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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Articles > Unseen Places

Unseen Places

by aresnhephaetus

WORLD OF NEOPIA - Whether you are a crazy traveler or a boring reader, I am pretty sure you haven't had came across most of the places that are not found on the big map of the interesting world of Neopia.

Have you heard of the Snowy Valley High? Or the Kumlaa River? How about the Cretazona Lake?

All right, do not be disappointed if you know none of those. If you know all of them, wouldn't I be wasting my precious time writing a useless article?

Okay, let's not get off track…


The tiny Kiko Lake is situated within mountains a mere 15 miles Northeast away from our beloved Neopia Central. No prize (okay, maybe a pile of dung or sludge if you are THAT desperate, just joking) for guessing the correct majority spending their live there. As the big name suggested, Kikos! Travel around the watery town easily by investing 10 NP for the jet streams. Actually, you HAVE to invest. It's a compulsion or else you cannot get away at all. But if you'd like to explore the mysterious underwater world of Kiko Lake, travel on bubble tours and take the "100% airtight bubbles" at 85 NP per hour. Don't worry, shall the bubble burst, they will refund you 85 NP, but by that time you should really think how to persuade the Jetsams that you aren't their perfect dinner.

Cough cough (Relax, it's wet cough)! You shouldn't be coughing at Kiko Lake! But if you are coughing, welcome to the factory that manufactures the world famous Kikoughela cough medicine, Kikoughela Factory! Open daily (except weekends) for visitors! I am sure now everyone knows how does the Kiko Lake population - 97% of them only to be exact, as the Jetsams make up the other 3% - earn their annual salary of 560 millions NP: by fighting coughs!


Okay let's forget the land of cough medicines. Now let's get to the motherland of the Blumaroos and Dice-a-roo, the Roo Island (I swear it's spelled correctly this time!). With a 30 NP fee, take the bumpy ride from the port of Neopia Central (have you ever seen it actually?) and travel to the hilly island - about 19 times the size of Kiko Lake - and get greeted by loads of Blumaroos! Roo Island has 3 towns, and the biggest town is called Roo City, where their great roo-ly wise king, King Roo resides.

Do you know how did the famous game Dice-A-Roo came about? According to legends, the king was once a melancholy king. Why is he so depressed? Well, it was because he was too bored and no one can think of a new interesting game for him, even though those who can stands to win a reward of 100,000 NP (wow!). Until one day, a mysterious cloaked Blumaroo gave him 5 colourful dices, and assured King Roo that no two games are the same. The king looked at his dice. He picked them up and rolled them, then again, then he started to smile. He knew the rules, he didn't know how he knew them, but he did. And that's how Dice-A-Roo came about.

There are many little villages around Roo Island, and meadows and fields make perfect playing grounds for the Blumaroos. While the young ones play hard, the seniors worked hard and sell artistic craftwork to interested people on Neopia Central. I recommend that summer is the best time to visit this beautiful isle.


Continuing from Roo Island, we shall travel Northeast and get to the magical Lilac Island. Nod off and you might miss Lilac Island - it's more akin to a big ski run than a regular Neopia world. This incredible island was created solely by a great artistic neopet, Zairiu the Swift - and believe it or not, with just a shovelfish and a spoonfish as his tools! Do you know why is the mystical island is called Lilac Island? Hop onto a helicopter and look at Lilac Island from the sky. Yes, it does look like a charming lilac flower!

Try the ice slides - that's the one and only - go whooshing down! Once you tried the ice slides, now walk, or rather, skate across the frozen pond (once again it is the one and only in the world)!

Don't miss the magical appeal of Lilac Island, an island dedicated solely to Princess Lilac, the ruler of the Winter World. Visiting Lilac Island is definitely a must at least once in a lifetime, and it is no wonder that Lilac Island made it into the top 100 places to see in Neopia.


Talking about Zairiu the Swift - who single-handedly created Lilac Island, let talk about the school where he learnt it all - Snowy Valley High. Constructed in Year 3, the school is famous for its high standard of education and… FOOD?

The school is built into a shape of a giant igloo - 200 times bigger than a usual igloo - and therefore the largest and coolest ice structure does have its practical uses. When the school is off session, the school's enormous basement operates as a giant meat locker.

This famous institution has received numerous awards for its role in the Neopian Community, and the school is proud to tell the world that ice sliding legend Takarno, ice sculpture artist Zairiu the Swift, and Neo Artic explorer Snow Shoono all graduated from this school, Snowy Valley High. So is/are you Neopet(s) trying to enroll into this prestigious school today?


The Cretazona Lake is a real danger. Risk your life and row your boat on the lake and fish. According to the Neopedia, Cretazona Lake is located in Tyrannia, and so if you preparing your fishing rods and baits and thinking to caught loads of fishes there, forget it. The Cretazona Lake is home to only one creature, that is, the Purple Megalith. But if you are one of Neopia's bravest explorer and hero, Cretazona Lake, or the Purple Megalith rather, will welcome you with open arms. Good Luck.


Last but not least, I shall provide brief extracts and photos of the sheer Techo Mountain, Piku Paku Volcano and the Kumlaa River, where all three are located on Mystery Island.

"Techo Mountain is one of the 16 wonders of Neopia. Its sheer size is amazing. Few people manage to climb all the way up its dizzy heights. It is rumoured to have secret passages built by the ancient Cocos running through it."

The depths of Piku Paku volcano on Mystery Island are where only the bravest of Pango tribesmen dare to venture. However, for those capable of surviving the treacherous descent into Piku Paku, the crystal holds great financial reward, for it is far and away the rarest item on Mystery Island.

As Tshimba Pango, a tribesman renowned for his many excursions into the depths of Piku Paku, states, "Very scary indeed is a trip into the volcano. Great courage and skill it takes. But for one crystal in return, to live comfortably for one whole year my family can afford."

(Left) From the picture we can see that the Water Faerie has transformed Thyora's tear into an amulet (Thyora's tear) at the Kumlaa River.


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