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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Short Stories > The Mysterious Draik Plushie

The Mysterious Draik Plushie

by werechuv3

Untitled Document The day: 21st of Running in the Year 5.

The Time: 8:00 a.m. NST (Neopian Standard Time)

The place: The Marketplace

I was out in Neopia one day, looking in the toy shops. After saving up my Neopoints for quite some time, I decided to spoil them rotten!

     It was just the matter of thinking what to get them that bothered me. I had my two Draiks, Born_to_Be_a_Winner and AllThroughTheNight (TheFastestThingAlive was at home in her lair, for obvious reasons.), with me so they could help me think about what to get.

     "Well…" asked Born_to_Be_a_Winner.

     "What?" I replied.

     "Have you got any ideas on what to get yet?" she replied.

     "Not yet, but I'm still thinking," I told her in response to her question.

     "Well I hope you find a place soon, my stomachs really starting to growl," uttered AllThroughTheNight.

      Come to think of it, I was pretty hungry myself! We decided to put shopping off till we had something to eat. We decided to go to the food, slushie and chocolate shops to buy some food items for the three of us to eat. We had a breakfast of Faerie queen burritos, Bubble Gum slushies and chocolate Draik wings.

     "This stuff is delicious!" shouted Born_to_Be_a_Winner.

     I joked with her, "That's right, you just answered the 1,000,000 Neopoints question!!" We all burst into laughter.

     I had a good look around the shops. Some had good toys, but were ridiculously priced! Blue Chia Plushie: price 30,000 NP. Green Draik plushie 99,999 NP! Even Battledome items were expensive! Draik Armour was 40,000 NP and Elixirs were 44,000 NP each. The Prices were really getting on my nerves!

     I decided to have a quick look round the other shops taking a break for toy searching. Hey I had a lot of money, so I decided to buy some cool books. I bought a load of books on Draiks, Krawks, and Neopian myth. I also bought some other titles, such as a Book of Pain, Punchbag Bobs Biography, and Gelert Dental Care (for a friend!) I also bought a couple of neggs, including some Easter neggs, a floral and a mosaic Easter negg.

     After book shopping, we decided to stop for lunch, which I had jam packed with my favourite foods. Omelettes, jellies, slushies, chocolate and last but not least, Neocola. We had a right old chow down. Afterwards, we were completely stuffed, so we decided to have a little bit of a rest. We slept for an hour or two before we made tracks. I decided to go back to looking for what I originally, Toys!

     After much searching, I finally found a cheap toy shop.

     "This looks like a good place," I told them.

     "It looks rather ancient," AllThroughTheNight said, examining the place.

     "For once, I agree with her!" Born_to_Be_a_Winner replied.

     "Maybe so, but the toys look quite cheap in here," I told the both of them. That's when I saw it.

     "Hmmmm… What's this?" I pondered.

     It looked like a Draik plushie. It looked quite old, the fire colour was faded and the most of the toy was covered in dust. I turned to look at the Krawk shop keeper.

     "Excuse me, but how much is this toy?" I asked in a polite, yet curious voice.

     The shop keeper eyed the toy and then looked back at me. "This toy is extremely ancient; it hails from 18th century Neopia, so I would say something along the price range of 25,000 Neopoints."

     "That much?" I replied in shock. 25,000 NPs is a LOT of money to pay for an ancient relic, but it was cheaper than anything else I saw!

     "I tell you what. I will pay 10,000 NP, and will give you a floral Easter negg and a Book of Pain!"

     The shopkeeper thought about it for a moment, then gave me his answer, "I accept this offer."

     I looked at the shop keeper happily, and said thanks. I picked it up and put it in my bag. As I left the store, the store keeper stopped me and told me something regarding the plushie.

     "This plushie you just bought holds an ancient curse, the power of which will only be revealed in the darkest hour of the night. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!" I was really confused by what the shop keeper told me. It sounded a bit farfetched, no it sounded QUITE farfetched, but still rather confusing!

