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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 87 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Eleven

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Eleven

by too_kule

"AAAAARRRGGGGGHH!" yelled Zeedil. He charged at the mutant Grundo. He had to win, or else he and his friends would be doomed. With all of his power, he launched his spear at the mutant Grundo. The Grundo caught it and snapped it in half. The Grundo charged with his Grundo Sword of Justice! Zeedil flew into the air and dodged the blow.

     "Smart thinking Zeedil!" cheered Millyum.

     "Keep on going!" cheered Junior G.

     Zeedil nodded. He didn't have any other weapons! His only spear had been broken. Flying around could only delay the end of this match, not decide it.

     "Hey Zeedil! Catch!" exclaimed Bortyk. He tossed two silver Draik gauntets as well as well as a silver Draik helmet. Zeedil equipped the two weapons.

     "I didn't know you had weapons! Why didn't you fight when Chakeebo was injured, or when the Mutant Scorchios fought us, or why didn't you choose to fight a few minutes ago?" questioned Millyum.

     "Just because I have the weapons doesn't mean I have skill," said Bortyk. Zeedil swooped down and used the Silver Draik Gauntlets to punch the Mutant Grundo. The Grundo was just too muscular for the blow to hurt him much! The Grundo used his Grundo Sword of Justice again. Zeedil flew into a horizontal line facing the Mutant. The blade hit the helmet and the blow was defended.

     "What am I going to do?" Zeedil asked himself in a whisper. His weapon didn't work and his helmet would only defend him so much! But he saw the broken spear on the ground. Zeedil swooped down again! The Mutant Grundo used his sword, but Zeedil threw his helmet at him! Zeedil flew from behind and punched the Grundo behind the knees. The Mutant fell to the ground. Zeedil picked up his broken spear and stabbed it into his foe's back. Like the other two Neopets had done, the Mutant Grundo vanished into dust.

     "Point, Zeedil. Chakeebo, Yoigo and Zeedil are victorious!" sounded the voice again. The door slid open and showed a Healing Potion. Millyum ran up and grabbed the potion, then he used it to revive Chakeebo.

     "It's time to continue," said Zeedil as he landed on the ground. He handed over the gauntlets and the helmet to Bortyk. They all walked through the doorway and saw a set of stairs. They climbed the stairs and came into another room very similar to the first. A door with writing on it was on the other side of the room. They all ran up and Methalius read what it said.

     "You've fought the mutants, good for you, but there's another thing that you must do: Answer my question you pets so brave, if you can't you will be my slave. What is this thing I have right here? Answer it right and victory is near," he finished. Suddenly a four foot long white triangular object appeared on the ground. Deracko struggled to pick it up.

     "What is it?" asked Junior G. He walked up and tapped it with his fist.

     "I don't know. I think It's some kind of weapon," said Kyohara.

     "It's obviously a fang of some kind of carnivorous beast! It's eats meat. I can tell because a herbivore would have a flat tooth. It's also from some kind of reptile, that's all I can guess," said Methalius. Everybody looked at him. Having a genius on the team really made it easier.

     "A reptile? Well they did manage to find some claws from the Monoceraptor, so why not a fang?" suggested Zeedil.

     "I can do this. Show three years ago," cried Bortyk. He pointed his ring at the fang. A window appeared in the air. It showed the Snowager firing a blast of ice at an Aisha.

     "The answer is the Snowager!" cried Millyum. Suddenly, the door opened. The walked into the next room. On the final door there was one more clue. Kyohara started reading.

     "The end is near, you've almost won! Now let's have a little fun. Try to draw a hole in one," she read. Suddenly a miniature chalk board and a piece of white chalk appeared in her hands. She started to draw a little golf ball rolling into a hole but Yoigo stopped her.

     "I'm pretty sure it's more complicated than that," he said.

     "It's another riddle! I hate riddles! Tasuara, any ideas?" asked Chakeebo.

     "No, not at all. This is weird," said Tasuara. They all paused to think.

     "One... one... hey, maybe they mean the number one!" cried Junior G. Kyohara drew a large number one on the chalkboard.

     "A hole in one... maybe they mean it literally! Draw a hole in the one Kyohara," said Bortyk. Kyohara drew a little circle in the number one but nothing happened.

     "Let me try," said Deracko. He held up his hand and it started to blow blue. He pointed it at the number one and fired his Tuskaninny Blast ability at it. A beam of blue energy shot straight out of his hand and burned a hole through the chalk board. It was smoking, but it was a hole in one. Finally the door opened to show a flight of stairs. They all climbed the stairs and came out on a small landing with one more door. Millyum gulped and pushed the door open.

     "Here we go..." she whispered. They all peered through. It was a large room, tons of marble columns. At the back of a room was a pedestal. The real Rings of Time were placed on the pedestal in little holes sort of like on the door to this magical kingdom. Bent over it was the scariest of all pets. The tail... the eyes... the ears... it was none other than a... a... a...

     "A pink Poogle?" said Junior G. He was right, there was a pink Poogle bent over the pedestal. The Mage was none other than a little pink Poogle!

     "Yes, I really should use a Morphing Potion... anyway, I am the Mage! I am in the process of making the Staff of All Power," he said. He bent back down and the faintest outline of a staff was appearing. If he made this staff, ANYTHING at all he wanted, he could do.

     "No way!" cried Chakeebo. He pulled out his Rainbow Gun and sent a beam of coloured light at the Mage. It hit him in the arm and he skidded across the floor.

     "Take the rings out!" cried Yoigo. He ran up and was about to hit the pedestal, but another Mutant Scorchio swooped down from nowhere and picked up up. It was mass chaos. More minions of the Mage were coming, and they were all mutant Scorchios. The Time Twisters, Zeedil, Kyohara, Junior G and Methalius all had a job to do. They had to knock at least one ring off of the pedestal. Then the staff of all power would stop becoming visible. It was slowly but surely becoming more physical. If only one of them could fight past the mutant Scorchios and get a ring, then all would be saved. If only.

To be continued...

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