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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Continuing Series > The Reality of Dreams: Part Four

The Reality of Dreams: Part Four

by sabreur

> incident4.txt
This file has been locked.
Enter password: *********
Checking password….
Access Granted….
::::::::: FILE NAME: INCIDENT4.TXT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Starting secure document viewer….
Cutting outside communications….


     So far, life was normal. Sure, I had been attacked by a Skeith and was under investigation by a shadowed Shoyru with an attitude, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Fights happen. Investigations happen. While they might not be pleasant, they were a part of life. I should remember being irritated, or worried, or something about how I felt about those times. All I remember now is that it was the last time my life was ever "normal".

End of Prologue

Location: Walking Home
Time: 6:01 PM NST

     "Sabreur, are you all right?" I looked up to see who had spoken and saw Kiddo running up to me, Un-Eairkagh bounding along behind. The sun was brilliantly setting in the distance, its brightness hurting my eyes a little after the soft artificial light of the police station.

     "Yeah, I'm fine. So is Infernus," I replied, still a bit numb from all that had happened. "They interviewed us some, but they're pretty sure we're not at fault."

     "Okay," she said, looking worried. Kiddo paused, seeming about to say something. Un-Eairkagh beat her to it.

     "Who was that Shoyru!? He came out looking all tough and stuff and he saw us and asked a lot of questions and wrote things down in this notepad. I liked his trench coat," the Eyrie jabbered happily, oblivious to my worried expression.

     "That was Dark Night," Infernus said, calm as ever. "He's been hired to investigate Sabreur's activities."

     "What? Why?" Kiddo put a hand on her hip, looking angry and confused.

     "Not everyone at the station believed our story, as near as I can tell," I spoke, feeling myself relax as I explained what had happened. Talking things over helps me think them through logically. "It's not really that bad. We haven't done anything wrong, so it doesn't really matter if this Night character is after us."

     We talked a bit more, going over the day's events as we walked home. Eventually, the time came to part ways, and Infernus and I said goodbye to Child_Dragon and Un-Eairkagh. Infernus and I walked home silently, each of us deep in thought. Infernus looked up, realizing something.

     "Sabreur... did we ever pick up groceries?"

     "That's right!" I exclaimed. "We were going to do that before dinner, but with the police station and everything..."

     "I'll go pick some up. Meet you back at the house." Infernus turned, and crouched as if about to leap into the sky. Then he stopped, looking at his bandaged wing. A quick shake of his head, and he began to walk in the direction of the food store. I watched him go, then began walking back home. Ordinarily, I would have driven the car, but I hadn't expected to be taken to the police station (which was a good ways from my house). I walked slowly, my mind wrapped up in thoughts of what had happened. Eventually, I drifted into pondering of what I was going to do in the lab. Make a new Improved Firebomb, first of all. Now that I had the principle down, it shouldn't be too hard...

     "Mind if I walk with you?" a voice spoke to my right. I turned my head, surprised I hadn't heard anyone approach. A man my height was walking next to me. He was dressed formally - a dark grey suit and pants, a lighter gray necktie, and a neutral gray medium-brimmed hat. Dark sunglasses seemed out of place in the dimming light of sunset, but complimented his outfit well. A red Scorchio walked alongside him, similar to Infernus but darker colored - almost a rust color.

     "I saw you walking with your Scorchio," the man in gray spoke. "I've always been a big fan of Scorchios." He turned to his neopet, then turned back to me. "Tell me, how did you get those bruises?" He gestured at my shoulder, which was purple tinged from the Skeith's tail.

     I told him my name. Without really meaning to, I found myself explaining all that had happened. I'm not sure why, but I trusted this total stranger. He seemed sympathetic, nodding as I spoke and occasionally asking for clarification on some aspect of what had happened. The Scorchio at his side listened intently, but said nothing.

     "And after that, they just let me go," I finished, looking up at the man in gray. He nodded, and seemed to think briefly.

     "Let me tell you something, Sabreur," he spoke softly. "Sometimes, fighting isn't the smart thing to do. Sometimes, no matter how much it hurts to do so, all you can do is run." He looked up at me, eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. His face looked somehow familiar. "I know you don't like giving in, but you have a lot to lose if whenever you fight. Hopefully you won't have to make this sort of decision again, but if you do... Just remember that getting out alive is always a victory."

     "I guess." I was feeling tired, and didn't really feel like talking anymore.

     He smiled, "Just think about it, okay?" And with that, he walked away. His Scorchio looked up at me, then followed silently. I watched them leave, and realized somewhat belatedly that the man in gray (whoever he was) had known my name without me telling him.

:::::::::: END OF FILE: INCIDENT4.TXT :::::::::::::::::::::

To be continued...

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