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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Continuing Series > The Legend of Bunny Ketsotsu: Part Five

The Legend of Bunny Ketsotsu: Part Five

by tronbonne1718

Untitled Document

"The Jade Scarab?" Bunny asked.

Karen lifted her head up and stared at the sky. "Yes. It's one of Kashi-Tara's most well kept secrets..." She turned towards the city and lifted her paw, it's index finger pointing towards the Stone Grarrl. "Long ago, Kashi-Tara and Sakhmet were at war with each other. The war lasted so long that nobody even knew what they were fighting for anymore. So both of the Kings cancelled the war, and as a sign of peace, got together their best craftsmen, and out of a large jade stone, they carved out a small scarab. The scarab was held in the castle for a long period of time... but then an evil sorcerer came, and wanted that jade scarab so badly, that he created a giant stone Grarrl and tried to destroy the city with it. A young Zafaress from the Dark Faerie Tribe came and froze the Grarrl into an endless sleep, and sealed it with the scarab. Now the scarab lives deep inside the Stone Grarrl... it's worth billions of neopoints... and Balthazar wants to have it," she finished her story with a frown. Bunny's eyes narrowed as she looked around the forest.

     "If he takes the Jade Scarab, the Grarrl will awaken and destroy the city," Karen started, "But only Garo knows where it is. Which is why he was kidnapped," she stared hard at the ground as she finished her sentence.

Tron crossed her arms, her hand playing with the hilt of her sword. "So even you don't know where it is? Well well, we will just have to follow them, won't we?" Tron turned towards the desert, but found it wasn't even there anymore. She froze in her stance, only her eyes moving. She scanned the area once again. They weren't where they were when Garo attacked. "That's odd..." Tron thought to herself, "We never left that area..."

     Bunny's ears stood up, her eyes glancing around her surroundings. "You guys, the forest is..." she started, but she cut herself off when she saw the look on Tron's face. "Argh!! Curse him! Curse him!! Curse his ugly hide!!" she growled as she dug her nails into the hilt of her scimitar. "He did this to confuse us! Argh!" she cursed under her breath as she thought about what happened that day. Karen stood there clueless.

     "What do you mean?" she asked, glancing around as the sunlight slowly started to disappear.

     Tron sighed, placing her forehead in the palm of her hand. "Balthazar has the power to change the forest... darn it all... it's my fault, too..." she muttered to herself.

     To Bunny, this would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact that everything was going to heck in a handbasket. She had never heard of Tron crying, let alone speaking slowly. Tron looked up from her tear-and-blood riddled hand and glanced around the forest. She wiped her face with her right hand, growling because she was still bleeding from Garo's attack. Tron glared at the twisted metal of her once shiny iron gauntlets. "We have to get them back... but how... are we gonna get out?" Karen asked nervously.

     Bunny stared at one point in the forest. "I was born in darkness..." she mumbled to herself. Tron glanced at Bunny. "That's what they said," Bunny stated as she walked towards where she was staring, "If that's true... then you could call me a Dark Faerie Zafara. And if that's true, then the darkness means nothing to me." She raised her paw up, and everything around them seemed to disappear. There was total darkness around them, except for one path that had only the slightest illumination. Everyone stared in amazement. "Bunny... is a...?" Karen was too scared to speak. Bunny already started down that path, Tron following a few seconds after.

     Karen growled, "I'm staying right here! I don't trust Dark Faeries! I..." she gulped as she looked around. Eerie voices laughed in the darkness.

     "Umm... H-Hey! Wait! You guys! Wait for MEEEE!!"


"We're here, boy..." Balthazar snarled. Garo stared up at the monstrous statue. Both of them were standing in front of the Guardian of Kashi-Tara City, the Stone Grarrl. Garo glared at the silent stone, still in Balthazar's clutches. The Stone Grarrl was made into a temple, and the entrance was the mouth. Balthazar dragged Garo into the open mouth of the beast, Garo staring at the huge stone teeth that lined the entrance. "Tell me where it is, boy!" Balthazar growled as they reached two tunnels.

     Garo sighed, "I don't know exactly where it is.." he tried to lie his way out of this mess. It didn't work. Balthazar dug his long nails into Garo's neck angrily.

     "If you lie to me just once, Prince Garo, I will literally chew you up and spit you out!" he threatened. Garo gulped as he felt Balthazar's cold claws sink into his skin. "Take the right passage." He hated himself for doing this. He wanted to lie, but he knew how Karen would react if she found him dead.

      "Please hurry, Kat..." he whispered as Balthazar stomped down the Stone Grarrl's esophagus.


"We're out... thank you Bunny! Thank you so much!" Karen smiled at her. Tron just snorted and walked towards the edge of the desert.

     It'll take us forever to get there, she thought, running her claw-tipped finger down her chin, Unless we fly there.. she let out a smile and opened her bat-like wings.

     Both Karen and Bunny were amused. Neither of them had realized just how large Tron's wings were, since she usually kept them folded. She had a wingspan of almost 15 feet! Tron grabbed Bunny and Karen's hands and started to run. Without hesitation she kicked off the ground and soared through the sky towards the Stone Grarrl. She smiled as she felt the wind run through her wings once again. She had been grounded since she was a child. Like Bunny, she had a past she didn't want to remember.

     For years she had been trying to bury that past by searching for the thing she lost. But like the Kings of the Jade Scarab, she had forgotten what she was fighting for. She had forgotten the feeling of loving someone. For so long she had wandered Neopia, searching for something she couldn't explain. She tried desperately to fill the emptiness of a shattered heart with her love of adventure. That's how I got here, she thought to herself. Bunny stared in awe as they flew over the desert. Karen stared ahead.

