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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Twelve

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Twelve

by too_kule

Untitled Document The Mage had sent the Mutant Scorchios, his most trusted minions, to fight the Time Twisters. The Ring of Time were could against crime, but not exactly great in a fight. They had to use regular abilities and regular weapons to fight. They were totally outnumbered, but they kept on fighting and they didn't give up. They had to beat the odds in win, or Neopia was doomed.

     Junior G bit down with all of his might on the hand of a Mutant Scorchio. The Mutant Scorchio flailed his hand around in the air and launched the poor Grarrl at two other Mutant Scorchios who were holding Deracko by the arms.

     "Take this you ugly dungbag!" cried Millyum as her Zafara Strike hit a Mutant Scorchio. She, Methalius, Bortyk and Zeedil were flying around battling. Back on the ground, Chakeebo was crawling closer and closer to the pedestal. He was so close. He reached out his hand, but a Mutant Scorchio swooped down and threw him as far as he could.

     A Mutant Scorchio grabbed Yoigo's Gelert wand and ran away with it. Yoigo aimed his ring at it and used it.


     The Mutant Scorchio ran back and the wand was returned, but another one ran up and grabbed Yoigo's Ring of Time!

     "I don't think so," said Zeedil as he used the remnants of his spear to attack the Mutant Scorchio. The Mutant Scorchio fell to the ground and Yoigo got his ring back. Zeedil flew back into the sky, but the Mutant Scorchio the stole Yoigo's Gelert wand grabbed him by the tail. Junior G used his teeth to pull the Mutant Scorchio away from Zeedil.

     "Thanks Junior G, I owe you one," yelled Zeedil over the chaos and the noise as he flew up to return fighting.

     "We have to do something! This isn't working, we're being outnumbered!" exclaimed Kyohara as she used her Frost ability to freeze one of the mutants. A solid ice block formed around it and it remained on the ground.

     "Everyone except for Yoigo, crowd in the back corner!" yelled Bortyk. He the other flyers landed on the ground and ran to the back corner. The Scorchios cornered them in and kept on attacking. Nobody saw Yoigo creep closer to the pedestal. He was so close...

     "Not so fast Gelert!" cried the Mage. Nobody had noticed the Mage land from the ceiling. He landed on Yoigo's back and some Mutant Scorchios dragged him into the corner. Then, the Staff of All Power appeared. It floated in the air, waiting for someone to grab it. With it's power, anything at all was possible.

     "It's mine... all mine!" cried the Mage. He walked closer and reached out to grab it.

     "Think again, Mage," yelled a voice from nowhere. Tasuara (who was using her ring to hide the entire fight) swooped down on her Korbat wings and used her tail to grab the staff of all power from the air.

     "NOOOO! STOP HER YOU FOOLS!" yelled the Mage. Before the Mutant Scorchios even took off from the ground, Tasuara stopped them.

     "Mutant Scorchios... disappear forever!" she yelled. She waved the staff around in the air and it started to sparkle. The Mutant Scorchios began to fade until they simply vanished.

     "Destroy the staff using the staff! It's the only way!" yelled Bortyk.

     "No! First make the plagues go away! The black Petpets, the black roses, the purple gas and the green water!" yelled Methalius.

     "The evil plagues brought on by the gathering of the Rings of Time, disappear forever," she cried. The staff of all power sparkled some more. Nothing changed in the room, but they were sure something outside changed. "Finally, staff of all power, disappear from existence!" The staff of all power sparkled with gold once more, and then it too faded.

     "That doesn't matter! I can rule Neopia with these!" cried the Mage as he picked up all seven rings. He slipped the diamond ring on his finger but something stopped him. Chakeebo and Yoigo fired blasts from their weapons. Deracko sent a Tuskaninny Blast at the Mage and Kyohara sent a long distance Frost attack. Zeedil launched the remnants of his spear too. All of the weapons the Time Twisters owned were used against the Mage. He fell to the ground unconscious. The fake copy rings on the Time Twisters fingers vanished. They all ran up and grabbed their real rings.

     "It's time to do away with you forever," said Yoigo. The only way to make the Mage go away forever was to summon the Staff of All Power again. It took a little while, but with it they sent him away forever.

     "Mage, Mage, go away. DON'T come again another day," said Chakeebo. He used the staff to destroy the Mage. They had to destroy the staff again.

     "Do we really have to? We could become millionaires!" said Junior G.

     "No way. It's too dangerous, especially if it fell into the hands...or should I say the wings of someone bad," said Deracko as he eyed Methalius.

     "Staff of all power, disappear again!" said Chakeebo. One final time, the staff faded away.

     "Looks like we won. You know Deracko, this doesn't change anything between us," said Methalius. He stuck out his wing.

     "I wouldn't have it any other way," said Deracko. He stuck out his arm and they shook.

     "I was serious," said Methalius as he slipped Deracko's ring off of his finger.

     "Erase!" cried Yoigo. He pointed his ring at Methalius, but the same beams also hit Junior G and Kyohara who were advancing on Chakeebo and Millyum. They started going backwards at super speed. They raced around the room (when they were fighting the Mutant Scorchios) and ran out the door.

     "Come on. It's been one crazy adventure, but let's go home," said Tasuara and they all started to leave, but Bortyk didn't. He ran back and picked up the Master Ring.

     "What are we going to do with this?" he asked.

     "Well, why doesn't Zeedil take it? He knows about the Time Twisters, so he should be one. He could help you guys out," said Millyum. Zeedil's face lit up and he ran and picked up the ring. He slipped it onto his finger.

     "It looks like we've found every single Time Twister," said Deracko as they walked out of the castle.

     "I really hope so," replied Chakeebo. They began the exhausting journey home. It was going to be hard, but they knew it was not going to be nearly as hard as their first one. How'd they know? Because a harder journey would be impossible.

The End

The End Note: This is the end of the Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure, and the end of the Time Twisters altogether. It's been a good while, but sadly the Time Twisters are finished. I know I had promised an origin series and some more, but everything comes to an end, and the Time Twisters' end has come now. Sorry :( I'll miss them too! Anyway, Neomail me with question or comments regarding the Time Twisters. Thanks!

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