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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Articles > The Neolodge: Cockroach Towers

The Neolodge: Cockroach Towers

by onda_bianca

NEOLODGE - Many pet owners find it necessary to put their pets in the Neolodge. This is especially the case going on vacation, or otherwise having to *gasp* spend time offline. Some owners even treat their pets by giving them a trip to the Neolodge! When your pets stay in the Neolodge, they are guaranteed to be fed and have their mood maintained. Each hotel, however, is different. The cheapest hotel by far is the Cockroach Towers, where your pet can stay there for only 5 NPs a day…that is 35 NPs in a week!

But before you gather all your pets to check them into the Cockroach Towers, remember that this is not just any ordinary hotel. Many give the Cockroach Towers a bad name, and will advise you not to go, but others may actually love it, it varies for each pet.

My pet Ttrrug decided he wanted to investigate. Since this hotel was called the "Cockroach Towers", Ttrrug thought it might be fun. He loves anything that involves bugs! What he found was a place unlike anything he has ever experienced. Ttrrug stayed at the Cockroach Towers for A day, and later he was asked to share his experiences of the time he spent there. Here is his story:

When I arrived, I noticed that it was dark, way too early. Somehow, it is always dark there, which made the place VERY cool! The trees were without leaves and the wooden steps taking me into the lobby were cracking under my feet! I had to move fast so I didn't fall through, it was a lot of fun! As I entered the lobby, there was a smell that surrounded me. At first, I didn't like it but then realized it was just the smell of worms, eyeballs, and sticky slimy stuff. It was perfect to play in! As I walked up to the desk, I got to ring a bell for almost five minutes before someone came! It was quite fun and I made up all sorts of neat songs. It's amazing how many different tunes you can come up with using a single bell!

After what seemed like a symphony, a Techo finally came to take care of me. It turns out there was some mix-up with the reservations I had made, but that's okay because they STILL let me have a room. In fact, most of the hotel was unoccupied, leaving me a large area to enjoy! Of course, the Techo has some very pressing matters to attend to, such as reading The Neopian Times, so I was on a quest to find my own room! And what fun that was! I got to dodge bugs, slime, and other various messes that were strategically planted all around the hotel while carrying all of my luggage! After about an hour, I finally completed my quest only to find that my key did not work. Well, I went down to tell the Techo about it and it turns out he gave me the wrong room number, but couldn't quite remember which room the key was for. It was either to the fourth or fifth floor I was told, so I did what any logical pet would do, I tried every room until finally the key fit… and it only took me twelve tries! Gee, this place was sure fun already, and I had just arrived!

Once I opened the door, I was greeted with a very bold aroma. It was sort of like the lobby smell, only a lot stronger. It actually made me quite hungry, as it smelled somewhat like artichokes, fish eyes, and maggots (my favourite dinner by the way!) so I decided that meant it was time for dinner! So I made my way down to the fabulous one star restaurant, The Greasy Spoon. People say a one star restaurant isn't very good, but to me it's wonderful! Besides, I never understood why anyone needed any more than one star, it gets to be too much after one! Anyway, the smell was even stronger here and my tummy was rumbling! So I ordered strawberry artichokes, maggot stew, clamade, and pasta with eyes along with a side of mud n mayo sauce! Boy was I happy! It tasted even better than it smelled, and I ate it all, so much that I became bloated! This was truly the best!

After dinner, there was a game of Dung Bingo going on in the rec room. I loved bingo! The only difference between regular Bingo and Dung Bingo is that they used small piles of dung for the chips! This was really fun because after the game was over, we were allowed to mold the dung into whatever we wanted! After several games, I won the game and the best prize ever, a yearly supply of scab cakes! In fact, I am munching on one now and I'm as happy as can be!

My fun evening did not end with Dung Bingo, because there was a pool! This wasn't just an ordinary pool. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was a wonderful shade of brown with other creatures inside. There were swimming rats, floating rats, and dead rats! There was also fun garbage and water worms and was truly a place to be messy and have fun. I could have stayed there all night, but the pool closes at midnight. Too bad!

After the pool, I had decided to go to bed. I couldn't find the shower in my room, but that was okay since I was just in the pool! There were no beds, but I was equipped with a sleeping bag that was modeled after Swiss cheese! There were so many holes, it was fun! But this fun had to come to an end as I slept the night away.

When I woke up that next morning, I knew I had to go. I went to the Greasy Spoon for a quick bite to eat, some lice rice, then headed out to meet Mom. When she saw me she gave me this look I have never seen before and was speechless. I think maybe she was just happy that I found a place I really enjoyed! As we went home, however, she kept trying to hold her breath, which is a very silly game to play since it takes twenty minutes to get home! She made me shower right away when we arrived, but it couldn't compare to the pool at the Cockroach Towers. But *shhhh* we won't tell Mom that, she was just trying to help!

Overall, I look back at my trip with a smile and can't wait to return! It is truly an experience like none other. There was, however, one disappointment… not once did I ever see a cockroach! Maybe next time!:)

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