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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 3 > Continuing Series > The SuperNeos: Part Two

The SuperNeos: Part Two

by Legendofzelda16

FireLupe, AirKyrii, and IceQuiggle stayed up all night waiting for LightningKau to come back. Morning rolled around and LightningKau was still missing.

“Should we go look for him?” IceQuiggle asked.

“We could look a little while for him but I don’t have a good feeling about his disappearance,” FireLupe said.

The SuperNeos looked around town for hours and found no trace of LightningKau.

“Let’s go back home,” AirKyrii said.

“Not so fast,” came a voice from behind the SuperNeos.

The SuperNeos turned around to see a small Kacheek.

“You think you are going to stop us?” IceQuiggle laughed.

“Don’t laugh IceQuiggle. I know who you are. I am FightingKacheek. I have control of the fighting crystal and possess all the fighting powers in the world,” FightingKacheek said attacking AirKyrii.

“Frozen rain,” IceQuiggle cried. Suddenly frozen rain pelted down from the skies and hit FightingKacheek.

“You will pay. High jump kick,” FightingKacheek yelled kicking IceQuiggle in her head.

“Roaring Winds,” AirKyrii yelled sending a powerful whirlwind toward FightingKacheek and knocking him off of his feet.

“You dumb Kyrii. Power punch,” FightingKacheek yelled, delivering a powerful blow to AirKyrii’s stomach causing her to fall to the ground.

“I’ll finish you off. Flaming comets,” FireLupe yelled, sending several flaming fireballs toward FightingKacheek knocking him unconscious.

“Good job FireLupe. Fighting Kacheek is powerful. How did her learn more than one attack? We have only learned one attack each,” IceQuiggle pointed out.

“We need to gain more experience. Soon we should be learning some new attacks,” FireLupe said.

“Hey look guys, he’s waking up. Hey FightingKacheek."

"Why did you attack us?” AirKyrii asked.

“DarkGrundo sent me to take you guys out. Now will you let me go?"

“Yeah. Get out of here and don’t come back,” IceQuiggle said.

The SuperNeos went back to their headquarters to discuss a new procedure.

“FireLupe, FightingKacheek had the fighting crystal and DarkGrundo has the dark crystal. Now we know all of the holders of the crystals except for the stone crystal. I say we find the stone crystal holder,” AirKyrii suggested.

“That’s is a good idea but where do we start?” FireLupe asked.

“FireLupe, it is me the fire god. I am talking to you through the crystal you are wearing around your neck. You have done a fine job of defending Neopia and I want to help you. If you find the stone crystal holder, I will grant you a new power. When you get close to the stone crystal holder, I will make the crystal around your neck glow. Please hurry,” FireLupe’s crystal said.

“Whoa. That’s never happened before,” IceQuiggle gasped.

“I want my crystal to talk to me,” AirKyrii whined.

“Hey ladies, don’t cry now. We need to find the stone crystal holder. You heard what the fire god said; he will light up my crystal when we get close. We must be somewhat near already because my crystal has a dim glow to it. Let’s go,” FireLupe said leading the team out the door.

The SuperNeos searched all over town until the crystal was glowing brightly.

“Look FireLupe. A Shoyru is the closest pet to us. I bet he is the one with the crystal,” Air Kyrii said.

“Hey we’re the SuperNeos and…” FireLupe had approached the Shoyru but was immediately hit and knocked down by him before he could finish his sentence.

“You’re not getting me that easily. Rock rage,” the Shoyru shouted. Huge boulders started to roll toward the SuperNeos. Luckily they avoided them all.

“FireLupe, I now grant you the ability flame circle,” the fire crystal said, fading out completely.

“Take this on for size, stone statue,” the Shoyru shouted turning IceQuiggle into a statue.

“Stop it. Flame circle,” FireLupe shouted. Amazingly, a huge ring of fire surrounded the Shoyru and started closing in. The Shoyru jumped out just in time and called a truce.

“What do you want?” the Shoyru asked.

“You have special abilities and so do we. We would like you to join our group called the SuperNeos. We protect Neopia. Please, we need you to help save everyone,” FireLupe said.

“I guess. Sorry about the attacks. Your Quiggle friend should be normal in a few minutes. My stone statue attack only lasts for about five minutes. I heard you guys calling each other by element type and species. You can call me StoneShoyru now that I’m part of the group. Do you have anymore members?” StoneShoyru asked.

“Yes. LightningKau has gone missing. We used to have two other members but they quit. That is why we went to find you. We need to find LightningKau and recruit another member to be a full team again,” AirKyrii explained.

“That was mean,” IceQuiggle said, finally breaking free from her stone statue.

“Sorry IceQuiggle. It won’t happen again,” StoneShoyru promised.

“You guys, we have to work fast. Don’t forget that for some reason beyond my knowing, a Grundo named DarkGrundo is trying to destroy this team. We have to find LightningKau before it’s too late,” FireLupe said.

“It's already too late,” the SuperNeos looked behind them to see DarkGrundo with LightningKau in his clutches.

To be continued...

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