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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Continuing Series > Indiana Jub and the Wooden Spoon: Part Eleven

Indiana Jub and the Wooden Spoon: Part Eleven

by barrelofmalkies

Untitled Document

"Digger!" Jubby cried as he bolted towards the doorway. "I'm coming buddy!"

     Heedless of all danger, Jubby plunged into the darkness beyond. The Spoon had vanished from his mind. All he could think about was his best friend and sidekick, at the mercy of Dr. Sloth or maybe something worse. In the distance, he saw a glimmer of green light, and suddenly heard another terrified yelp. It seemed like forever to our harried hero, but it was only moments before he charged from the darkness into the blinding light.

     He blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted. When they did, he wished they hadn't. Jubby saw Dr. Sloth, black nightie and all, holding the Wooden Spoon in one hand, and his squirming sidekick in the other. As if that wasn't bad enough, Digger was dangling mere inches above a vat of what could only be Doglefox Transmogrification Potion!

     "Herr Jub!" Dr. Sloth said with an evil sneer. "Zo glad you could join zee party. I have a proposition for you."

     "Whatever it is, the answer's no!" Jubby replied.

     "Vat a pity…" Dr. Sloth cackled. Digger slipped from his grasp suddenly, and went plunging towards the vat.

     Jubby leapt forward with a mighty "Noooo!" and tried to snatch Digger from the jaws of eminent mutation. But just as Digger's nose was about to touch the seething liquid, Sloth's ugly fingers gripped around one of his legs, and jerked him back to safety.

     With a squeak, Digger passed out cold. Even with his eyes squeezed shut, the smell of the potion and the swift fall to a dread fate had been too much for the diligent Doglefox's already frazzled nerves.

     "You fiend!" Jubby exclaimed. Sloth jiggled the unconscious Digger a little, and Jubby slumped to the floor, defeated. "All right. I'm listening. What do you want?"

     "I vant you to tell me how to vork zis thing!" Dr. Sloth replied with a scowl, brandishing the Spoon.

     "Have you tried stirring something with it?" Jubby asked.

     "Yes. Nothing happened!"

     "Have you tried using magic words?"

     "Yes! Nothing happened!"

     "Have you tried…" Jubby paused in thought. "Waving it around in a complicated fashion?"

     "Y- wait a minute…No! I haven't tried that!"

     With a look of utmost concentration, Dr. Sloth began waving the Spoon around. He waved it left, right, in circles, up, and down, and finally tried twirling it like a baton. Unfortunately, Dr. Sloth's hideous fingers were not made for baton twirling…and the Spoon flew from his hand!

     "Aha!" Jubby cried as the Spoon made an arc of sparkling silver light through the air. He leapt up, and with one mighty foot snatched the Spoon. He gestured with the Spoon at Dr. Sloth, who stood frozen in shock and fear. Jubby waved the Spoon, tried muttering magic words, and even banged it on the ground…all with no effect.

     Dr. Sloth laughed cruelly. "It vould seem zat the Shpoon is no use to you, Herr Jub!" he said. "And… zis plain old Doglefox is of no use to me. Zo… give me back the Shpoon, or I'll turn your little friend into something more useful!" He dangled Digger, who had just regained consciousness, over the vat of Transmogrification potion.

     "Don't do it, Jubby!" Digger cried bravely. "I… I won't mind being a mutant! Maybe Jesenka needs a petpet!"

     Jubby looked from Dr. Sloth, to Digger, to the Spoon in his hand. His emotions warred across his furry face, and tears welled up in his eyes. Finally, with a mighty sigh, he said, "I can't do it, Digger. I can't let anything happen to you. You can have the stupid Spoon, Sloth. Just let Digger go."

     With a sinister laugh, Dr. Sloth tossed Digger into the air, knowing that Jubby would HAVE to let go of the Spoon in order to catch his airborne sidekick. As Digger came flying towards him, Jubby tossed the Spoon towards Dr. Sloth. With both feet free, Jubby leapt into the air, caught Digger with one foot, tucked him under his Kaudora, and in an instant was heading out of the Warehouse and to the nearest shuttle port.

     "Vell…" Jubby heard Dr. Sloth mutter as he fled, "zis can't be any harder to work than my VCR clock…"

     As their shuttle flew from Virtupets Space Station back to Neopia Central, Digger snuggled against his hero.

     "You know," he said, "the world is in big trouble if Sloth ever figures out how to work that spoon."

     Jubby only grinned.

     "You also know that we won't get paid… and you've maxed out your Faerieland Express Card."

     Jubby chuckled. "Oh… we'll get paid little buddy. Don't worry."

     "But… how? Sloth has the Spoon!"

     "He thinks he has the Spoon."

     Suddenly, a light bulb went on over Digger's head. "THAT'S why you had Edna make the fake Spoon!"

     Jubby grinned again. "I knew that somehow or other I would get my hands on the Spoon. I also knew that, just like most villains, he'd try to use my sidekick, that being you, against me. He'd offer me you, in exchange for the Spoon. So…"

     "You'd give him the fake Spoon, and I'd come out unhurt." Digger finished for him. "But…what if he had dropped me?? What if… what if he hadn't fallen for the fake Spoon bit?"

     "I would've found a way to save you anyway," Jubby assured Digger.

     "I know,." Digger said with a little smile. "It's just nice to hear you say it."

     After a long shuttle flight and a short Redline jaunt, the daring duo found themselves back at Fyora's castle. The Faerie Queen was waiting for them, looking as lovely as always. Digger wagged his tail and was nearly jumping out of his skin. Jubby took the real Wooden Spoon from the depths of his fur, and handed it to Fyora. As the Spoon touched her hands, both the Spoon and the Faerie Queen glowed with a pure white light, and sweet, triumphant music played in the background. After a moment's thought, Fyora spoke.

     "Indiana Jub and Digger Doglefox, once again you have saved Neopia from disaster." She said with a smile. "As your reward, Jubby, I give to you this Everlasting Apple… and will pay the entire balance of your Faerieland Express card."

     She handed Jubby the most perfect apple he had ever seen. It even seemed to sparkle with its' own magical light. He took a small bite, and watched in wonder as the flesh of the apple grew back, leaving no trace of the bite he had taken.

     "As Pango Pango is my witness," he said, his eyes closed in bliss, "I shall never go hungry again!"

     "And for you, faithful Digger," Fyora continued, looking down on her biggest fan with a warm smile, "I have this."

     "Oh my holy juppies!" Digger exclaimed as he cradled the precious gift in his paws. "It looks just like you!!"

     Jubby looked over, and saw his smitten sidekick snuggling a rare and valuable Faerie Queen doll. The wheels in his strawberry head began turning, and the perceptive Faerie Queen knew exactly what he was thinking.

     "Whatever you do," Fyora whispered to Digger with a sidewards glance at our financially savvy hero, "don't tell him how much it's really worth!"

The End

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