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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Eight

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Eight

by too_kule

Untitled Document Methalius, Kyohara, Junior G and Zeedil just stood there surprised. All six Time Twisters had been pulled into the bushes by some unknown beast in the Haunted Woods.

     "What do we do now?" asked Junior G.

     "I... don't know," whimpered Kyohara. They knew that they had to stray even further into the Haunted Woods.

     "We can't go in there! What if some monster decides we'd make a good snack?" asked Junior G.

     "If we don't go in there Neopia will be doomed! There will be no Neopia to take over! How are we ever supposed to steal the Rings of Time if they're lost?" questioned Methalius.

     "Aren't you supposed to be some kind of a genius?" asked Zeedil.

     "I've got an idea," he said. Methalius made some kind of loud call into the Haunted Woods. It sounded like some kind of shriek.

     "What was that for?" asked Kyohara.

     "I have a minion who lives in the Haunted Woods. She should come," said Methalius. It didn't take very long for a Ghost Uni to come flying up. She landed on the ground and turned to Methalius.

     "I have come Methalius. What do you want?" asked the Uni quietly.

     "Nalikle, we need your help. Some traveling companions of ours have just been taken into the woods," said Methalius.

     "Really? Rumours of a group of Mutant Scorchios have been spotted in the Haunted Woods. Some say they are searching for something. They are just rumours but it is possible," said Nalikle.

     "What do you believe? Nobody would know about what happens in the Haunted Woods better than you," said Methalius.

     "I believe the rumours are true. I believe they are searching for something. They can sense power and they need power for their plans, but nobody knows what they are."

     "The Rings of Time! That's what they wanted!" cried Zeedil. Methalius nodded.

     "Nalikle. I am asking you to guide us through the Haunted Woods to the location of these Mutant Scorchios. Do you agree?" asked Methalius.

     "Yes master," she said as she sank into a deep bow. Methalius nodded. Nalikle led them through the Haunted Woods. Evil eyes stared at them through the darkness but they didn't dare approach with Nalikle guiding them. She led them so deep it was nearly pitch black. Light could be seen further on.

     "This is where I must leave you. I do not dare approach. Some beings in the Haunted Woods do not dare attack me, but these Scorchios are different. Farewell master," she said as she sank into another bow.

     "Farewell Nalikle," said Methalius as the Uni flew off. They slowly approached and peered through the bushes. Nalikle was right. A tribe of Mutant Scorchios were dancing around the Time Twisters. They were all tied to a stake buried in the ground.

     "What do we do?" asked Junior G.

     "We save them. I'm guessing if they were after the Rings of Time they probably took them off of the Time Twisters. Zeedil will provide a distraction. Just fly around. Kyohara and Junior G will untie the Time Twisters and I will find the rings. It is now up to us to save the day," he said solemnly. He nodded and they all went off. Zeedil burst into flight and flew around the tribe. Nearly everyone flew up and chased after them.

     "ACK! I forgot they could fly to," he cried. Zeedil continued distracting them. Kyohara and Junior G ran up to untie the others. Methalius had been right to assume the rings had been taken away from them. There were several tents. Methalius ran into the empty ones searching for the rings. Only four were empty, and none of them had any rings in them. He knew the rings would probably be guarded.

     "Intruder!" roared on of the Scorchios. He was guarding a tent. Methalius ran up and distracted the Mutant Scorchio with his Lenny Dance. The Mutant Scorchio looked at Methalius and scratched his forehead.

     "Oh, Lennys need better Battledome moves. Take this!" he cried as he tossed a Lenny Grenade at the Mutant Scorchio. It exploded and when the smoke cleared, the Mutant Scorchio was unconscious on the ground. Methalius ran into the tent and saw all six rings on a table. Methalius picked them up and ran out of the tent. He saw nearly every Scorchio chase Zeedil in the sky. Some had noticed Junior G and Kyohara untie the Time Twisters and they were chasing them.

     "I think it's time to see what these rings can really do," said Methalius. He ran over to the Time Twisters while he slipped all of the rings onto the feathers on his wings.

     "Hurry up! Grab onto me!" exclaimed Methalius as he ran over. He put out his ring and everyone grabbed onto him. Zeedil swooped down too.


     Everyone stood still. Methalius had used Chakeebo's ring to hide everyone from the Mutant Scorchios.

     "Come on," said Methalius as he led them away from the tribe. As soon as they got a good distance away, Methalius yanked the ring off. This made everyone visible again. He handed over each ring to their rightful owners.

     "Thanks, Methalius. I didn't think you'd be able to give up the rings so quickly," said Deracko as he slipped his bronze ring back on his finger.

     "There will be other times to steal your rings. This is not one of them," replied Methalius.

     Now they had to deal with the challenging task of getting back on the trail. It took them a while but they finally managed it. And only a couple of minutes after that, they had escaped the Haunted Woods.

     "Finally! I couldn't wait to get out of there!" cried Kyohara as she breathed a big sigh of relief.

     "I think it's time to get invisible again. No clouds of purple gas managed to get through the thick trees and no black Hopsos, Mortogs or Zumagorn dared to go in, but now we're in the Lost Desert," Yoigo reminded them. Tasuara nodded and everyone grabbed onto her. She brought her ring close to her mouth.


     A black Zumagorn was just swooping down from the sky but stopped when his prey disappeared. They continued on walking. The Lost Desert was as flat as could be. It was extremely boring. They had a lot of time to think, and a thought entered Deracko's mind.

     "Hey, I just thought of something! What if we're wrong? What if everything really his a big coincidence like Millyum said a few days back? How do we know if we're wasting our time with this quest?" asked Deracko. Everyone paused to think about that.

     "I've got an idea. How about you go into the future a while and check it out?" asked Bortyk. Everyone nodded.

     "I'll need Millyum too. She'll have to take me back to the present when I'm done," said Deracko.

     "Sure. Come on Deracko!" said Millyum.

     "So how far should I go ahead? How many weeks?"

     "I was thinking more than that. I was thinking years," said Bortyk. Deracko gulped, he had never gone so far ahead in time. He didn't know if his ring would even do that! The main thing he was worried about was if Millyum's ring could take them back... or else they'd be stuck in the future forever.

To be continued...

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