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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 87 > New Series > Stan and the Aisha Thieves: Part One

Stan and the Aisha Thieves: Part One

by reverbir

Preface: Purrow leapt into the shadows. The Chia police rushed past, with the Aisha thief's newest partner, Aikero, in handcuffs. Purrow cursed his ill luck, that was the third new recruit that had been captured. The Aisha made for the sewer entrance. The Boss wasn't going to be pleased…


"Stop thief!" Stan the Kyrii dashed around a corner, panting. The Elephante guards were getting too close. If he didn't act fast, he'd be captured. Stan glanced back around the corner. The guards were too close to use the potion effectively, and he didn't have any invisibility rings on hand either. Sighing heavily, he picked himself up, pocketed the puntec fruit he'd snagged off a cart, and started running again. He'd have fresh fruit tonight if it killed him!

     After much twisting and turning, Stan finally had room to breath, and to drink his Elephante potion. A few tickling seconds later, the Kyrii was ready to fool the half-witted guards once more. He dashed back around the corner, a look of frustration on his face. He turned to the hunting guards and hailed them. "Captain!" he cried, "I think I saw that Kyrii run down this street! I'll make chase, you try and cut him off!" He ran back around the corner as the Elephantes took off down another road. The potion wore off, leaving Stan chuckling at his own genius. He picked the puntec back up and ran in the opposite direction he'd sent the guards. As he ran by a doorway, an Usul in a cloak stepped out and collided with him, sending them both sprawling and the fruit flying.

     "Watch where going speedy!" the Usul scolded him, picking herself up. As her hood fell off her head, Stan reeled back in shock.

     "Princess Vyssa!" he cried, crawling backwards quickly. The Usul looked at him, her eyes scanning his face and hat.

     "Well," the princess said, with a tone of evil, "if it isn't that trouble-making Kyrii. Maybe I should call the guards over here." Stan jumped up, ready to dash off again. Vyssa held him back, putting a hand in his shoulders, "Don't worry my friend," she said, "I'll keep you safe for a while, just start…" her statement was cut off by the puntec landing on her head, exploding and splattering juice all over.

     "Sorry, so sorry!" Stan said, backing up again. The princess just laughed.

     "My my," she said, wiping the juice off, "what a refresher. Anyway sir…"

     "Stan," the Kyrii said, "my name is Stan."

     Vyssa suddenly got stern, "Listen, boy! I'm not one you should speak to like I'm your equal. I am princess you know."


     "It's fine," the Usul replied, a little more friendlier, "Now, what I was trying to say was: I'm looking for someone, someone like you. Someone who can sneak around without being noticed."

     "Well," Stan said, respectfully, "I thin you've got the wrong Kyrii. I can't do anything without being spotted."

     "That's because you work in broad daylight. My problem needs a night prowler."

     "How about one or two of the Aisha thieves, your highness," Stan said, "they're the sneakiest of any robber."

     "Those Aisha thieves ARE my problem!" exclaimed Princess Vyssa suddenly, "they've swiped all sorts of stuff from the palace, gold, statuettes, particularly of my late father, even some of my precious grooming equipment!" just as the princess finished her exclamation, a loud crash was heard from down the street.

     "There he is!" came a low, stupid voice, "he's going to kidnap the princess!" Stan jumped and started to make a break for it. However, he met with Vyssa's paw.

     "Let me handle them," she said, casting off her cloak to reveal a well-made princess's gown. The Elephantes stopped in their tracks about three feet from her outstretched paw. 'Hold it captain," she said, "Why are in such a hurry? Late for your lunch break?"

     The Elephante captain kept his cool under the princess's sarcasm. "Princess," he said, bowing, "We were going to save you form that awful Kyrii."

     "He's no awful Kyrii," Vyssa said, "he's my new private guard."

     The captain of the guard trumpeted his fury, "Have you gone mad princess? This crook is nothing but a low-down, dirty trickster who'd rather steal all your jewels than protect them." Vyssa said nothing, but dismissed the fuming Elephante with a snap of her fingers. They left in a big huff, looking for some other lawbreaker to get their revenge on. Stan faced Vyssa with interest shining in his eyes.

     "Right then," he said, "what do I have to do?"


     Purrow stood near the front of the assembly, the other twenty-odd Aisha thieves around and behind him. Not even the thieves themselves knew exactly how many members were in their organization, not even the Boss. Everyone called him the Boss, and he was just about the biggest and most cunning of them all. However, it had been years since he'd set foot outside the sewers on a raid. With a nod, he summoned Purrow to the stand in front of him. "Purrow," the Boss said, "Its been reported that another of your partners has been captured."

     "It's not MY fault," the Aisha exclaimed, "they were all too green to handle assignments like mine." Boss thought for a minute.

     "Aisha Thieves," he said, "this is a sad day for us. Three of our fellows, green-ears all, have been captured faster than we can get them out. What would you suggest we do?" The room exploded with noise, Aishas throwing out their opinions: rescue, leave them, assign another partner to Purrow. Suddenly, two thieves burst in, dragging a large bag behind them. The crowd parted to let them through. They bowed to Boss in traditional manner, and opened the bag.

     "Gold, Boss," the first thief said, "All from Sakhmet. The pickings are easier there than in Neopia Central. No police, just big, sleepy Elephantes."

     "A perfect place," cut in the second thief, "to train green-ears."

     Boss went deep into thought again, and then spoke directly to Purrow, "One more chance Purrow. Bring me back some more loot form the Lost Desert. That, and an experienced green-ear."

     Purrow bowed low, touching his ear stalks to the ground, "As you wish Boss. However, the desert is a hot place. I will need plenty of water supplied to me so I don't overheat in my suit." Boss chuckled lightly and signaled for water to be brought in.

     Later on, as Purrow and his green-ear, a red Aisha named Consillo, gathered their supplies and thief suits, the recruit asked a pressing question: "Will this mission let me become a real thief?"

     "Only if you perform well enough to please me and the Boss," Purrow replied, "I just wish I could've brought Meesha, she's still a little green, but skilled enough to handle most any assignment." Once they'd finished suiting up, the two thieves silently stole out of the sewer lair and made for the desert, ignorant of the trouble they'd be in for later.

To be continued...

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