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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 87 > Continuing Series > The WereLupe Files Case 2: The Disappearing Faeries -- Part Five

The WereLupe Files Case 2: The Disappearing Faeries -- Part Five

by neojolteon2

“Maylas! Where are you?” I called.

     “Maybe they took him prisoner,” Khell said.

     “No, they didn’t. Look here,” Moon pointed a paw to the ground. There were Draik tracks that showed he walked away.

     “Lets follow them. Maylas probably thought he could beat Balthazar on his own,” I said quickly starting to get nervous. We took off.

     As we kept following the tracks, they came to a sudden halt.

     “Now where did he go?” I said looking around.

     “Did he take flight?” Moon suggested.

     “No, there aren’t any wind marks on the ground,” I pointed out.

     A growl came from in front of us from the darkness. I looked up to see two yellow eyes staring at us. Then a sick laughed came from behind them. Something was thrown at us. The dark shape tumbled to us and came into view under the moonlight. It was Maylas. He was badly hurt and multiple injuries on his body.

     “By the Faeries...” Moon said in awe. Balthazar seemed to laugh at it.

     “So, which one of you weaklings wants to try to be a hero next?” Balthazar sneered.

     “Maylas,” I said bending down to him seeing if he was still alive. I rolled him face forwards on my paws.

     “Colbolt?” he sputtered, a small spec of blood hitting my mussel.

     "Maylas, hold on. We’ll get you some help,” I reassured him.

     Maylas eyes rolled into the back of his head then came back to look at me. He grabbed my fur and pulled himself up to my face.

     “Colbolt! He’s too strong! I tried to beat him but lost. You must... you must...” He didn’t get to finish as he fell from my arms.

     “Maylas...” I looked down at my brother.

     “Pathetic little whelp only lasted two minutes against me. I thought that anyone who would dare oppose me would at least put up a decent fight.” Balthazar laughed at the end of his words. My paws gripped my swords as my anger began to rise. I could feel the transformation taking place.

     “Uh oh. Balthazar did a bad thing...” Khell said as he and Moon began to step backwards.

     I howled in rage as I fully transformed into my WereLupe self. I bared my canines at Balthazar.

     “Well, well, well. A WereLupe. This should be interesting,” Balthazar coaxed on.

     I charged him in full furry. Balthazar merely side stepped me and punched me in the side. I recovered and growled angrier than before. I charged again and rammed my head into his chest. Balthazar staggered backwards gripping the blow.

     “You pup! I’ll make you pay for that!” he yelled as he charged. His paw grabbed my throat and he held me up to a tree. I struggled trying to get out of the grasp but it was in vain. Balthazar squeezed my throat cutting off my air supply.

     “Colbolt!” Moon yelled in desperation. I looked over to her and saw Maylas’s body lying there not moving. I felt a sudden surge of strength and kicked Balthazar in the chin. His head snapped back but he didn’t release. I did it again and watched him fall backwards. I rubbed my neck where he had grabbed me and took in a few breaths of air. Balthazar slowly staggered up. I charged him with my swords. Balthazar didn’t have the chance to protect himself. I rammed him up against a tree with my two swords like scissors at his neck. He was struggling to stop them from closing but I was winning.

     “Colbolt! No!” Moon grabbed my arm trying to stop me from killing him.

     I turned my head to her.

     “He killed my brother!” I growled going back to Balthazar.

     “But killing him won’t bring him back! You would be no better than him! He a cursed Lupe too! He can never learn an ability!” Moon argued.

     I looked at Balthazar. Pain and horror were on his face. All I had to do was push a little more. The sword edges were already in the fur. Just a little more...

     I released Balthazar from the deadly grasp. He fell to the ground looking pale.

     I grabbed myself and huddled. The pain was hard to deal with. I couldn’t stand losing my brother.

     “Colbolt. Its okay,.” Moon comforted me.

     “Moon!” Khell yelled from Maylas’s body. “He’s still breathing!”

     I looked up at Khell with disbelief. Moon quickly ran over to them. I was about to follow when a growl came from behind me.

     “Colbolt! Watch out!” Moon yelled.

     I turned to see Balthazar about to lung. I quickly took my blade and threw it at him. The bunt of the sword smacked Balthazar right between the eyes. He fell unconscious. I retrieved my sword and tied him up with some vines. The authorities would like to have him now.

     Once that was done, I regressed back to my Lupe form and raced towards Maylas. Moon was casting a healing spell trying to at least get him awake.

     Moon’s healing light disappeared and she relaxed looking tired. Maylas slowly opened his eyes.

     "I’m feeling much better,.” he said. I cracked a smile.

     “Come on, lets get him to the springs,” I said happily.

* * *

That was one adventure I wouldn’t want to do again. Maylas was returned to full health once the Water Faerie healed him to full. I called the authorities on Balthazar and collected our reward. Unfortunately, the bottled faeries escaped and I couldn’t make my wish to be a normal Lupe. I knew one day I would be one again but right now I’m pretty satisfied with being what I am.

The End

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