     "Um, guys... There's a SANDSTORM in front of us!" Karen screamed. Tron opened her eyes just in time to stop her flight. Immediately she jerked to the side, the sandstorm whirling past them. Tron looked around, shielding her face with her right arm.

     "There are so many sandstorms... What's going on? Is the weather normally like this, Karen?"

     Tron flew up a little higher, getting out of the way of some of the sandstorms. It seemed the entire desert was on fire. Karen's eyes widened in shock as she looked around the place she was born and raised.

     "These aren't normal sandstorms," she gasped, "These sandstorms were created by an evil force... something bad is happening to the Stone Grarrl! We have to go there! Hurry, fly Tron!!" Tron didn't have to be told a second time. She flew as fast as she could towards the Stone Grarrl. Bunny's paws played with the hilt of her sword, her claws tapping at the leather gripping. She knew her sword was special. And she knew that she would use that sword very soon. Tron descended as they came nearer to the temple. She folded her wings slowly as her decent went into a nosedive.

     "Hang on, guys! Keep yer arms and legs tucked in, unless you want 'em torn off!" she yelled as she flew right into the mouth of the Grarrl. She flew down the esophagus and landed hard on the stone floor of the Grarrl's belly. "Ouch! Why must it be stone..." Tron whined as she rubbed her bottom. Bunny and Karen landed safely and looked around. "Where could they be?" Karen whined.

      Bunny's eyes scanned the area. She started walking down the right path. "I can sense an evil presence down here," Bunny snarled, "It's Balthazar." Tron followed closely, Karen close behind. Tron's heart was beating fast. "Today, I'll get revenge on you for everything you've done to me... I'll let you know what it's like to die..."


     "Are you sure it's here, boy?!" Balthazar snarled, eyeing the ivy-covered walls that were once the ribs of the Grarrl.

     Garo sighed, "I'm sure it's here. Why would I lie to you?" He didn't even want to look the monstrous Lupe in the face.

     Balthazar growled angrily,. "I don't see nothin... you're lying to me, boy!!" He threw the Aisha to the hard stone floor angrily. Garo winced as he landed on his lower back. His short Aisha claws dug between the cracks of the floor and loosened the stone from the moist soil. Balthazar towered over the fallen Aisha and glared angrily down upon him. "This is the last time you lie to anyone!" He raised his huge fist and slammed it against the rock hard walls of the Grarrl's ribs. Balthazar's fist made a huge hole in the wall, small pebbles falling from it. Garo just sat there staring. Balthazar grinned, "Yer in awe of my power, eh boy?" his hot breath blew down upon Garo's face.

     Garo shook his head, "No... look!" he raised his bloody paw and pointed towards where Balthazar had smashed the wall. Balthazar's eyes shot open as he looked into the small hole. A small shining object rolled out of the hole and onto the floor, glistening from it's own light. Balthazar picked up the small object and stared at it, his eyes examining the unidentified thing. His lips rolled into a large toothy grin as he realized what it was.

     "By Fyora's tower, this is the Jade Scarab!" Laughter bellowed from Balthazar's throat as he clutched the scarab in his paws.

     Garo stared at the floor in shame. How could he have let it get into Balthazar's hands? He felt so guilty. He felt as if the entire episode was his fault. Garo's ears drooped as he listened to Balthazar's psychopathic laughter. Then his heart leaped. He heard footsteps in the distance. Garo's long Aisha ears stood up, rotating to catch the sounds. He looked up, his blood red eyes piercing into the darkness, trying to find the source of the sound. Suddenly they stopped. Garo stood still. What was going on? His thoughts were interrupted by a paw reaching out, grabbing his neck.

     "I don't need you anymore, boy!" Balthazar snarled. Suddenly he screamed in pain. Garo looked up to see a few fireballs slam into Balthazar's chest, knocking him to the floor. Garo stood up smiling.

     "I'm so glad to see you guys!" he laughed as Bunny, Tron & Karen emerged from the shadows.

     Balthazar snarled, clutching the Jade Scarab. "You... you've come to ruin my day again, haven't you, Tron?" he growled as he stood up.

     Tron smiled as she raised her right hand towards him. "How would you like to feel what my friends felt? You know... the ones you slaughtered that day." Her smile fell as she thought about her fallen friends. It really was our fault that this happened, Tron thought to herself. Everyone was silent. Suddenly-


     "What the heck was that?!" Bunny shrieked. That sounded like moving stone... she thought to herself. Suddenly, the ground started to shake. Everyone fell off balance as the floor tilted side to side.

     "No! This can't be happening!" Garo screeched as he tried to climb up the stone walls. "THE STONE GRARRL IS ALIVE!" he yelled over the earthquake. Tron and Balthazar slid to the back of the tunnel, crashing into a hard stone wall. The Jade Scarab flew from Balthazar's clutches, falling through a hole in the floor. A large boulder was dislodged from it's grave and it rolled down the floor towards the entire gang. Bunny and the two Aishas barely got out of it's way.

     "Tron! Look out!!" Bunny yelled, eyes wide in shock. Balthazar growled and held out his huge muscular paws. He caught it as the boulder fell into his hands.

     "You have to do something!" Tron screeched, "Hurry! Before we're buried under the stone! Hurry you fools!!!" They didn't have to be told twice. Bunny & the Aishas dived into the hole where the Scarab had fallen. It was a long, long drop. They landed in the soft, warm sand of the desert, slightly dazed from their fall. Garo shook off his daze and looked up in shock. Towering above them was the Stone Grarrl...

To be continued...

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