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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 87 > Continuing Series > The Eccentric Codestone: Part Two

The Eccentric Codestone: Part Two

by apparent

After arriving home from their journey on the Mystery Island, Saigru, Jyrosen, and Krawker washed themselves thoroughly and ate a wonderful dinner prepared for them by their owner. Unlike his brothers, Krawker had no chores of his own to finish, so he headed upstairs into the room that he shared with his brothers in the Neolodge. "Finally, some peace and quiet," he said while releasing a sigh of relief to himself, and then placed his find onto the desk in the corner of their bedroom.

     Using a claw-like finger to switch on the table lamb, Krawker squinted his brown eyes at the seemingly rusty codestone that lay upon his table. While observing the surface of his finding, Krawker noticed that the codestone was not a khaki color like all of the other traditional codestones, yet an unexpected crimson hue with specs of silver here and there. Bewildered by his discovery, Krawker withdrew a spare toothbrush from his desk drawer and began to gently remove the clumps of sand from the stone's surface. He worked silently for what seemed like nights, but in reality it was only a length of time that measured 20 minutes. After his cleansing of the codestone, Krawker withdrew his sketchpad and began to draw it. "If I'm ever to lose this thing," he explained towards himself while lightly beginning to draw on the surface of the paper with the end of his pencil, "At least I'll be able to remember what it looks like. From what I know, this thing is a beauty."

     A few moments later Jyrosen and Saigru burst into the room, without knocking, of course, and immediately it became noisy. Jyrosen turned up his music and Saigru plopped onto his bed to do his evening set of jumping jacks, avoiding the ceiling in order to not hit his head on it. "Yahoo!" he exclaimed while jumping up and down, each movement moving the hair atop his head high and low. Jyrosen danced to his music blithely, joining Saigru on his bed to hop on his mattress also.

     Krawker paid them no mind, quietly finishing his sketch of the codestone that lie affront him. It took him a minute or so of putting up with his energetic brothers, his sketch was complete. "Ah, I'm finished!" he exclaimed and held up the picture in order for it to be easily seen. Saigru hopped off of the bed and snatched the drawing out of Krawker's paw. His beady eyes scanned the paper, and then the codestone itself, for a little while before remarking, "Wow. Not bad, Krawker." Jyrosen joined his brothers at the desk; pushing a chair next to the one Krawker sat on. He also observed the picture and then snorted with jealousy, giving a teasing tone, "Hah. Looks like you drew it with your eyes closed."

     Krawker frowned with disappointment. He picked up the stone from the surface of the wooden desk and then bit his bottom lip. "It doesn't look that bad Jyrosen. Sheesh. Sometimes, I wish you'd just shut up." Saigru raised his eyebrows and then broke out in a fit of laughter.

     "Ooh. Whatcha got to say that, Jyrosen?" Krawker also anticipated his response, however, after a few minutes passed, none was made. Saigru was going to make a smart remark towards his brother but noticed how he was moving his lips, straining as hard as he could, but it appeared as if no sound could be made.

     "Uh… that's enough, Jyrosen," Krawker laughed nervously towards his seemingly mute older brother. "You can stop joking around now." However, Jyrosen could not do as Krawker wanted him to. He strained his nerves until his white face turned a hideous crimson color and he could still not speak. Saigru finally got the signal and then pried his gaze off of Jyrosen, who now lie panting on the floor, and faced Krawker with fright. "There's a serious problem."

     Krawker thought for a moment and then gasped nervously once he remembered - he'd been holding onto the codestone when he said 'I wish you'd just shut up' a few minutes earlier. "It's the stone."

     "THAT stone? Oh Faeries, Krawker. We're into trouble now," Saigru sighed, and sat down on his bed after tripping over one of Jyrosen's limbs. "I know, but we should go back to Mystery Island tomorrow and see-"

     "Tomorrow we have school," Krawker explained. "But I guess it'll have to do. Apparent shouldn't find out just yet."

     Their evening was filled with conversation of what it was they were going to do about the stone (except for Jyrosen, who found it easier for him to write on random pieces of paper then try to talk), and at 11 PM NST, the three brothers finally fell into a well-deserved slumber. In the morning, they'd return the stone to the Tombola hut after questioning Tiki, and [hopefully] return Jyrosen's state to normal.

     Even while sleeping, the room was filled with thought.

The next morning; the Neopian Harbor exit

     Jyrosen forced himself out of the old, wooden boat that had transported himself and his brothers to Mystery Island that early morning, clutching in his paw the same stone that have put him in the silent state he was in just then. Krawker and Saigru made sure they had their plan set up correctly while trotting a few feet ahead of him. Unlike the day before, the weather was fairly enjoyable which made travel much easier. Krawker seemed the most worried out of all of the siblings.

     "Oh, I hope Tiki is there!" he sighed to himself while walking quickly aside Saigru. His older brother looked down upon him and then shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine. We can only hope for the best." A few feet behind them, Jyrosen scowled to himself. He began to grasp the stone tightly while thinking to himself. Saigru and Krawker advanced towards the Tombola Hut the same way as they did the day before. It appeared as if Tiki were fanning himself while standing on the opposite side of the counter, a glass of orange juice in front of him. Saigru looked behind to signal Jyrosen forward with the stone.

     "Hey Tiki," Saigru said with a smile. The large native waved a finger while grasping his cold glassed beverage, and then set it back down. Using an elbow he propped himself up on the counter while asking, "Hey Saigru? Say, don't you have Neoschool this morning?"

     Saigru nodded. "Yes, I do, but there's something important I have to ask you right now. In Jyrosen's paw is a stone we found yesterday.. And, well, it seems to be magic. Krawker accidentally - well, without realizing the power of the stone, wished that Jyrosen would shut up, and now he appears to be mute. We need your help."

     Tiki began to chuckle deeply, his whole body shaking violently as he did so. He kept it up for a long while, laughing so hard that tears dripped from underneath his gold mask. "Ah -ahahaha- aw, Saigru, that was funny. You really made my day. Now, whose turn is it to tear the ticket?"

     "Tiki, I'm serious! You have to believe me this time. There's something up with this stone. Can't you back me up, Krawker?" Saigru peered towards Krawker_oth, who began screaming angrily. Just as he was about to ask what happened, he noticed all of the claws from his feet and paws were gone. It was now Jyrosen's turn to laugh, and he tossed himself onto the ground, rolling around on his back while his cheeks turned a crimson color. Krawker shouted, "Jyrosen!! That's not funny! Look, my claws are gone! I might as well be a Slorg."

     Tiki roared. He began to shake violently and then picked up his empty glass. "That's enough, now! I have work to do.. No more jokes, please!" He continued chuckling to himself and walked into the back of the Hut, although his laughter could still be heard after he disappeared. Saigru glared towards Krawker and Jyrosen, "Well, now what are we going to do? There's our last means of any explanation - Tiki knows so much about codestones."

     "We could ask the Training School master." Krawker managed to croak after a bit of his anger wore off. Saigru quickly disagreed. "We shouldn't… Let's just destroy this thing before too many find out about it."

To be continued...

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