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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Short Stories > The Neo Frontier: Boo's First Adventure

The Neo Frontier: Boo's First Adventure

by evil__sakura

Untitled Document On the other side of Neopia is a land of boundless adventure. Neopians of all shape and sizes venture in this uncharted land in search of things their hearts desire. Some call it Neopia's "Wild West" But a lot of the folks that have been around it enough, have been known to call this vast wasteland the Neo frontier. Home to some of Neopia's most notorious outlaws and vigilantes, this world untouched by staff hands has very little protection, and few dare to venture it. But despite all the rumors the Neo frontier is really a world of greys. No one is ever purely evil or purely good. It is also a land of amazing adventures. Some belonging to the most weirdest buzz this side of Neopia!

     Boo's career as a bounty hunter didn't come as a desire to the buzz. He came here out of all things.. Lost!

     Boo looked at the clock's hands discourage, train number 5 wasn't going to come around until next morning. But then he remembered that he blew the last of his money on a candy bar he bought from a vending machine. He bit on it bitterly, it was making his mouth dry, and a water fountain was nowhere to be seen. But he was thankful that he bought the cloak and straw hat, they protected him from the hot sun that had even peered under the roofs... which were meant to provide shade. Boo also was thankful because before he had gotten his coverings people stared. The train station was starting to bore Boo so he decided to explore into the wilderness... This is how he got lost.

       He wandered through the desert dragging his arms across the terrain "Curse you curiosity!" he shouts. He had been going in the same direction all day and yet it seemed that he forgotten the way back to the train station.... somehow. He then decided that if he laid down flat on the desert floor he'd eventually catch some wanderer's eye. He went on his belly and waited, and waited... Then suddenly he heard a loud noise, he sat up to decipher the sound. "That sounds... sounds... sounds kind of like a heavy vehicle... Maybe a tank --" Wham!

     After hours of darkness began to hear voices. "Hey you okay partner?" He opened his eyes to see a red Kau wearing plaid shirt and nifty blue Derby hat. Suddenly the plushie buzz realized that he was missing his gear. He saw the dark brown cloak and hat hanging on a rack, and quickly got up to get them. But the Kau sat the plushie buzz down and sternly said, "Now a guy that has been ran over by a tank shouldn't be going around... moving!"

     Boo scoffed and cracked a cocky smirk. "I'm a plushie pet. I don't have anything important inside me, except of course you think cotton is really valuable!" They both laughed, but then the Kau stopped to really notice Boo.

    Now Boo wasn't exactly a plushie that was stitched together all that well. He appeared to be wearing a ghoulish grey mask tied on by a hangman's rope. But then after a minute or two the Kau realizes that this was Boo's actually face. The hollow right eye socket and the several stitch lines on Boo's face made the Kau cringed and he looks down at the buzz's body which seemed to be a more reddish orange. There were three buttons that went down Boo's stomach, The Kau pondered if this insect kept stuff in his belly. The rest of the body appeared to be in bad shape whomever put Boo together was probably very twisted or just plain bad at sewing. His wings were also messed up like they had been torn from right to left and stitch together terribly too. Also besides the cloak and hat a pair of blue jeans torn at the knees and ankles were Boo's only sort of clothing. The host took a few steps back realizing that Boo was glaring at him with his makeshift left eye, that was made of black cloth and had a red button for a pupil.

     Boo went for the rack again, and succeeded in getting his coverings, he had an ugly expression on his face. He went for the door, but the Kau stopped him.

     "Hey I'm sorry for staring at you like that," he said.

     Boo shrugged. "It's alright..." He steps outside and looks around. "Do you know where I can find a drink."

     The Kau points a hoof in front of himself, "There's a tavern right in front of us." The pair see a random Neopian being thrown out of the tavern's window. "Good, day" he says and scampers right back into the place.

     Boo went near the entrance and started to wonder if he really was that thirsty. Boo reluctantly took a few steps away from the barnhouse to the tavern. By judgement of the bar's outer shell the place was very unkempt and shabby. The keepers didn't seem to show any concern with maintenance as the janitor was just snoozing away work hours on a rocking chair on the front porch near the laced horses. Finally he decided, that he was indeed that thirsty, and went inside the tavern unconcerned of the potential risk. The Buzz pulled up his cloak's collar and recoiled his face into the shadows of his straw hat. This tavern was like any other bar from an old wild west movie, dimly-lit and full of noise. Boo hated these kind of places, everyone always has to stare at the first guy that opens the door... He then climbed into a seat and then realizes that maybe he should of took a seat near a table. All the Neopians sitting around the counter towered over Boo with either huge bulk or immense height. He gulps and raises up his index finger. "Um... Excuse me... Uh do you have any free drinks... like maybe water?" The bartender was a bulky blue Moehog wearing a tight white shirt, on the shirt was a tag with the Moehog's name. 'Morris' looked at Boo then shook his head.

     "Sorry bub, in the Neo frontier you gotta pay for all resources... Including water." Boo's eyes widen "I gotta pay for water in this place!?"

