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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 86 > Continuing Series > E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Seven

E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Seven

by ridergirl333

Untitled Document

My name is Jen, and my Neoname is Ridergirl333. I told my parents that I was to sleep over Cathy's house. Cathy told her parents she was sleeping over my house. Sometimes the oldest tricks in the book are the wisest ones.

     Tonight, we were going to break into the library to use their computer. I'll admit that I was terrified. But I had already ruled out all of the other options. My computer and Cathy's computer were down and our NeoPets needed a route to get back to Neopia. I couldn't trust anyone else with our secret. Real live NeoPets... on this world. No one would believe me anyway.

     In the forest behind Town Hall, Indigo, Comet, Ruby, Emerald, Cathy and I counted the seconds until 10:00. I had covered the pets in black blankets, and Cathy and I donned black outfits. We blended in with the darkness perfectly. We also looked like criminals. Then again, that's just what we were. Images of wailing sirens and police cruisers filled my mind. However, I knew that no matter how bad I had it, my NeoPets had it a thousand times worse. They were faced with the prospect of death at the guns of the police, the tabloids (claiming that they were aliens) or anyone who would want to "rescue two pretty teenage girls from the scary monsters."

     Finally, the dreaded moment came. I watched apprehensively as a librarian locked the library's doors. When I was certain that she and her co-workers were gone, I silently gestured for the NeoPets to follow me. Cathy brought up the rear. When I reached the door, I realized that the lock on it was too big to pick with the tiny bobby pins I had brought. Frantically, I motioned for Cathy to look at it. While we were looking, Comet wandered off. When he returned he was almost rolling on the ground with soundless laughter. "You humans might as well have marked the exits with beacons! This Lupe's nose smells all! There's a doorway to the meeting room. They forgot to lock it! In fact, they didn't shut the door at all!"

     So, we tiptoed in through that door, shutting it quietly behind us. "The research computers are over here," I hissed. Cathy sped up to catch up to me. "If we came in through an open door, are we still breaking and entering?" she wondered out loud.

     "I have no idea," I said.

     At the research computers, I typed in the URL for "Okay," Ruby said. "We're on, but how do we get inside?"

     As we pondered this, voices echoed from outside. "I could have sworn I'd left this door open!" an elderly woman muttered. A librarian!

     I heard the faint rattling of keys and the creaking of a door opening. "Ridergirl, you need to do some quick clicking!" Indigo said. "We'll cover for you."

     Moments later, I heard the sound of a bookshelf being knocked over. The NeoPets were creating a significant diversion. Shaking with silent chuckles, I focused on the task at hand.

     Where could the e-gate be? I checked the quick ref page. Nothing. I checked the Space Station. Nada. I looked in the Ice Caves. Zilch. Frantically, I checked the Lost Desert, Meridell, Tyrannia, Terror Mountain, Krawk Island, Mystery Island, the Haunted Woods and even the Jelly World. Nil. Zero. Naught.

     The remaining places on the Explore map seemed highly unlikely. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. Just as I predicted, he didn't hide the gate in Neopia Central. That left only one location. But no, it couldn't be.


     The floor began to vibrate gently. A black-colored hole appeared in the screen, sending a rush of wind out to meet me, knocking me off my feet. The NeoPets had obviously heard the wind, because at that moment the sound of books hitting the floor ceased. They raced into the monitor screen, one by one, and vanished. Finally, only Ruby remained.

     "Ridergirl, go!" she gestured towards the screen wildly.

     I sighed sadly, "Ruby, I'm not going. What if I become trapped in your world? I'd never see this planet again."

     "But we can't fight Sloth without you," my beloved Uni whined.

     "You're going to have to," I said harshly. In truth; I wasn't feeling so gung-ho. Luckily; the darkness hid my tears.

     "But we can't," Ruby said. At that moment, the librarian pulled up a shade. The silvery moonlight fell upon Ruby's tear-streaked features. In her eyes… something was missing. The determined flame that made the core of Ruby's being had vanished. Replacing it was something that looked all too much like fear.

     Grudgingly, I agreed to come with them. Cathy came also, for what she called, "moral support." "You're the battler, Jen." She had said. "That's your territory. You and Ruby have so much in common." I then remembered the conversation I had overheard.

     "Girl, you should have been born a Lupe. You look for a fight. You search for a hunt. And you'd hunt far more difficult prey than Chias."

     Was I really like that? Was Ruby really like that?

     I shrugged my shoulders and stepped through the portal. It felt like ice on every part of me that was unprotected. I found that it was difficult to draw breath, and my lungs ached. Somehow, some sixth sense inside of me told me to keep walking.

     I emerged in a place that was totally unexpected.

     Or perhaps I was expecting it all along.

To be continued...

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