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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Continuing Series > The Legend of Bunny Ketsosu: Part Seven

The Legend of Bunny Ketsosu: Part Seven

by tronbonne1718


     Tron's laughter was cut off as she realized the floor was falling from underneath their feet. Something hit her head. Tron looked up to see the ceiling collapsing.

     "Oh no..." she whispered. "We've got to get out of here!" Tron stood up, her clothes stained with blood and her wings being torn and tattered. She turned to leave, but something snapped in the back of her mind. Bunny looked at her oddly.

     "What's wrong? C'mon, we gotta get out!" She tugged on Tron's skirt, hoping to get her attention. Tron turned around.

     "What about him?" she asked, pointing towards Balthazar's lifeless body. Tron felt a sorrow in her mind she had never felt before. She slung the huge Lupe over her back and unfolded her wings. "You're gonna save him?"

     Bunny eyed Tron. She knew how unpredictable Tron could be, but she had no idea that Tron felt pity. The near energy-less Faerie didn't answer back. Her legs took off, grabbing Bunny's arm on the way. She ran as fast as she could through the dark tunnels, dodging falling boulders and keeping only a few steps ahead of the falling floor. Bunny eyed the falling stones underneath Tron's feet, beads of sweat dripping from her face.

     "Tron! We can't keep running like this!" She regretted saying that. Like a curse had escaped her lips, the ground collapsed in front and beneath them. In a split-second decision, Tron kicked off the falling floor and took to the air. It was a lot faster, but the holes in her wings became bigger as each second rolled past. The only thing guiding her through the tunnels was what the Light Faerie Clan thought Dark Faeries didn't have. Her heart.

     "Tron? Are you... okay?" Bunny whispered. She didn't know whether to actually ask Tron or to just leave it alone. Tron was panting heavily, each flap of her wings taking up more and more of her energy. It seemed like Tron would faint at any second. She had lost much of her blood just trying to stay awake. Bunny closed her eyes tightly and prayed that they could make it out alive. Outside, things were looking dim. Most of the Stone Grarrl had been destroyed, and what was left was still falling. Garo and Karen stood a couple dozen yards from the dying beast, totally silent.

     "All we can do... is hope..." Karen whispered, a tear falling from her eyes. "Do you think they'll make it?" she glanced at her brother. There was no reply. Garo just stared at the collapsing Stone Grarrl, a tingle of doubt in his eyes. Karen's eyes fell back onto the maimed mountain of stone and started to weep. Both of them doubted that their friends could get out alive. Everyone in Kashi-Tara were standing outside to watch.

     The King drooped his head and stared at the sand in shame. "Only a miracle can save them now..." he sighed. It seemed that the odds were completely against Tron & the others. But there was a peculiar feeling in the King's mind. He had met Tron before. And he knew she would never give up on anything. He remembered when she had threatened to destroy the entire kingdom. Everyone doubted she could do it.

     "I may not win," she had said, "But it won't be because I gave up." The King knew that she would get out... or at least she would die trying.


"You can do it, Tron! We're almost out!" Bunny cheered her friend on. Tron clenched her teeth together, forcing her eyes to keep open against the flood of air against her face. She wet her lips and flapped her wings harder. Tron herself doubted that they would get out alive.

     "No! I can't think that way!" she growled. "We WILL get out of here alive... at least they will..." A tear fell from her eyes, dropping onto the cursed dry stone floor. "Even if I die... I'll make sure that everyone else lives... so they won't have to meet the same fate as I did... many years ago..." It seemed hopeless, however. The stones started to collapse in front of them as well as behind. The cutting of flint against flint created sparks in front of them, lighting fire to the ivy-covered walls. Tron winced, now having to dodge the flames as well as the rocks. Bunny closed her eyes tightly, praying and encouraging Tron.

     After what seemed like eternity, flying through the flames, Tron saw a light at the end of the tunnel. She held her right arm in front of her eyes to shield them from the brightness. She felt pain all over her body and could barely feel her wings. The jaw of the Stone Grarrl started to collapse. By now, Balthazar had woken up. "We aren't gonna make it..." he growled, staring at the light.

     Tron's eyes narrowed. "We'll make it..." she said through her gasps for air.

     "Her wings are on fire. Her outfit is torn up. She is wounded... and she still feels the will to live..." Bunny started to cry as she thought about Tron. "She acts like such a toughie on the outside..." Bunny smiled as the light came nearer.

     Then the stones started to collapse. The light disappeared. Outside, the Stone Grarrl had almost completely fallen apart. Everyone held their breath. Tron and the rest still hadn't appeared.

     "If they don't get out now..." Karen was cut off. Her Aisha ears picked up a faint scream. The entire city was silent. "Oh no..." she whispered. The jaw fell apart. Suddenly something shot out of the Grarrl's mouth. Everyone gasped in union. A small flame dotted the figure's outline.

