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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 89 > Continuing Series > The Legend of Bunny Ketsotsu: Part Six

The Legend of Bunny Ketsotsu: Part Six

by tronbonne1718

"I shouldn't have let Balthazar take the Jade Scarab. Now look! The Stone Grarrl is revived!" Garo cried out angrily.

     The Stone Grarrl was a monstrous beast, standing over two hundred feet tall. It's entire body was made of impenetrable stone. It seemed the beast was mindless, bent on destruction over the city. It towered over it's grave for a few minutes, gaining back it's memories.

     "THEY DESTROYED THE ONE THAT BROUGHT ME LIFE," the Grarrl roared, "NOW I SHALL DESTROY THEM,." it roared, slowly dragging it's huge body towards the city.

     Karen held on tightly to Garo. "Brother, please tell me, tell me this isn't true... tell me this isn't happening..." She started to cry, burying her face into her brother's chest. Garo wrapped an arm around her in attempts to comfort her. Bunny stood a few feet from them, taking long, deep breaths. Slowly she unsheathed her sword and ran after the Grarrl.

     "You guys, stay here and look for the Jade Scarab! I don't think we can stop that monster unless we find it!" Bunny yelled at them as she latched onto the Stone Grarrl's foot and started to climb up it's body.

     Garo nodded and stood up. "Let's give it our best shot, Karen!"

     "DESTROY... DESTROY..." the monster repeated over and over.

     By now Bunny had climbed up to it's shoulder. She pulled herself up and took a deep breath. "Stone Grarrl! I don't know your name, but please listen to me!!" she yelled over his mindless chatter, "Please, whoever you are, leave the cities in peace, or I'll have to destroy you!" she cried out, wielding her sword.

     There was no response from the Grarrl.

     Bunny sighed,. "I didn't want to destroy you... but I gave you a chance." She stood on the shoulder of the massive beast, taking a few deep breaths before letting out a war cry and charging towards the creature's head, her sword back and ready to slice. At the last second she swung her sword towards the Grarrl's neck, the sword slashing through the heavy stone. It seemed to work at first, but then the sword stopped. The stone started to form around it. Bunny gasped and withdrew her sword, watching in horror as the hole she had made started to close up. "It... just regenerated..." she cried, jumping back as the Grarrl stopped. It's huge jade eyes fell onto Bunny, dust falling from underneath it's eyelids. "Oh... no..." Bunny cried.

     The Grarrl's head turned, it's jaws opening wide. "DESTROYYYYYY!!!!!" it roared, the sheer force of the sound wave knocking Bunny from her stance. Bunny screamed as she fell towards her death, wondering why it had to end that way.

     Karen gasped as she saw Bunny fall. "BUNNY!!" she cried out, thrusting her paws into the air. Her tiara started to glow as Bunny fell closer to her doom. Fifty feet. Forty feet. Thirty feet. Twenty. Ten. Two feet from the ground, and suddenly Bunny stopped.

     A gust of wind had blown up from the sand, holding her above the ground. Bunny gasped for air as she looked around. It seemed like she was never falling at all. Bunny looked beneath her at the miniature whirlwind. It had soft black eyes, and it had cool water running through it. Bunny smiled and jumped to the ground, turning to the creature. "Thank you, Desert Spirit," she smiled to the whirlwind. The spirit smiled and disappeared as Bunny ran back towards the Stone Grarrl. Where could it's weakness be? Bunny thought to herself as she followed the beast.

     Her eyes met with the city. They were only a mile from the city! She could hear the wails of the people in the city as evacuation orders were screamed from the streets. People were running out of the city like mad, some even leaving their Neopets behind. Bunny breathed in deeply as she thought of home. Everyone had told her that she would never amount to anything. Everyone said she couldn't do what she wanted to do. But all the voices from her hometown were silenced as one voice echoed into her head. "Those who say it can't be done, should get out of the way of those who are doing it."

     "Mom..." Bunny remembered her mom in jail. "You and the Blacksmiths were the only people that believed I could do anything I wanted to... today... I'll prove you right..." She held the sword tightly in her hands. In a split-second decision, her feet took off, propelling her towards the beast. Her arms held the sword back and her eyes were set on the Grarrl. Her body was already a thousand steps ahead of her mind as she came closer and closer to the monstrous creature.

     Bunny's jaw dropped open and her lips curled back, bearing her long, sharp teeth. A war cry screeched from her throat as she came within striking range. In the blink of an eye, her feet pushed against the earth, and a gust of wind carried her to the top of the Grarrl. The beast didn't have time to react as Bunny slammed the sword down on it's shoulder, slashing off the living statue's left arm. The Stone Grarrl roared in pain as his arm fell to the ground, shattering into millions of pieces. Bunny caught onto the Grarrl's back as she fell, holding the blade in her teeth and climbing up. The Grarrl went mad, thrashing it's body everywhere, trying to shake Bunny off. Karen and Garo were still looking for the Jade Scarab.


