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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > New Series > Abby’s First Adventure: Part One

Abby’s First Adventure: Part One

by music261

Untitled Document Abby woke up that morning to the smooth sound of the horn that woke everyone up on Mystery Island. The young Meerca was excited, for today, she would become an explorer.

     Abby had a background of celebrities. Cousin Lisha, great-great-grandmother Fyora… The list went on forever. Abby was going to do something in history that none of her relatives had done before. She was going to discover a new island miles from the coast of both Mystery and Krawk island.

     Abby began to prepare. She brushed her fuzzy red fur. She packed her bags, and put me in a special little Pfish tank just for me.

     Oh, have you met me before? You haven't?! Well then, get to know me! My name is Flopilda. I am Abby's Pfish. She takes me everywhere with her. Usually I am bored with where she takes me, but this is her first adventure. I am SO excited, maybe even overexcited! As you can see, I am very energetic. But I can't help that! This is gonna be so cool!

     Once she was all prepared, Abby walked out the door. As this was her first adventure, she had an assigned guide named Kylen Mwalk. He was a brave and adventurous Kyrii, but also kind and sweet. That made up for all the ugliness that he had.

     Abby arrived at the Center of Island Exploration (C.I.E). There Kylen was waiting for her. A telescope sat at the window, waiting to be looked in.

     "Good morning, Abby," said Kylen Mwalk. "The telescope is waiting."

     "Good morning, Kylen," said Abby. I always wonder why Kylen Mwalk never says hello to me. It's like I'm invisible or something. Abby proceeded towards the telescope and peeped her eye in. She never told me what she could see, until she looked away from the telescope with a splash of excitement.

     "I found a new island! I found a new island!" Abby shouted. Obviously, I did not believe her. But when she let me have a look, I didn't believe what I saw.

     "It's true!" I shouted with the excitement I always had.

     "Let me have a look," said Kylen, pushing me away from the telescope. Kylen was the third person to shout out at the discovery of this new island. "It's not officially discovered yet," said Kylen. "We need to go there first." Abby and Kylen packed their bags, put me back in my tank, and set off for the undiscovered island.


Two hours later...

Abby, Kylen and I were trapped in our little boat. The island was still a day away, and I was becoming very bored. Suddenly, dark shadows covered the sunny morning sky. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled. The once calm waves began to shake. It was the biggest and most surprising thunderstorm of the year.

     "Look! Up in the sky!" Abby shouted. Both me and Kylen glanced up in the dark, shadowy air. Glowing yellow giant Neopets of all sorts were falling from the sky, closing in on us.

     "They're Thunderbeams," said Kylen. "On the worst storm of the year, the Thunderbeams come out of their secret home in the sky, plotting doom on the first living things they see."

     "Oh no?! Is that us???!!!" Abby worried.

     "Unfortunately, yes," said Kylen. "We have to travel at top speed before the Thunderbeams find us and bother us for life!"

     Abby and Kylen began to move, but it was hopeless. The boat's maximum speed was not high. A thunderbeam that looked like an Aisha was very near to the boat. When it got too close, it struck the boat and it was split in two. Kylen was on one side, and Abby and I were one the other. Kylen seemed to be paddling his half of the boat towards shore.

     "You two discover the island," said Kylen. "I'm heading back to shore." Kylen paddled out of sight. "Oh great. Now that we don't have an assigned guide with us, how are we going to discover the island?" said Abby. "Flopilda, you think of something."

     "I am completely brainless right now," I said. I could tell what Abby was thinking. I was brainless all the time. While we were thinking, another Thunderbeam approached us. This time he had a slight resemblance to Balthazar. He opened his immense jaws and swallowed everything on the boat except for us, and the boat as well. We were stuck floating in water. The lightning beam then pranced away.

     "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" I shouted. Although I was a Pfish, Abby couldn't swim, so she could never teach me how. Abby tried to swim. I tried to follow. After two more hours of awful doggy-paddling, Abby began to get tired. A few minutes after, I was tired too. Both of us fell asleep in the great sea.


Two weeks later...

We woke up on a strange beach. It did not resemble Mystery Island or the newly discovered island. Abby spotted some pirates in the distance. She knew that it must have been Krawk Island. A tall, male Pirate Krawk greeted us. "Welcome to Krawk Island," the Krawk said. "Me name is Bubblin' Barti, and y'er little mateys ar' gonna stay 'ere.

     "Uhh, hello," said Abby. "Exactly where am I staying?"

     "Well, right 'ere on this lil' beach!" exclaimed Bubblin' Barti. "This beach is me home, an' y'ers, too."

     "Um, Bubblin' Barti," said Abby, "we're not supposed to be here. We shipwrecked on a quest to discover a little island not far from this coast."

     "Oh, y'er mean that lil' place," said Bubblin' Barti. "Losta folks see that island every day, but nobody's been there. Contaminated place, it is. Been attacked by Gulwags n' Fishfoffs."

     "Gulwags? Fishfofs?" asked Abby. I had read about Fishfofs and Gulwags in a book, before Abby had adopted me. Gulwags were little miniature creatures that ate dirt. They have been known to destroy whole continents just by eating the dirt. Fishfofs were just like Gulwags, except they ate seaweed and coral. They have destroyed some of the most beautiful coral reefs in Neopia. There was one chapter in the book that I hadn't read: how to kill Fishfofs and Gulwags. I told Abby about what I had read.

     "Wow, Flopilda!" said Abby. "I didn't know how smart you were!"

     "Don't forget that I used to be owned by another person," I said.

     "AAAAAHHHHH!!!" screamed Abby.

     "What is it?" I asked.

     "The- the water- it's- it's m- m- moving!"

     I looked at the water. It was moving. A dark shadow seemed to be moving around under the water. Or was it two, or three, or four…What was going on under there?

To be continued...

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