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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 85 > Continuing Series > E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Six

E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Six

by ridergirl333

That night, I lay in bed for hours, envisioning the end of my world. All that is Neopian, little known to humans, the secret of the galaxies, suddenly not so secret. NeoPets everywhere, from the greatest Grarrl to the smallest Jubjub, sucked through a portal in space-time and dumped on the polluted soil of this earth. The petpets, innocent animals, forced to live among fearsome, hostile species that have claimed this planet as their territory and have made their homes here for millennia. Items that were obviously Neopian would appear on the streets, causing mass mayhem. Some power-hungry fool may even get his hands on a few of the stronger Battledome weapons, causing an interspecies war.

     The mere thought chilled my bones.

     So, here are the facts. My name is Indigo. I'm a blue Gelert. My brother Comet and I were thrown out of the computer like an arrow from the crossbow in the Ultimate Bullseye game. Our owner, Musician then found out that her friend Ridergirl333's two eldest pets had also been transported to our world. This is all Dr. Sloth's fault. We must get to the other side of the e-gate, back to Neopia, and stop him before his door through space and time destroys Neopia. And we only had five more days to do so.

     My life is so chaotic.

     Ridergirl has a theory. She says we may be able to get back to Neopia via the website dedicated to Neopia. However, Sloth has disabled her computer and Musician's computer too. So tomorrow, Ridergirl is going to "take us on a little field trip." I don't know what she's planning, but Musician said it was "reckless and risky." To this, Ridergirl replied, "The end of the known world draws near. We can't afford to be careful."

     I woke the next morning feeling like I had run a marathon. My sleep had been littered with nightmares and anxiety. Somehow, I managed to gulp down some orange juice and nibble at some toast. I could tell that Comet was stressed out too.

     At about ten o' clock that morning, Ridergirl rode here on her bike with her NeoPets. RubyRainbow333 the rainbow Uni and EmeraldFlame555 the green Scorchio were in a wagon that was hitched to the back of the bike. A sweat-soaked Ridergirl panted as she parked her bicycle. "The instant I get you two back to Neopia, I'm putting you on a veggie diet." She threatened. Musician offered her some water. She gulped it down gratefully.

     "So, are you pets ready to go to the library?" Ridergirl asked.

     "It sounds like fun," Comet admitted.

     Ruby, who wasn't like the average Uni, started jumping up and down. "They have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of books!" (That Uni is obsessed with books. Her new fascination has been with Faerie tales.)

     Ridergirl gestured for Ruby to calm down, and then resumed speaking. "People would probably notice if we got sucked through the computer in a public library. So, here's the plan. We spend today preparing. Tonight, we sneak in and use the library research computers to enter Neopia."

     "Wouldn't that be breaking and entering?" Emerald asked stupidly.

     "Of course it would be breaking and entering!" Musician said angrily. "But it's a lot better than some sort of interspecies war! Some humans don't take too well with different humans. Imagine what they'll do if an Eyrie shows up in their backyard!"

     An odd look passed over Ruby's eyes. She was thinking about her sister Sapphire.

     "We're doing this to save lives," Ridergirl said.

     "And if someone catches us before we do our job?" Ruby asked quietly. "If someone discovers a rainbow unicorn, a green dragon, a red wolf, and a blue dog with whips for ears running around the library?"

     Ridergirl went quiet suddenly. Musician bailed her out. "At least you would have tried."

     "But no one's going to catch you," Ridergirl said confidently. Too confidently.

     "Then it's settled," Musician said. "Get your rest this afternoon, because tonight, we're going to the library."

     Ridergirl and her NeoPets stayed at our house for a while. It's strange; I used to think of this as Musician's house. Now, after only one and a half short weeks, it's my home too. I told Ruby about this thought.

     "I'll miss this world too," Ruby said. "It's so exciting. So many new toys to play with, books to read, foods to eat, and beauty to see." She paused. "Indigo. Today is our last day on this planet. Perhaps our last day on any planet if our mission fails."

     "Don't think about that," I suggested. "Think about your reunion with Amethyst and Sapphire. You really miss them, don't you?"

     Ruby just gave a slight nod. I could see that she was blinking back tears.

     "I miss Bluebell and Lightning. I can't wait to see them again," I said.

     "And when I get back to Neopia, I'm gonna give that Space Faerie a hug and a punch to the ribs at the same time. She's been a huge help." Ruby said this half-sincerely and half-sarcastically.

     I giggled in agreement.

To be continued...

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