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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > New Series > To Save a Friend: Part One

To Save a Friend: Part One

by ieva_kasku

Untitled Document Hello. I am Flower_of_Icetor the silver Shoyru. You may remember my other story, Flower of Faerie. I have yet another tale to tell, much more recent, taking place several months after my last tale finished, in the Month of Swimming.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I was perfectly peaceful and content. I was lying in the new garden of my NeoHome with my Alkenore, Nimbus, beside me. My sister, Ripgirl7545 the striped Krawk was inside reading with her Cirrus, Cumulo. Ripgirl had been adopted from the pound as a mutant and was older than me, but it didn't matter. She had been lucky to go to ieva_kasku instead of someone who would treat her as a mere trophy. All in all, it was a great life with ieva_kasku. When I had first come to live with her, she had been fairly poor, with a one room NeoHome. But since then, she has had great luck with games and random events, and is now semi-wealthy. But within 10 minutes, the peace was shattered. The construction people who were working on a new room arrived. The noise was terrible. Ripgirl and ieva ran out of the house with their hands over their ears. We unanimously decided to go to the shopping center and look around. After wandering for a while, we went over to the Money Tree to see what people were donating. We watched for a while, and then Balthazar walked up. We had forgotten that it was time for the Faerie giveaway thingy. Ieva had never really bothered with the spell faeries, because our family wasn't that big on Battledoming. There was such a big frenzy, though, that a fire Faerie actually got knocked off of the money tree and sailed through the air to land on my head. Ripgirl picked it up while I rubbed my new lump. Ieva said that the construction crew was most likely gone and that we should go home and get away from the crowds.

     The crew was, in fact, gone, leaving us with a new library that would need to be filled with furniture soon. But now we were concentrating on the Faerie that I had just let out of the bottle.

     "I grant you the ability Smoke Screen," she said. Then she tried to fly out the window. But apparently she had been shaken up by her flight from the Money Tree, because when she couldn't move her left wing. So ieva carried her to my room and laid her on my bed. The Faerie thanked her and told us that her name was Thiril. We told her our names, starting with ieva and ending with me. She gasped when she heard my name.

     "Flower_of_Icetor! Carrisi's missing daughter! We thought that you had been lost forever! We looked and looked, but we couldn't find you! And you're Silver now, too!"

     She was very excited. As she went on to tell us that after I had disappeared, all of the faeries helped to search for me. They had looked everywhere, and had even started to ask about me at the quests building. They had searched the Pound first, but I hadn't gotten there yet, and they hadn't looked again. After 3 months had passed, most of the faeries gave me up for lost. And by that time, I had been painted and they were still looking for a green Shoyru. She asked me all sorts of questions, like where I had gone, and whether I was happy with ieva. When I told her what had happened to me, she shook her head.

     "Some people are just cruel. But we need to go to Carissi, she has missed you terribly!"

     "But what about your wing?" asked Ripgirl.

     "A healing potion will set it right."

     So ieva gave her one of our healing potions that we had gotten from the healing springs while Ripgirl had been sick with NeoBlues. Then we set off for the forest where I had grown up. I was very excited to be going back, I hadn't realized how much I had missed the forest. Listening to the sounds of nature again made me feel happy and excited. Then I remembered that while I was living with Carissi, she had gone out everyday to give quests and so on. I asked Thiril if she was sure that Carissi would be there. She told me that by the time we got to the glade, quest time would be over. And Carissi wouldn't leave until the next morning.

     It was actually 8:00 NST by the time we got there (Ripgirl is a really slow walker). Seeing the house again made me very anxious. I just couldn't walk fast enough at the prospect of seeing my first mother again. First I started running, and then I took flight to go even faster. Then I had to wait for the others to catch up. When we were finally all there, I knocked on the door. And then again after 5 minutes. And again, and again, and again. Finally, I just opened the door. There were no lights on, and everything was all dusty. There were even a few cobwebs. Nobody had been here in a while.

     "Look!" Ripgirl cried, "In the mud!"

     We all looked at where she was pointing. It was an enormous paw print.

     "Balthazar!" was the simultaneous cry.

To be continued…

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