     "Err… Okay," I replied to him. With that I left the store with my 2 Draiks following behind me.

     After we left the shop, we decided to get something to eat, so we stopped at Grundos café in the VirtuPet Space station. I could tell my pets were hungry, as they both ordered great big meals. AllThroughTheNight ate hers slowly, whilst Born_to_Be_a_Winner wolfed hers down. I decided to order me a simple meal, a Sugar bunny surprise, a chocolate éclair, and an Iceberg sundae. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light coming out of the bag where the plushie was. When I went to pick it up, the glowing stopped.

     "What was that about?" I thought to myself. Was what the shopkeeper said true? Was it really cursed? I was thinking about it in my mind.

     "HEY! Are you going to eat your food?" shouted out Born_to_Be_a_Winner.

     "Yeah, I was just thinking about something," I responded.

     It had gotten really late; the time was midnight Neopian Standard Time.

     "Were you really sure about getting that dust-covered plushie?" asked Born_to_Be_a_Winner.

     "I don't know why myself, I just have got a really funny feeling about this toy," I replied, still thinking about what I saw in the café. Then, from out of the shadows, who else would turn up but the Pant Devil.

     "Oh great, Now what do you want?" I shouted out at him angrily.

     "I've had just about enough of you taking my items!"

     "Him and everyone else in Neopia!" blurted out AllThroughTheNight.

     "I'll tell you what I want; I want the item you're carrying in your bag!" the Pant Devil said, pointing at the bag Born_to_Be_a_Winner was carrying.

     "IN YOUR DREAMS!" I shouted out at him.

     "Fine!" he said. "If you won't give it to me nicely, I'll just have to take it from you by force!" And with that, he rushed towards Born_to_Be_a_Winner.

     "Not this time!" I yelled at him. I grabbed the bag from Born_to_Be_a_Winner, just as the Pant Devil was about to snatch it.

     "GIVE IT TO ME!!!" he yelled.

     "Here, you can have the bag!" And with that said, I took the Draik plushie out of the bag and hurled the empty bag at him.

     "THAT'S IT!! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!" the Pant Devil screamed out, He then started to charge at me.

     I clenched the plushie tight between my arms, and once again it started to glow with an eerie light.

     "It's glowing again? What now?" I said under my breath. The Pant Devil was still charging at me

     "YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" he cried out. The plushie glowed brighter and brighter, then the light encased my body in a bubble. My whole body felt weird, like silly putty, I couldn't feel anything. I started to undergo a strange transformation. My fingers lengthened and turned into claws, my upper jaw and nose fused together and pushed out in to a muzzle. My ears began to lengthen and fan out, two horns growing on the back of my head. My eyes turned from a blue color to a red color, and my round pupils became thin catlike slits. A tail was growing from the very base of my spine, a pair of wings sprouted from my back. My feet were replaced with dragon like claws, and my whole body became covered with fire coloured scales. It was then I figured out what the curse was. In the darkest hour, it would transform its owner into a Fire Draik. In this form I felt quite powerful, and didn't fear anything anymore, even with the Pant Devil charging at me.

     The Pant Devil stopped dead in his tracks. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

     "What's wrong? Seen a nasty monster? Or in this case, a Draik?" I stared meanly at the Pant Devil, my eyes fixated on him. My eyesight had increased greatly. He was just floating there, looking at me in complete horror. I then decided to get some payback on the Pant Devil. With a tremendous burst of speed, I rammed into the Pant Devil, sending him flying.

     "YEEAAARRRGGGGGHHHH!" he screamed as he disappeared into the night sky.

     AllThroughTheNight was staring at me. "What… what happened?" she asked me.

     I told her, "I'm not completely sure myself!"

     "You may not be sure," said Born_to_Be_a_Winner, "But I think the Pant Devil will think twice before he decides to steal from us again!"

     "Yeah!" I told her happily.

     And with that, the three of us flew off into the night sky.

The End

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