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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 3 > New Series > The Kontana Scroll II: Part One

The Kontana Scroll II: Part One

by kiwifruit487

"Usul usul usul, usul usul usul, usul usul usul," the words could be heard throughout the whole hidden village of Viemo. The village was filled with Usuls and no other species were ever seen inside. It was teamwork, hardworking, and friendship that brought the village of Viemo together into a strong community. Deep, strong magic was rooted in the village, but no one really knew the truth of it. The Viemo had more Usuls than any other communities and the Usul colours came more than just Christmas, Faerie, Skunk, Gold, Speckled, White, and the basic four colours, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. There was also Fire, Unicorn, Rainbow, Silver, Brown, and a very rare Usul colour which is named Usul. However, no one really knows what the colour 'Usul' looks like, and the ones who do aren't in the condition to tell us.

Our story however starts in Strannams, a community with many different species just north of Neopia. Here's a map of Strannams Central.

As you can see, Queen Kihalai's castle is out of range towards the south deep into the forest. The friendship hut is right by the Kontana Moutains.

The Viemo village may have been sunny, vibrant, and vivacious on that particular day, but for Strannams, it was a cold and rainy day. It had been a year since the last Kontana Scroll adventure. Many things occurred during that time. Last time, Vivarosa was buried inside the magic Firehole that belonged to a witch. Later, the Faerie Queen dropped by the Village and granted the wishes of the thousands citizens, and Vivarosa magically dug her way out. It was a joyous occasion, just like when the Strannams Village was saved from a terrible fate, but it didn't last long.

Back to the cold and rainy day. It's odd, but bad news was always spread during rainy days. There was a small rare argument going on inside the Friendship Hut.

"I called her, but she didn't answer," said Exlund worriedly, "and she wasn't at home or anywhere."

"Maybe Viva isn't interested in you anymore," suggested Sahe. This one suggestion lead to an uproar.

"How could you! You don't even know us!" yelled Exlund, "You are just a sick fool making assumptions!"

"I know you well enough that you are obnoxious and stupid, the opposite of a woman's dream!" yelled Sahe back.

"Guys, guys! Tone it down," stepped in Flamie_500, "there is absolutely no reason why you two should be yelling at each other. Now apologise, both of you."

"Flamie's right," said Chelses, "we can't just blame, fight, and insult each other when there's trouble brewing."

At this moment, there were two knocks and a scratch at the door, the password for entering the hut. TrailMixed opened the door and there stood Cadbury_Bunny, the messenger from the castle, with two honorable knights behind him, Kikugoku and Gotenks79. Kikugoku was holding over an umbrella over Cadbury_Bunny's head and they looked so ridiculous, TrailMixed rolled on the floor laughing. Everyone stared at TrailMixed and she quickly bottled her chuckles and stepped aside. Cadbury_Bunny took out his golden scroll and read, "Vivarosa, an honourable Faerie Lupe that sacrificed her life in the quest last year and brought back to life by the Faerie Queen, was kidnapped along with her brother _Noro_ during the last hour. Rumours say that her last seen position was by the inner sea port. Please report immediately of her sightings. Additionally, the Firehole where the witch burns her fires (as the legend says) as you all by now should be familiar with, has vanished into thin air from a report 10 minutes ago."

Flamie_500 frowned and said, "Another Kontana Scroll, Cadbury, is what we need. Listen, I have memorised all the legends and for this one, here goes:

Aye, as dangers roam the land
The answers lie in the sand
Wherever the firehole goes
Is wherever our kin made a pose
In the land northwest from here
The scroll says the answers near
If you at home leave your fear"

Yamakarasu gulped and said, "I don't envy the person looking for that scroll... and beats me if it's still in a whole piece."

"Vivarosa is our friend though," put in Gyka, "so one way or another, we should go."

Sahe poured two cups of coffee and turned to Exlund handing him a cup, "Hey, about earlier, I'm sorry."

Exlund nodded and said, "I'm sorry too. Still friends?"

"Yeah," said Sahe.

Yamakarasu shuddered, "As scary as fishy nibbles."

TrailMixed giggled and took out some fishy nibbles waving them in Yama's face, "Hehe, looky here! Yummy yummy!"

"I must leave to inform the others now," announced Cadbury, but as he noticed that no one was paying attention, he left.

Flamie_500 made everyone be quiet and then said, "How do you guys think we should obtain the lost scroll? I mean, it's definitely not going to just appear in our hands."

"It did mention a land northwest from here..." said Chelses slowly, "so which means..."

TrailMixed groaned, "Northwest?! That means crossing the Kontana Mountains!! That's impossible!!"

Gyka sat down on the floor and threw a coin into the air, then it landed on the floor spinning. Everyone stared at the coin and then as the coin started slowing down, it looked like it was just going to fall flat on the surface, but that moment never came. The coin continued spinning and then Gyka drew a Usul with a white chalk around the coin so that the coin would be right where the Usul's heart should be. About a minute had passed and the coin slowed down, but never stopped. The chalk-drawn usul suddenly glowed softly and the coin slowed down till it stopped. It didn't fall on it's face though. The coin stood still on the edge and everyone gasped with awe.

