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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 3 > New Series > Snow Way Out: Part One

Snow Way Out: Part One

by Duplica13

I was padding softly through my huge NeoHome. Although I could afford much more, torches filled the house as lighting, because I liked the effect. I looked into the rooms of my two pets, Moonshine132000 (Moonshine) and Starshimmer132000 (Starshimmer), to make sure they were sleeping. Reassured, I continued, my feet making almost no noise on the soft carpeting. At the end of the long hallway, I came to the only room in my house that revealed my true wealth. As a movie star, I had tons of NP, but this was the only room made of gold. All the rest were of simple brick. Sighing, I sat in one of the soft chairs, and settled in. Moving only my hand, I lit all the torches in the room. Looking at my hand, which had webbing between the fingers, I thought back to the day Iíd gotten webbed hands, Faerie wings, and the psychic powers I had now...


I was walking around Neopian central. My pets, Moonshine and Starshimmer, were a little ahead of me. They knew we were going to a little Theme Park Iíd found. As we passed the Rainbow Pool, I saw a boy, about my age, with a little blue Wocky. "Ooh, Duplica, letís watch him get painted. Can we, please?" asked Moonshine.

"I guess so." I answered, and we walked over. I was interested, because Iíd never actually seen a pet get painted. I leaned over the pool, hanging on to a tree by the side. The boy pulled out a potion. From where I was, I could just barely see that it was a Nimmo Morphing potion. I guessed that the boy wanted a Nimmo. He gave his Wocky the potion, and the Wocky drank some. Then, when the boyís back was turned, it poured the rest of the potion into the Pool and made a face.

Just then, the Wockyís fur and tail were sucked into its body, like spaghetti, and in only a few seconds, the blue Wocky was a green Nimmo. The boy turned back with a Faerie Paintbrush in his hand. He tossed it into the Pool, and the Nimmo jumped in, too. I leaned in to get a better view, and suddenly my hand slipped.

I fell into the pool. Gasping in shock, I found that instead of choking, I felt a weird electricity flow through me, until I felt like I would burst. My shoulders and fingers itched. Then, I shot toward the surface. Pulling myself out of the water, I noticed my fingers had become webbed. Moonshine and Starshimmer were staring at me. Craning my head, I looked behind me. On my shoulders, fluttering gently in the breeze, was a pair of translucent wings.

"I have wings?" I said breathlessly. Then, "I have WINGS!" I jumped up, and almost automatically, my wings fluttered, and then I was FLYING! "I can FLY! Woo-hoo!" Reaching down I grabbed Starshimmer, and Moonshine flew beside me.


Moving around a little, I found a more comfortable position. Moving things using only my mind was the final lesson that the old Nimmo master had taught me. It was the last mind-trick any Nimmo would have learned, and my psychic powers were equal to that of any Nimmo. This was because when I had gasped in the pool, I had accidentally drank some of the Nimmo Morphing potion the Wocky had dumped in.

"Lucky it was diluted by the water, otherwise I might be green!" I laughed softly to myself. I just couldnít figure out why I couldnít sleep. I felt uncomfortable, despite my squirming, for some reason. Suddenly, I realised it was the feelings of a pet. A pet I knew fairly well, judging by the strength of the feelings. I gave up on sleep. Instead, I thought about my powers. With my pets, and for some reason, LilDanish, Rykaniís red Kougra, I could nearly read minds. Often, when Ry and I were hanging out together, I would catch Moonshine or Daniís thoughts about some pet that was walking (or flying) by, and giggle.

In other pets, depending on how well I knew them, I could sense their feelings. Luckily, the Nimmo master had taught me how to control my powers, so I didnít sense all the pets that walked by. I could move things with my mind, and I sometimes had visions of the future.

I turned my thoughts to the movie I was working on. A famous director, Jess_director, had come to Neopian Central to choose a star for his new movie. Starshimmer had insisted I try out, so I did. After making it to the second round, I had been given 20,000 NP, and I had used half of it to buy a Yellow Acara Morphing Potion to turn back Starshimmer. Starshimmer had played with a Magical Red Meerca Plushie, and had turned into a Red Meerca.

In the second round, contestants had to show their ability to sing, recite and dance. I was given 5,000,000 NP, and if I did well in this movie, Iíd get a contract. Plus, even if I didnít get the contract, every time the movie was shown in a theater or rented, Iíd get 25,000 NP in royalties. I was thinking so hard I didnít even realise the feeling of fear had gone away. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

"Duplica, wake up! Iím HUNGRY!" I woke to Moonshine yelling and sunlight streaming through the windows. Flapping my wings a few times to loosen them up, I headed to the kitchen.

To be continued...

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