      "It... it's TRON!" Garo yelled. Tron had made it out alive! "You did it..." Bunny smiled. Tron smiled back, closing her eyes. She couldn't stay awake any longer. The flames on her wings went out as they started to fall. Karen and Garo rushed over to them, waiting for them to come a little closer. Karen held her paws in the air, a small whirlwind appearing from the ground. The Desert Spirit caught Tron, Bunny and Balthazar, laying them on the ground gently. The entire city broke out into cheers. Karen hit Bunny with a gigantic hug as the people of Kashi-Tara and their king ran over to help. Tron stood up shakily, catching her breath. The crowd fell silent as the King walked up to Tron, a stern look on his face. His olive-colored eyes met with Tron's cold, dry emerald eyes.

     "You caused us so much trouble in the past, Tron Bonne..." he growled. Karen stood silently, a thousand thoughts running through her mind. Tron didn't say a word. "You even threatened to kill me and destroy my kingdom..." he continued, "and now you've destroyed what Kashi-Tara was known for..." He unsheathed his clamour, holding it in the air.

     Karen's eyes widened. "Papa! No!" she cried, wanting to stop him, but her legs wouldn't move.

     Tron finally spoke up, "You have your chance to kill me. Do it now." She closed her eyes, ready for the final blow to end her life. Even Balthazar stood silent.

     The King had a smile break his face. "But, you saved my children... and the entire city..." He let his sword gently fall on Tron's shoulder, like she was being knighted.

     Tron's eyes opened. "Wh-what?" her emerald eyes started to water up with warm tears. Bunny had never seen Tron in shock before.

      "It would be our pleasure, as the united kingdom of Kashi-Tara, to have you as a respected citizen of our country!" he smiled.

     Tron just stared. "It's an honor, y-your majesty... b-but... I'm cursed... I'd only cause you trouble... I just want to wander the w-world... and continue my journey..." Tron closed her eyes and collapsed on the ground. Even though she had turned him down, the king was still happy. He finally understood how Tron felt.


A warm breeze blew through the window, filling the room with a pleasant aroma. There wasn't much to the room. Some very nice pottery sat on a small table near the window. The walls were a pleasant blue, riddled with nice paintings. A bed lay next to the wall, the blankets covered a pretty green. Tron laid with bandages wrapped around her arms, wings and head. Her eyebrow twitched slightly before her eyes opened. She stared at the ceiling for a moment, trying to remember what had happened.

     How long have I been asleep? Tron thought. She felt so weak. I guess I was damaged more than I thought... She winced a little bit as she tried to sit up. A sharp pain surged through her wings, and she fell back down on the bed. Tron looked around the room. Her clothes were on a chair, ripped beyond hopes of being repaired. Her wings were pretty much the same way. Tron closed her eyes again. They probably left this town already, she thought, they have reasons to leave me behind... oh well... I'll bear this town no grief and leave later tonight... she sighed. She thought she had completed her journey by meeting Bunny and the others. Tron felt so horrible in that hospital bed. At least it was all over...

     Later that night, Tron woke up. It was five minutes 'til midnight. She sat straight up in bed. Tron felt a lot stronger than she did when she first woke up. Her wings had mended themselves, and most of her wounds had healed up. She glanced down at her body, then around the room. "Why do my clothes have to be torn up?" she whispered.

     Tron raised her hand, pointing towards a shadow. The shadow morphed and took a solid form. A long, black and violet dress was created from the darkness. Tron picked it up and slipped into the dress. "I guess this'll just have to do until I can find different clothes..." she sighed. Tron threw the blankets off and slipped her high-heels onto her feet. She looked around for her backpack. "Why did they scatter my things all over the place?" she growled as she picked up the huge pack of junk. Slinging it over her back, Tron walked towards the windowsill and pulled her legs over it. She sat on the windowsill for a moment, staring up at the moon. She thought about the entire adventure and sighed. Tron folded her wings and jumped down from the window, landing gracefully on the ground. She turned towards the city gates, then stopped. Someone was calling her name. She turned her elfish ears towards the voice, eyes shooting wide as she saw three silhouettes against the moonlight.

     "Tron, we want to go with you," one of them said. A smile played on Tron's lips as her eyes made out the familiar figures. "You guys wouldn't want to come with me, you'd just get into nothing but trouble.." she said smiling. Garo and Karen smiled at each other as Bunny stepped forward.

     "We don't have anywhere else to go. Why not?" she grinned, the Aisha siblings nodding in agreement. Tron had a kind look on her face for once. Even though her search was over, she still felt the need for adventure. That's the way she felt, anyway. At least now her misadventures would be a lot more interesting.

      "Where's Balthazar?" She placed a finger on her chin, wondering what had happened to her nemesis.

      "I don't know, he just... disappeared..." Bunny glanced behind her. She hadn't seen him since they took Tron to the hospital.

     Tron smiled, "Come on, then. Unless you want to stay here until the guards come and get us." She winked and ran off towards the city gates. They all smiled and ran after her, Bunny laughing as she thought to herself. They were right... I can do anything I want now... her eyes narrowed as she thought of home. And someday, I'll come back... and I will rescue you... Momma...

I will come back.

The End

Author's Notes: All the characters in my story, except for Tron Bonne, Bunny, Karen, Garo and Balthazar, are completely factual. Any similarities between factual and real life characters are completely coincidental. I thank my dear friend orochi_mai_shiranui for helping me out with this story. This story was written for all of my friends out there who said my stories rock! :) Thanks to all of you! You guys rock!

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