstripped even the Faerie Queen. It was owned by her, for a thousand years, until, one day, a thief took it. For ten thousand years, it was lost, like a grain of sand in the desert. Then a reclusive Faerie, living in the deserts found it."

     "So?" Jero asked, looking entirely unimpressed. If Mr Brown had to put an emotion to his face, he would almost say Jero looked bored.

     "The Faerie was someone you might know Jeronik, in fact, I would almost say she was your old owner."

     "THE FAERIE?" Jero yelped. "What have you done with her?"

     "Ah, Jeronik, the story has not ended there," Mr Brown said with a cruel smile. "You see, your precious Faerie was afraid someone would steal it. In fact, my father attempted it. But the jewel was reclaimed, and I'm afraid the grief killed him. But I will own its power soon enough."

     "How does this involve me?" Jero asked in a small voice.

     "You see, Jeronik, the jewel is not just mere emerald, or diamond. The jewel, my dear Gelert, is not even a jewel." Mr Brown fixed Jero with a piercing glare. "The jewel is in fact… you."


"So where are we going?" I asked nervously, pacing up and down the Faerie's cave for the twentieth time.

     "You are going to the hide out of Mr Brown, Sari, and I have told you this on many occasions," the Faerie repeated. I guess I was being a bit annoying, it was just if I stopped, processed the events for a moment, even thought about what could be happening to Jeronik at that very moment (The scenarios were rapidly descending into the impossible.) I would just loose all grasp of reality. By being annoying, even just acting something near enough to myself, it added a sense of normality to my life.

     And I needed the normality - we all did.

     "So when are we going?"


"Me?" Jero asked, confusion clear in his voice. "I can't be the jewel."

     "And why not?" Mr. Brown asked, clearing humouring him.

     "Because…" Jero trailed off. "Doesn't the jewel need to be a… jewel?"

     Mr. Brown laughed slightly. "I was surprised to find it was in a Gelert. The prophecy said it would be in a girl." He pulled a small book from within his cloak and started to read it.

     "The jewel will be a girl with hair the colour of the sun and eyes lighter than the palest blue. She will give her life for a loved one, and in that sacrifice, the jewel will be released." He paused, and looked at Jero. "But it doesn't matter, I have the Jewel now."

     Jero glared at Mr Brown for a moment, before putting on a pitiful whine. "Can I look at the book?"

     Mr Brown glared at him in disgust. "What would you want the book for? It contains only what I told you, nothing more." He shook his head at Jeronik. "When will you learn to join the right team? I could've given you the world Jeronik, if that Faerie hadn't lied to you."

     "I don't like you." Jeronik replied pleasantly. "And I never will." He leant forward so he was mere centimetres from Mr Brown. "And I wouldn't insult the Faeries either. They have ears you know."

     Mr Brown gave in irritated snort and without a further word, turned round and walked out.

     "Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out!" Jero called. The door slammed shut with a resonating thwack, leaving Jero alone with his thoughts. Ooooh Dear, Jero thought miserably. I'm in big trouble.

To be continued…

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