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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Continuing Series > E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Eight

E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Eight

by ridergirl333

Finally, after the light had vanished and the smoke had cleared up, I sat down on the cloud.

     My friends just stared at me.

     Finally, it was my best friend Cathy who broke the silence. "Jen, what happened here?"

     "I don't know," I admitted. "But I'm ready to lie down right here and sleep for a week!" a soft, golden voice said, "You have had strong magic running through you. Fatigue is to be expected."

     I turned around to face… the Uber Light Faerie.

     Unlike Jhudora, the Uber Light Faerie was the ultimate definition of beauty. Hair of gold cascaded around a perfectly shaped face, with a pointy nose and full lips. She had a slim, delicate-looking figure. It seemed as if the shyest, weakest Jubjub could break her in half. Her glittering golden dress accented that figure. A smile played upon her lips. Her eyes were glowing gold, full of joy and mercy and sparkle. Quite a contrast to the dull, lifeless eyes of the one I had conquered. Or is it the one she had conquered?

     Startled, I scrambled to my feet.

     The faerie laughed. "No, my dear, lie down. Save your strength."

     "What did you do to her?" Emerald asked. He was genuinely concerned. I was touched, but I could tell he was asking another dumb question. "EmeraldFlame555," the Uber Light Faerie said. "You are overprotective of your owner, is that so? You consider yourself 'the man of the house' despite your sister's attempts to insult you," Ruby blushed.

     "You need not worry, young Scorchio," the Faerie stated calmly. "With a bit of rest, she'll be good as new. Like I said before, there was powerful magic flowing through a body that wasn't built to withstand it."

     "Next time," Emerald said, annoyed. "I'll be the one with the magic running through me. I'll be the one who sleeps for a week. Not Ridergirl."

     The Faerie smiled. "The one you call Ridergirl was the only eligible vessel through which we could send magic this powerful. 'Why not you,' you ask?" Emerald nodded. "Which qualities do we look for in a vessel? That is the secret of the faeries." The light Faerie replied mysteriously.

     The light Faerie reached down into the cloud and uttered a sentence in a strange, ancient-sounding language. Several scrolls and maps popped out of the cloud. She rustled through them until she found the ones she wanted. "The plans for the e-gate. I ought to show this to my Her Royal Majesty, Queen Fyora. We now have enough evidence to prosecute Jhudora. I'd love to see what her punishment would be. Perhaps a month without magic? Or maybe the Queen will turn her into a toad." The Uber Light Faerie giggled at the thought of a toad giving quests.

     "So," Ruby said. "I guess this is goodbye."

     That's when I realized that I would never see Ruby and Emerald again. We'd be separated forever, galaxies apart. I'd never again hear Ruby's tough, determined voice say, "We can do this." I'd never laugh at one of Emerald's bad jokes.

     Cathy was beginning to realize the same thing. My eyes grew warm and moist. Silently, I hugged my Neopets tightly. "Don't ever forget me," I whispered. "And remember that, even when times become rough and I'm nowhere to be found, I'm still with you in spirit."

     "We'd never forget you, Jen," they chorused. Meanwhile, Cathy was having a similar moment with her pets.

     "You've been so much more than an owner to us," Indigo said. "You've been a friend."

     Then, the blue Gelert paused, as if in thought. Then, she wept openly, "Goodbye Cathy."

     "You called me Cathy," my best friend said in shock.

     "I guess I did," the Neopet murmured softly. "But a true friend doesn't call you by your Neoname, right?"

     "Come here, Cathy." Comet held out his front paws and hugged his owner.

     Now even the tough Lupe was getting sentimental.

     "Thanks for saving my life out there, ma'am," I said to the light Faerie.

     "It was no problem. It is, after all, my job," she smiled at me. "Thank you, young humans and Neopets for saving our precious planet from destruction. I have one last gift to give to you."

     The light Faerie reached into her pocket and pulled out a scrap of parchment. She sang. Her voice was lovely, like solemn bells.

Where ever you go,
Where ever you roam,
I'll be there with you
So it'll be home.
Whatever you are, I don't care
As long as you're my friend I will be there
And when I'm feeling down and blue,
Will you be there for me too?

      A golden glow surrounded us. When the light dimmed, each of the girls had a golden locket. They were all shaped like a circle, and covered in ornate carvings of vines and leaves. They were nearly identical, except for the jewel in the middle. Ruby, or course, got a ruby in the center of her locket. Indigo received a sapphire. Cathy got a diamond and I got a pearl.

     Comet and Emerald each got something a bit more masculine. Their golden trinkets were attached to a key ring. They still got circle-shaped lockets that opened up, but their ornaments didn't have the pretty carvings of leaves and vines. True to his name, Emerald obtained an emerald in the middle of his trinket. Comet got a garnet.

     "By calling your owners by their true names, you have unleashed the key to your lockets. Now you can communicate with each other as often as you wish."

     Glittering golden magic surrounded our new treasures. It opened them and revealed a minuscule computer with a view of our NeoHomes. "All you have to do is open the lockets, rub the jewel three times and say the name of whomever you wish to speak to."

     I tested it out. "Comet," I whispered. "Hey, Ridergirl! Er, Jen. You're on my screen! Wazzup?" Comet made a bizarre face at his locket, which then appeared on my monitor. I laughed.

     "Ms. Uber Light Faerie, we cannot thank you enough. We…"

     She was gone.


Jhudora was found innocent of all charges. Queen Fyora said, "Everyone stereotypes against dark faeries. It was Dr. Sloth who committed the crime!" How blind of her.

     Every night after dinner, I would talk to my NeoPets. They were doing well, but as Ruby said, "It's boring here!" I never told my pets, but I agreed.

     The Uber Light Faerie found the scales, fur and tail hair the NeoPets had left behind. Our NeoPets had their immortality again.

     I'd love to say that we all lived happily ever after, but my feelings about Jhudora just kept nagging at me.

     Finally, one night I had a dream. I was on that dreaded cloud again, except this time, it was night-time. Only… there wasn't a moon to light up the blackness, nor stars to shine beautifully and comfortingly. The dark, treacherous figure of Jhudora glared at me from the other side of the cloud. "You won't get away with it!" she shrieked. "I had big plans. A mind-wiping spell on that ditzy Queen. Poison in Kauvara's hay. Illusen, my utter slave. World domination. And revenge.

     "'Why?' you may ask. Illusen was Homecoming Queen, Queen of the Senior Prom, and Tenth grade Class President! Oh, and Mom and Dad favored Fyora. They left her the throne when they died. And what did they leave me? A tiny cloud on the edge of town. Illusen inherited that entire forest, with the pretty tree houses and such.

     "Yes, we are sisters. Illusen, Fyora and I, along with about twelve other siblings.

     "And what about the Kau? Oh, that awful Kau! Forever brewing her precious potions and stuff. We were in magic class together throughout Junior High and High School. She aced every test and she was every teacher's pet! She was even given a formal invitation to study at the Tower of the Light Faerie!" The normally unattractive Faerie became hideous with jealousy and rage. "But I will have my day, human. And when I do, you will pay dearly! You and your beloved NeoPets! Not to mention the Musician and her critters! You have been warned!" She disappeared in a puff of smoke.

     I awoke in a cold sweat. Maybe that speech was just the ramblings of an insane Faerie. Or maybe it was truth. Whatever it was, I didn't think I should worry about it. Time reveals all secrets.

     With that thought, I lay my head back on my pillow and drifted off into a dreamless slumber.

The End

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