     Moments later, boo is running around in circles in the middle of the town yelling "I NEED to get out of here!!!" Suddenly he heard a familiar noise. "Hmm... This sounds familiar... Hmmmm... Oh! I kno--"

     Boo wakes up inside some barn on a stack of hay, a very familiar scene. He looks toward his side to see the Kau from earlier but this time the Bartender was with him. The Kau tipped down his derby hat and smiles. "My name is Ferris, and this is Morris...We're brothers."

     Boo greeted the brothers and rolled off his bed. "I didn't expect getting hit by a tank again..." he said while brushing himself off. Then both Morris and Ferris look at each other straining for contained laughter shown on their faces.

     Boo cocked his head to the side "...What?"

     Morris held up one finger. "Actually bub, the tank missed you by a mile... You got hit by the paper boy's bike... He nudged you, and then you proceeded to fall through a inconveniently placed manhole... Because someone had inconveniently placed a banana peel in your path..."

     The room is silent then Boo asked, "Okay... Then how did I lose consciousness?"

     Ferris shrugged. "You fell on you head." The two brothers proceed to burst into loud laughter. Boo growled under his breath, adjusting the jeans around his waist.

     But suddenly Boo felt curious and proceeded to ask, "Hey, What's with this tank?"

     The brother's stop laughing. Morris took a seat, and sat down. "That tank belongs to the Scumworth family... A group of rouge Skeiths that got a lucky break when a military officer had parked his tank outside a bank... And had forgotten that your only suppose to press that little button once..." Boo made the mental image in his mind and smirked.

     Than Ferris added, "Yup, and now those officials have a 10,000 NP reward for the capture of the family, and the return of the tank."

     Bells rang in Boo's unseen ears. "That money could help me get a ticket outta this place!" he thought cheerfully. But then the chimes of a cash register, and the chugging of a train leaving the Neo frontier, started being replaced by a sound too familiar to Boo.

     Morris and Ferris had already left the barn house, Ferris looked over his shoulder, his eyes widened, and he gasps "Oh no!" The Brothers look in disbelief as their barn house is demolished by the Scumworth's tank in only a few short seconds.

A few minutes later...

     "Awww, man our home is ruined!" Morris shouts pounding a random pile of rubble into the pavement, until his younger brother stopped him.

     "Morris wait! What about that plushie buzz? He was still in the barn when the Scumworth's ran it over."

     The Moehog's Mohawk became a little more spiky "Crud!!" He went over to rummage around in search of Boo. But the buzz had already revealed himself by getting up from the ruins that Morris was pounding earlier. He looked frustrated but just dusted himself off, and proceeded to walk toward the tank that had parked itself in front of a random bank, it's cannon sticking into the window.

     The tanks cannon pointed at the bank teller's head the poor Wocky had his hands reaching the sky. Boo could even hear the clattering of the his shaking knees. Boo unbuttons his stomach and started to reach inside, but then suddenly The tank's cannon pointed toward him, The buzz still had his hand in his stomach. Gulping, Boo secretly held onto the item he was keeping concealed in his plush body. Metaphorically the tank was a giant monster gazing at Boo, waiting for it's prey to make the first move. Boo could tell that they were getting impatient, so he threw his weapon at the tank... It was a grenade, in a fit of panic the tank fired, and the impacting blow hit the grenade before it made contact with the tank's armor. But this turned out to be bad move, as the explosion damaged the tank's cannon severely. Smoke spewed out of the tank and four Skeiths race out, five minutes before the whole tank explodes into a big ball of fire. The Scumworth family were then caught because the security guards had gotten back from their coffee breaks. Everyone was standing there in town staring at the scene with disbelief, especially Boo. Even though his facial expression didn't show it, Boo was the most shocked out of all of them. You know why? Because he had forgotten to pull the pin out, and if the Scumworths hadn't fired the cannon and defeated themselves he would of made himself looked the Fool.

Later that day...

     Boo was seating in front of Morris's and Ferris's new Barn house, enjoying the free water Morris the Moehog had given him. Suddenly a Chia in a police uniform on a brown horse, hands Boo a sack of what appeared to be his reward. Boo reached into the bag excitedly, but pulls out what looks to be a chain of paper K's stapled together. Ferris the Kau had just enter the scene, and snickered at Boo's reward. He trotted toward Boo and reached into the sack himself taking out an 100 NP dollar bill and a small note... He decided to read it out loud to Boo.

     Thank you for catching the Scumworth family, unfortunately though you shouldn't have destroyed the tank in the process. You know how much it costs to replace things like this!? 9,900 NP! Probably already notice that we used your reward money, but you should have hours of fun with the 100 NP and complimentary prize. Have fun with the 10 K or should I say 10 Ks! HAHAHAHAHAH signed by the Chief of the N.F.P(Neo frontier police) ~Chief Breakayorface~

     Ferris clutched the note in his hoof snickering, giving Boo a dopey smirk. Boo dangled the chain of paper K's and sighs, "I guess I'm stuck here in the 'Neo Frontier'..." He angrily looked at the Kau rolling on floor laughing his tail off.

     Tough luck, cowboy.

The End

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