"Dat was de ancient Usul spell, Gykes," scowled TrailMixed frowning, "you weren't supposed to do it in front of other species, but Ah guess it did tell us de answer.

"Yeah it did," whispered Gyka in a strange voice, "it did."

Gyka and TrailMixed were speaking so low and strange that the others were getting very confused. "What?" asked Sahe, "what is the answer? And the answer to what?"

"Dis is totally impossible," whispered TrailMixed, "Viemo is real... 'tis real."

"The colour 'Usul'," said Gyka, "is real too then."

"Yup, an' Ah thought t'was all only a myth," said TrailMixed, "de answer is... de Parkitan Usul thieves."

"I think that rings a bell," said Yamakarasu, "my sister Omobolasire is a Usul and I think she mentioned it once before, about the infamous Parkitan Usul thieves you know. They live in some kind of hidden village that's full of Usuls only. Don't tell me you think that Viva and Noro were kidnapped by them. They are only some silly little stories."

"True stories, Yama, true stories," said TrailMixed, "and 'tis de Village of Viemo, a powerfully magical village where all de Usul ancestors came from, so you don't go 'round talkin' 'em like rubbish."

"Wait, let's slow this down," said Exlund, "are you meaning to say that there's a hidden village over the Kontana Mountains named Viemo and that some thieves came over and pillaged Vivarosa and Noro's home and also stealing them along with everything else?"

"Yeah," said Gyka, "Yes, that's what we are meaning to say. Don't you remember? Kontana crossed these mountains... he was an Usul... so to get to Viemo, we need to cross these mountains and somehow... find a way in. Into the Village of Viemo."

Queen Kihalai was pacing back and forth in the castle hall trying to think what to do when Cadbury_Bunny, Kikugoku, and Gotenks79 entered. She hurried forward with Stefang, her bodyguard and consultant, following closely behind her. Just as she was about to ask Cadbury something, Prince Kerusta, her husband, walked in, his face solemn.

"What is it?" asked Kihalai.

"Aye, trouble again," said Kerusta with a sigh, "all the Usuls in the land seems very rebellious."

"Oh?" Kihalai raised an eyebrow frowning, "And why would that be?"

Kerusta shook his head, "I don't know the details, but next to the village town hall, there are about two hundred Usuls yelling about something for us to stop." He shrugged, "I have no idea."

"And Cadbury?" Kihalai turned to Cadbury_Bunny.

"Ah yes, well, my sister PrincessCharsi might have mentioned it," lied Cadbury_Bunny for he didn't want to share the Usul secrets and though he didn't know that much about it, he knew his sister wouldn't want to tell any of it anyway, "but I really do not know exactly what is going on. However, I came back to inform you that I have delivered the message in the scroll to everyone."

"Good good," nodded Kihalai, "now let's see, I remember the legend, about the Kontana Scroll. Those scrolls are very useful, giving every answers and secrets to just about everything. Now, the legend says that the scroll is shattered in the land northwest of us."

"Yes, ma'am," said Kikugoku stepping in, "but the point is, that's no such thing."

"Why do you suggest that, Kiku?" questioned Kihalai.

"There is no land over those mountains," said Kikugoku, "it would be wasting our time if we went across those mountains and find nothing but sand."

"Of course there is such thing," said Gotenks79 quickly, "I may not have been born a Usul, but now that I am, I ought to know something about our legends and myth and most importantly, facts. There is a land over the mountains, Queen, and if not, where did you think Kontana himself came from before he crossed the moutains?"

"Hmmm, they both have a point," stepped in Stefang, "you see, what I think is, that they are both telling the truth, but they both don't know the whole truth."

Kihalai snapped her fingers for a servant to bring her a table, parchment, and a pen, then turned to Stefang, "Please write down the instructions which you think ought to be followed by our soldiers. I will look over it and decide if it's appropriate."

Stefang took the pen and started writing. He wrote in a neat ancient script and when he finished, he rolled it up and handed it to Kihalai, "Overall what I have written is for an army of our NeoPets, 3 generals, 100 knights, and 1000 soldiers, to cross the mountains and find the scroll. Proceeding that, they will search for the pieces of the Kontana Scroll. Then what will happen is, the answers should tell them what will happen, and from that, I am guessing that the Firehole will be returned as well as Vivarosa and Noro. The secrets of the Usuls should be well revealed I reckon, and not only will our kingdom gain knowledge and our pets back, we will gain strength."

"Excellent," smiled Kihalai and then turned to Kikugoku and Gotenks79, "some of our generals are very old now and therefore, I am promoting you two to generals. The general who will lead everyone and you two will be Pozialle. I think you will find him in excellent health vacationing in the Mystery Island. I'm sure he will be very willing to come for a community emergency. As for Kerusta, m'love, would you have someone quiet down those Usuls by the town hall? Thank you. Cadbury, you know what your job is, go for Pozialle right away."

Cadbury_Bunny bowed his way out and as he headed for the Mystery Island, he muttered to himself, "I do hope the friendship hut pets will find the scroll first... these royal idiots will set the hidden village to fire!"

To be continued...

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