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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 86 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Ten

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Ten

by too_kule

Untitled Document The group of travelers walked down the beautiful grass field. It was amazing how great this place looked.

     "This place is so peaceful. It's a utopia! What if the Mage takes over and wants to turn all of Neopia into something that looks like this? He might now be all that bad," said Tasuara.

     "We've been in the future," said Deracko "And it did not look like this. It was more or else the same as it usually is...but everyone was sad. We weren't even allowed to smile!"

     "Wait... did that Spardel just walk through a tree?" asked Kyohara as she pointed to a little Spardel.

     "Maybe this world really is too good to be true!" exclaimed Yoigo. He ran over to where an Earth Faerie was drinking at a small river. Yoigo put his paw right through her head.

     "These aren't real," said Junior G as he put his tail through a grazing Kau. "They're just holograms!" Everyone looked around. Was it possible this beautiful land was not even real?

     "Why? Why would the Mage put fake Faeries, Neopets and Petpets inside of his little world down here?" asked Bortyk.

     "I think I know. He'd want trespassers such as us to think he was really good," said Methalius. They continued walking. They went over a bridge and the castle in the distance was getting bigger.

     "Why hasn't the Mage been able to make the Staff of All Power? If he had it Neopia would already have been taken over," said Zeedil.

     "According to my book, it takes a while to create the staff. As I told you all before, once he does he will have all power. He can do absolutely anything," said Yoigo.

     "How long does it take to create the Staff of All Power?" asked Millyum.

     "It takes... I think the staff will be able to be created today!" exclaimed Yoigo.

     "Then we've got to hurry!" cried Chakeebo. They all ran to the big castle. As soon as they got there they saw something on the door.

     "To gain entry you must solve this riddle. You get one chance and if you fail, you will meet your demise," read Methalius aloud. There was a digital keypad on the door to type in your answer.

     "Here's the riddle: There's a time when I'm green, a time when I'm brown, but both of these times, cause pets to frown. But just in between, for a very short while, I'm perfect and yellow, and cause pets to smile! What am I?" read Bortyk aloud.

     "There's a time when I'm green, a time when I'm brown... that definitely is a tough one. Who here is good at riddles?" asked Deracko. Tasuara stepped up.

     "I'm OK I guess... give me some time to figure this out. We only get one try," she said. She was working it out when Chakeebo spoke.

"I've got it! It means a camera, like the kind you take pictures with. It can be brown or green and I hate getting my picture taken so it makes me frown. When it turns yellow that's when the flash comes and you always have to smile when you get your picture taken!" Chakeebo exclaimed. He ran up to type in his answer with the keypad but Methalius blocked him.

     "One little problem. Cameras can also be black or blue or any colour! So what would happen if you typed your answer in on that keypad? Then we'd all be doomed!" he yelled.

     "I guess you're right... Why don't you answer the riddle? You're supposed to be some kind of super genius!" replied Chakeebo.

     "I'm good when it comes to problems such as algebra, not riddles. Let Tasuara see if she can solve it," said Methalius. Tasuara perched on a nearby tree and closed her eyes.

     "It's not nap time!" Junior G exclaimed.

     "Tasuara says she always does her best thinking when she's upside-down. It lets the blood rush to hear head," Bortyk informed everyone.

     "Smile... smile... what makes you smile?" she asked without moving from her spot.

     "Toys!" cried Chakeebo.

     "Ruling Neopia!" said Methalius.

     "Food!" exclaimed Deracko. As soon as Deracko said that, Tasuara's eyes shot open.

     "That's it! When the type of food is green, that mean it's not ripe yet. When it's brown, that means it's rotten. When it's yellow, it's ripe and good to eat. It's only ripe for a short amount of time though according to the riddle. Sow what kind of fruit is it?" asked Tasuara even though she knew the answer. Everyone else just waited. "Bananas"

     "That seems right. Are you sure?" asked Yoigo.

     "About as sure as I'll ever be," Tasuara said. Kyohara typed 'Banana' in on the keypad. They waited for something to happen. Was she right or wrong? They waited.

     "Access granted," sounded a voice coming from nowhere. The door in front of them opened.

     "Hooray!" they all cheered. They ran inside.

     "How come this is an ancient castle but it has a digital keypad as well as an intercom?" questioned Chakebo. Everyone laughed. They looked around the room they had entered. It was empty except for a door at the other side of the room and some torches that provided light. They ran over to see what they had to do.

     "To save your precious Neopian land, and travel the castle so big and grand, there are several things you must do, and now I will tell one to you: Battle three different pets you must, and beating them will turn them to dust! Choosing your fighters is the task ahead, losing two fights will make you all dead! I will now tell you one last thing, when completing this task, NO MAGIC RINGS!" read Yoigo aloud.

     "Who should battle?" asked Deracko.

     "Definitely Zeedil, as he is a knight," said Millyum. Zeedil nodded.

     "I saw Yoigo's courage back at the castle when Chakeebo attacked us and against the Mutant Scorchios. I think he should also fight," said Zeedil. Yoigo nodded too.

     "Then the third should be Methalius," said Yoigo. Methalius shook his head.

     "I have no more Lenny Grenades. The other one should be Chakeebo, he is the only other one of us who's armed," said Methalius Chakeebo gulped and slowly nodded. They all noticed something they hadn't before. A white circle was on the ground. They all knew it was the battle ring. Chakeebo, Yoigo and Zeedil went to one side of the circle. Out of nowhere, the mutants came. One was a Mutant Cybunny, one was a Mutant Buzz and one was a Mutant Grundo. Chakeebo stepped forward and the Mutant Cybunny did the same.

     "You're going down!" screamed Chakeebo as he got his Rainbow Gun ready. The Mutant Cybunny was too fast, he jumped up and hit Chakeebo with his Cybunny sword. Chakeebo collapsed to the ground and the Mutant Cybunny disappeared into dust.

     "Point, Mutants!" sounded another voice. The Mutants had one this battle, but the was was not lost! Yoigo then stepped up to battle, and the Mutant Buzz did the same.

     After seeing what had happened to Chakeebo, Yoigo immediately defended with his Gelert Spiked Shield. The Buzz's Buzz Blaster attack had been blocked. Yoigo jumped up and used his Gelert Crescent Kick to attack the Buzz! Then a blast of his Gelert Wand finished off the Mutant Buzz.

     "Point, Yoigo!" sounded the voice. The Time Twisters as well as Methalius, Kyohara and Junior G cheered. The Buzz disappeared into dust. The Mutant Grundo stepped up to fight and so did Zeedil. Zeedil was trained in the Meridell castle, but was he trained enough to fight the Mutant Grundo? Only time would tell.

To be continued...

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