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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 91 > Continuing Series > The Aisha Thieves 2: Part Three

The Aisha Thieves 2: Part Three

by stormydreamer

Untitled Document

Return of the Jewel

There was a low growl. Drushii had woken. Her eyes were a mixture of flamed violet and uneasy purple, grief, rage and something else had pooled into them.

     "Sari?" she called softly, and I heard a soft padding of paws. She walked towards me on unsteady feet. Sadly, I smiled at her, wondering why it was always us that got mixed up in anger and violence.

     I sighed, "I'm sorry Drushii."

     Without any words, I pulled her into the hug. Lae slowly walked over to us. Simply, I pulled her into the hug. None of us moved, we needed the simple contact. The magic, or perhaps the simple act, was broken as Lae spoke.

     "What do we do now?" she asked in a small voice. Slowly, I stood up.

     "I'm going to talk to the Faerie," I said. "Go inside, lock all the doors." Lae shot me a curious look, but I think she knew that whatever happened, it would be between the Faerie and I. I was glad Lae didn't say anything; I didn't even know how I would call the Faerie. I just would.


     "I couldn't prevent it Sari," a voice said from behind me.

     "You," I said, venom in my voice as I spun round. "YOU!"

     "Come," the Faerie said simply, holding out one hand. "I will show you why."

     For some reason, despite my anger towards her, I slowly walked forward. "You'd better explain yourself." I growled, and clasped her hand. Suddenly, the world blurred, I knew this feeling, and it was the feeling of travelling faster than your brain could comprehend.

     It was like standing by a highway, and watching the cars speed past. You can see the rough shape and colour of the car but no detail. I could see rough details as we sped past the Lost Desert, and suddenly, we stopped. I was pitched forward, loosing my balance and landing on my face with an audible "Oof."

     "I see you have not regained any balance from your last encounter, Sari," the Faerie said with a touch of humour. I stood up with as much dignity as I could muster, brushing myself down.

     "Why did you bring me here?" I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking. I was so angry with everyone, I was angry at the Faerie for putting Jero in such danger, angry with Mr Brown for taking Jero. But mostly, I was angry with myself - I should have realised they would strike soon, and I didn't even help. I was almost shaking with rage.

     "I can help you," the Faerie said simply. I could feel my expression slacken from shock.

     "You said you couldn't," I said quietly.

     "I decided to go against the Faeries," she replied in the same tone. "I will undoubtedly loose my wings for this, but I do not care. Jeronik is worth it."

     "Then bring him here," I said. "Bring him here and let us go home."

     "I cannot do that," she replied, grief pooling into her face.

     "You can't do much, can you," I said angrily. "A fat lot of good it is being a Faerie, when you can't do anything."

     "I cannot send him here, but I can send you to Jeronik," the Faerie said. I studied her expression for a second, and I felt my anger melting towards her. I knew, deep down, it wasn't her fault; it was out of her control. But I felt the need to blame someone; the Faerie knew it. If I didn't blame someone, I would blame myself, and I knew if that happened, I'd never get Jeronik back.

     "Can you bring Lae and Drushii here?" I asked, "They need to be here."

     "At once," the Faerie said quietly. She murmured something, and with a flash of light, Lae and Drushii, looking confused and nervous, stood in front of me.

     "We have to talk," I said, sighing with the stupidity of that statement. I suddenly realised why I had never become a public speaker…

     "Can she bring Jero back?" Drushii asked the moment they walked over to me. I winced and they had their answer. Lae's face almost fell to the ground before she composed herself whilst Drushii's face flickered to an expression I had never seen before - grief before it was back to her usual expression.

     "No," I replied sadly. "But she can send us to him. Or rather, to the place he's being held. But it's up to you two if you want to go. I will, but I can't force you two." I paused. "It'll be dangerous, and I don't know if we can even get Jero back. I'm not forcing you either."

     Lae and Drushii looked at each other before looking at me. To a bystander, they looked the same; two faces of haunted desperation stared at me. But to me, it was something different.

     Lae had a look on her face that wasn't unlike the first time we met. Her eyes shone with determination and her features, despite pale and rough, were hopeful.

     Drushii was more thoughtful, already planning. I could almost see her purple eyes think of a plan, then discard it. Her face was emotionless, her eyes told me everything.

     They both spoke at the same time, just two words that filled me with hope, trust and determination. "We're in."

To be continued…

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