     "AAAAAGHHHHH!!!!!" Tron let out a screech as her body was slammed into the wall again. The floor was tilting and sliding them everywhere. The boulder had already crashed into them several times and Balthazar was tiring out. More and more boulders tumbled down, landing randomly around the floor. Tron was wedged between Balthazar and the wall as the Grarrl kept trying to catch Bunny. "D-darnit Bunny Ketsotsu! Hurry up and kill this thing!!! I can't stand much more of thissss.." She could feel her bones cracking as her body was being crushed. Balthazar wheezed heavily, ready to pass out at any minute. Another boulder tumbled towards them. Tron raised her left arm and fired a fireball at the huge stone, blasting it to smithereens. Neither of them could stand much more of this.

     Suddenly, the boulders disappeared and the floor leveled out. Everything was silent for a minute. Tron's elf-like ears flickered as she heard something hit the ground. The silence was cracked as a roar broke through the air, forcing the room to tilt upside-down. Tron screamed as Balthazar slammed into her, causing him to fall unconscious. Rocks and debris fell on top of them, closing up the cracks in the floor. Tron cursed under her breath. "Hurry up..." she cried. Her wings were torn and tattered and she felt as if all the bones in her body were crushed. Her face was covered in blood from sliding against the sharp stones. Sweat dripped from her forehead as her energy seeped from her body.

     "Please hurry Bunny... you have the power to do it... why can't you do it?!" Tron yelled through the roars of the Grarrl. Outside, Bunny was doing all she could to stop the Grarrl from thrashing. Chunks of stone fell from the Grarrl's body as she was slashing away at the monster. She seemed to hear Tron's cries as she fought the Stone Grarrl.

     "Tron, give me a few minutes... just a few more minutes..." she whispered as she clung for dear life. The streets of Kashi-Tara were crowded as people tried to grab what they could and get out. The King stood at the balcony of his castle, watching Bunny fight. He sighed in deep thought, stroking his fluffy white beard.

      "How could this be happening..." he mumbled to himself. "Karen must be out there, too..." he sighed again, closing his eyes. "Whoever you are, young warrior, I put my faith in you..."


"Haven't you found it yet, Garo?!"

     By now, Karen's clothes were dirty and dripping with sweat. They had been digging around in the sand for what seemed like eternity. Garo was digging a hole in the middle of the mess they had made, panting heavily. Then, his eye caught something underneath the sand. His paw reached out and he grabbed the small object. It started to glisten in the rays of the desert sun as Garo wiped the sand from it.

     "I found it... I found it!" Garo laughed, his once tired feet finding enough energy to take off towards the Stone Grarrl. "Karen! C'mon! We have to get this to Bunny!" he yelled at his sister. Karen followed him obediently. Garo called out to Bunny as they came near the Stone Grarrl. "Bunny!! We have the Jade Scarab!" Bunny turned her head, panting heavily from fighting the beast.

      The Stone Grarrl apparently heard Garo's call, and turned it's entire body towards the Aisha siblings. It's massive stone tail whipped at the Aishas, tearing through the earth like a knife through butter. "Put this back where it was and bury it!!" Garo shouted, bringing his arm back as he ran. Without hesitation, his arm snapped forward, releasing the scarab as the tail slammed into them. The Jade Scarab flew into Bunny's hands, as if it was being guided. Bunny climbed up the Stone Grarrl's chest while he was distracted with Karen and Garo, heading towards the hole where the Scarab fell through. Garo and Karen laid sprawled on the desert sands, both of them unconscious.

     "Where... is... ha!" Bunny crawled through the small hole and into the Confusion Room. Tron was lying against the stone wall, trying to catch her breath. "Oh my gosh, Tron?!" Bunny ran over to the Dark Faerie in shock. Tron tilted her head forwards slightly, barely making out Bunny's face.

     "Ugn... put it back..." Tron lifted her bloody arm, pointing towards the hole in the wall. Bunny's eyes narrowed.

     "It's over, Stone Grarrl!" she growled as she placed the scarab into the nook, covering it up with the debris on the floor. As the last rock was placed, the scarab started to glow. The room stopped turning. Outside, the Stone Grarrl had stopped moving. Garo and Karen awakened as the Grarrl's jade eyes stopped glowing. It's body became lifeless, his jaw still hanging open. They had done it! Both of the Aishas broke into laughter as they realized what Bunny had done.

     "She did it! She did it! We're saved!" Karen laughed. Garo smiled, staring up at what was once a threat to the entire city.

     "Something doesn't feel right..." he thought to himself. His smile slowly dropped as he stood up, glaring at the creature.

     "What's wrong, big brother?" Karen stood up as well, wiping the sweat from her face. Garo's eyes narrowed for a minute, searching his mind for something he might have missed.

     "Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk... shhhhaooooooooo!"

     Garo gasped as he heard those noises. He turned and started to run, grabbing Karen by the paw. "It's collapsing! The Stone Grarrl is falling apart!"

To be continued...

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