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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 83 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Seven

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Seven

by too_kule

Untitled Document Zeedil paddled the boat across the murky green water. It was very disgusting. Each of them really wanted to take a drink, but of course it would have caused their demise. It felt like forever, but the Haunted Woods slowly came into view. Some black Hopsos and black Mortogs saw the boat coming so they all gathered.

     "What are we going to do?" questioned Millyum. They didn't have many options.

     "Chakeebo, can you freeze time when we get on shore?" asked Deracko. Chakeebo nodded. They were getting closer, but suddenly a Hopso leaped into the boat.


     The Hopso froze with its teeth bared just a few inches from Methalius. Methalius looked very scared.

     "Everyone, grab onto me. I'll reverse time. This isn't going to work," said Millyum. Everyone grabbed onto her.

     "Rewind ninety seconds!"

     The boat and everyone in it were floating in darkness. They were in another dimension. Seconds passed and finally they were back floating up to the shore.

     "Attack them!" cried Yoigo. Yoigo sent energy beams from his Gelert Wand at the Petpets. Chakeebo used his Rainbow Gun and Deracko used his Tuskaninny Blast technique. This managed to keep the Petpets at bay. The boat got close to the shore and everyone jumped out except for Zeedil.

     "Bye now! I'm going to go back to Meridell," he said. Suddenly some black Hopsos jumped in the boat. Zeedil flew out. They started chewing on the boat! It sprung a leak and started sinking.

     "Yoigo, you can still save it," said Bortyk. Yoigo got his ring ready.


     He pointed his jade ring at the sinking boat. The beam was activated but it was too late. It hit the water just as the boat sunk beneath.

     "Now how will I get back? It's too far to fly!" said Zeedil.

     "Well, why don't you come along with us on our adventure?" asked Deracko.

     "What adventure?" asked Zeedil. Everyone laughed. The entire time they had known Zeedil, they hadn't even told him about what they were doing.

     "I think we'd better fill you in," said Millyum.


Kyohara and Kolicto traveled across the Lost Desert on the backs of Mojo and Jojo the Krawkadons. It was slow, but good. For instance, several black Mortogs and black Hopsos had tried to attack them but the Krawkadons scared them away. When a cloud of purple smoke came close the Krawkadons steered clear. Some black Zumagorn who weren't scared that easy swooped down but Mojo and Jojo were able to ran away from them.

     "Hey, it's the Haunted Woods!" cried Kyohara as some trees came into view.

     "Yes. So you said your friends will be waiting or you on the other side?" questioned Kolicto. Kyohara gulped. The truth was, none of them were actually her friends. Most were her enemy, and a couple of them acquaintances. They probably forgot about her and moved on to the south.

     "Yes... they'll be waiting for me," she lied. She knew that they weren't, but she just couldn't tell Kolicto. He would probably leave her there on the ground. The Krawkadon walked into the Haunted Woods. They traveled through for five minutes and then it immediately got freaky. Every shadow a tree cast looked like someone trying to attack them. The trees were so think absolutely no purple gas was able to get through. The black Petpets weren't in the forest so that meant there was something in the forest more frightening than them. A tall figure came into sight. It was the Brain Tree!

     "The Brain Tree... we'd be wise to steer clear," said Kolicto. Kyohara disagreed and hopped off of Jojo's back. She ran up to the tree to ask it something.

     "Brain Tree, right? You're supposed to know everything. Do you know if my friends are close by?" questioned Kyohara. The Brain Tree looked positively livid. It looked down upon Kyohara.

     "You are a mere mortal, you cannot comprehend the way my mind works. I do not have psychic powers in which I can see into the future," boomed the tree.

     "I'm not asking you to look into the future, I mean the present. Are my friends in this forest or what?" asked Kyohara. She was really good at getting under others skin... or in this case the bark.

     "I do not know that! I do not know every little fact! I only know they things worth knowing... AND DID YOU JUST CONTRADICT ME!?!" roared the Brain Tree. It swiped its branch at Kyohara. She rolled out of the way. She got back on Jojo and they started running away. Kolicto burst out laughing.

     "That was hilarious! I've never seen anybody go against the Brain Tree with that much confidence. That was great," said Kolicto after he stopped laughing. They continued through the forest until they saw some other Neopets. It was everyone else! They were still here!

     "Kyohara!" exclaimed Millyum. Everyone else's faces lit up and they ran over to see her.

     "We were afraid we'd lost you," said Tasuara.

     "You waited for me! Thanks!" cried Kyohara.

     "Um... not exactly. Long story short, we went to Meridell and Chakeebo got attacked. Oh yeah, meet Zeedil!" said Junior G.

     "Hi..." he said.

     "Hi, and this is Kolicto. I sort of passed out and he saved me," Kyohara said pushing Kolicto forward.

     "I see you do not need me anymore. Good bye Kyohara and good luck on your adventures... whatever they are!" said Kolicto as he rode off on the back of Mojo with Jojo bringing up the rear.

     "We were just telling Zeedil about the Rings of Time and stuff like that. He's going to come with us on our quest to the hidden castle in the south," said Deracko.

     "Woah! We've gone on so many detours, I've actually forgotten that we're going to the castle!" exclaimed Chakeebo.

     "We are and we have to hurry. The Haunted Woods is safe from the plagues but the rest of Neopia is still in trouble," said Yoigo. The continued down the path until they came back to where the Brain Tree was.

     "Maybe we'd better go around," said Kyohara.

     "Why would we want to do that?" asked Methalius.

     "Um... let's just go around," she said. They went behind the Brain Tree and continued.

     "We'd better get back on the path. It's just not safe," safe Yoigo. Everyone else agreed. They hurried down the path unaware something was watching them.

     "AHHH!" yelled Deracko as something pulled him into the bushes.

     "WOAH!" yelled Yoigo as he suffered the same fate.

     "NO!" screamed Millyum as she struggled against whatever was pulling her into the bushes.

     "AHHH!" yelled Chakeebo as he was also pulled in.

     "HELP!" screamed Tasuara as she got pulled in too.

     "WOAH!" yelled Bortyk as he was pulled in.

     Methalius, Kyohara, Junior G and Zeedil all stood there awe-struck. They couldn't go on without the Time Twisters... but they couldn't go inside the bushes. What could they do?

To be continued...

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