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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 3 > New Series > The Little People: Part One

The Little People: Part One

by liuliu

Neopia. Let's face it. It's one big place, crawling with big, scary NeoPets like the Grarrl and the Skeith. Chock-full of big quests, big adventures, big challenges. A long time ago, even the nicest, sweetest NeoPets could be big bullies to creatures as small as the Jubjub, the Quiggle, the Kiko or the Chia.

Jublet, Queegon, Klik and Chacha knew this well, as they were all, "little people". And they weren't proud of it. The four little friends were ashamed of themselves, hiding away from even the harmless Uni, who was currently lurking outside the cave. Of course, she wasn't there to terrorise them. She was too busy admiring her angelic face in the clear water of the spring.

Jublet was pacing back and forth, making a rhythmic tapping on the floor. He was humming while he pondered, and scratching his head.

"Jublet!" cried the tense Chacha, "Sit down. We have to think what to do about this situation."

Jublet jumped with surprise. He waddled over to the chair and sat down, and resumed his thinking. There was a pause and the friends were silent as they tried their hardest to think of a way to get their freedom. Queegon looked around the room and shuffled in his chair, getting bored.

"Oh, COME ON!" Queegon moaned loudly, "Hasn't anyone thought of ANYTHING yet?"

"I think I know what to do," exclaimed Jublet with excitement, "Everyone listen up now, I think you'll like it."

Chacha rolled her eyes and rested her head in her hands. "All right, Jublet. Go on, tell us," she sighed.

"Okay," began Jublet, "We're small, right?"

"Well, duh," sniffed Queegon.

"A-ha," Jublet said, smartly, "But watch - THIS!" With one graceful hop Jublet flew across the room, landing straight onto Queegon's back.

"Argh!" spluttered Queegon, "What was that for?"

"I'm taller when I'm on your back," explained Jublet proudly, climbing down from Queegon's back, "You try, Chacha."

Cautiously Chacha stood up. Jublet lifted her up and put her on the angry Queegon's back. Queegon shook around wildly, sending poor Chacha crashing to the floor.

After Chacha had recovered, Jublet explained further. He told them that if they all stood on each other's backs, they would be big enough to go outside with confidence. That they could get lots of food, play games, and buy all sorts of toys and clothes. Chacha and Queegon listened intently.

"Wow," gasped Queegon, "He has a good idea for once!"

"Um, thanks, Queegon," laughed Jublet, "So, shall we do it?"

"I for one think it's a great idea," chirped Chacha, "Let's vote."

"All in favour, raise your hand!" shouted Jublet. Three little hands shot up into the air. Everyone turned and looked at Klik, who was sitting in the corner in a cold sweat. Klik looked up.

"W-What?" stuttered Klik, shivering.

"What's wrong with you? Raise your hand," Queegon demanded.

"If you remember," Klik said, with a wobbly voice, "I have not been in water for three hours. I shall die."

"No you won't, idiot," Queegon replied, "Just go back into the water."

"I... I can't," Klik wailed, "There's a Uni outside. She will eat me!"

"Yeah right," Queegon said, "Who'd wanna eat you?"

"I'll have you know, a Skeith ate my mother's best friend's cousin's son's girlfriend's father's lawyer's aunt last week. It was a tragedy!" bawled Klik.

"Oh, Klik!" shouted Jublet, "You're paranoid. She can't get you in the water. Besides, if you stay in here you'll die anyway."

Klik considered this, raised his hand then scurried out the back door for a dip at long last.

"For the love of Neopia!"

"Stop complaining."

"Why am I at the bottom?"

"Oh, I shall die, I shall die!"

These were the cries as the four desperately struggled to put on the huge coat. They were each standing on another's shoulders, except Queegon, who had to support the whole stack of them. Eventually they managed to button it up, and they stood in front of the mirror.

"Lovely!" grinned Jublet, on the top of the tower.

"Wish I could SEE," complained Queegon.

Jublet breathed in deeply and instructed them to go forward. And so, Queegon reluctantly marched towards the door, banging Jublet's head on the door of the cave. Light shone onto the grass and the flowers. NeoPets were prancing around happily. The shops were bustling with people. It was a wonderful day!

"I'm so hot! I shall DIE!" repeated Klik as they advanced through the town. The plan was working incredibly. Nobody had even noticed them. Suddenly Jublet found himself being walked towards a rock.

"RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!" he screamed. The tower turned around at the last minute. A confused Kau looked up at Jublet suspiciously. "Um... Right - ey ho, time for some shopping!" he corrected himself. The Kau walked away and Jublet breathed a sigh of relief.

They had almost completed their first day out in months, and Queegon was exhausted. Finally they trooped towards the Pizzaroo for a nice dinner.

A pleasant Blumaroo appeared at the window. "What would you like, sir?" she smiled sweetly, grabbing a pen and paper.

"I'd like four large pizzas, please!" Jublet smiled casually back.

"Four pizzas?" said the curious Blumaroo, "Why all those?"

"Um.... Party tonight," Jublet responded nervously.

"Ah," said the Blumaroo, "What kind?"

"Hmm... two blueberry, one cheese, one pepperoni," Jublet decided.

"I'm allergic to cheese!" bellowed Klik.

"I'm vegetarian," Chacha frowned.

"Hurry up! I'm starving, carrying you lot around all day!" Queegon whined.

"Who... said that?" asked the Blumaroo, looking outside.

"Not me," answered Klik. The Blumaroo reached forward and, to Jublet's surprise, poked the coat!

"Eek! Get off me!" Chacha screamed.

"Oh, by the Healing Faerie," growled the Blumaroo, "You're Jubjubs!"

"We are NOT," Klik said angrily, emerging from the coat, "I am a Kiko!"

"Go away, you horrible little creatures!" screeched the Blumaroo. She picked up a bottle of blueberry topping and squeezed it long and hard, covering the poor friends in thick, blue sauce.

"Help!" Chacha howled.

"Let's get out of here!" Queegon shouted, hopping away from the town. The rest followed shaking off the blueberry in the wind.

"Great," panted Jublet as he ran, "I'll just have to think of another idea."

To be continued...

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