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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 83 > Continuing Series > Deep Six: Part Two

Deep Six: Part Two

by brains03

Untitled Document Shadow stopped on a small island and watched Akala play around for a bit. She picked a few fruits and had lunch with the small petpet. After lunch, the pair dozed off quietly.

     The black Shoyru awoke to a frightened crying. Akala had woken up and played in the waves until two big white gulls had decided on soothing their savage appetites with the Doglefox. Shadow, however, was not too happy with this arrangement and quickly grabbed Akala from the first gull's talons with her grappling hook.

     "They should pick on someone there own size. But since I'm the biggest around here, they'll have to deal with me," quipped Shadow bravely.

     The truth was, the gulls towered twice Shadow's size. But with Akala giving her confidence with his excited barks, she tackled both gulls and flung them into the ocean with her grappling hook.

     "That's a lesson for you little guy," Shadow told Akala, who was dancing around Shadow continuously, "Always try non-lethal force."

     And with that, Shadow carried her new friend to Meridell.

     King Skarl had forgotten to take out the earplugs he wore at night so he couldn't hear the destruction of his kingdom. Shadow giggled as Skarl stared at a painting while several people tugged at his mammoth robes. He suddenly realized he was needed and boomed out "What? WHAT?" knocking over several servants as he turned. A few more servants thought that Skarl was confused with the painting, and rushed over to explain- If that would be possible with all the crazy jokes everyone wanted to tell him.

     Shadow strode through the majestic marble halls of Meridell castle and watched as people gambled with the treasurer and played Meristones. She stepped into the library and gasped. The gigantic mahogany shelves seemed more like walls. Shadow walked to librarian's desk with Akala, who seemed to realize he needed to be quiet, to ask for help.

     Several hours and piles of books later, Shadowflame had still not found anything. Her Doglefox tugged at her foot urgently.

     "What is it boy? Need the bathroom?"

     Akala shook his head. "Bark!" He motioned to look to the left. There was Spectre. Shadow knew by his blue skin and anchor tattoo. Spectre suddenly turned and slid out of the library.

     "What was he doing here?" Shadow asked Akala, intrigued.

     "Woof!" barked Akala. In his mouth was a note. Shadow became very worried.


     If you want to stay alive then flee the library and stay away from Maraqua.

     Something is going to go down there tonight. Any more sleuthing will just get you hurt. I couldn't bear to lose such an opponent at cheat.

     "Could it be- Spectre likes explosions... A BOMB!" exclaimed Shadow.

     Akala and Shadow began running through the library searching for the bomb.

     "Arf! Arf!" barked Akala loudly.

     Shadow flew high over the monstrous shelves until she saw Akala. She landed by her Doglefox, who was attacking a book.

     "It's just a book! Calm down!"

     Akala got a hold and pulled out a book riddled with green lights. Shadow didn't think, just acted. She smashed the bomb with her Shoyru Sword.

     "What's the-" The librarian's Scorchio peeked around a shelf and spotted the bomb. "Ooh..."

     The librarian never forgave Shadow for the book cart her Scorchio wrecked in her fall.

     Ocean winds brushed Shadow's face as she flew towards Maraqua. She slid across the night sky and over the whirlpool of Maraqua.

     "I never should of brought you along," she told Akala, who was strapped to her belt.

     "Woof!" answered Akala.

     As Shadow flew into the whirlpool, which seemed to reach the bottom, it became evident that massive amounts of construction had been done. It was distorted, but there. Shadow hovered over the vortex's end and took a deep breath.

     "Take a breath boy," she warned Akala.

     And then she plunged.

     The water was cold and dark in the night, but the lights on the huge complex that sat by Maraqua illuminated everything. Shadowflame swam for a submarine docked at an airlock and found the sub and airlock were securely sealed. Her air was running out. Akala gurgled and hung limp. A determined resolve struck Shadow. She pulled out her sword and lashed out through the water and cracked the seal. She struck again. For Akala! For herself! For Neopia! The seal broke. Water gushed in and sucked the Shoyru and Doglefox into the airlock. Air flooded the pair's lungs and new life flowed through them.

     "Wow..." she gasped, looking out the porthole, "Wow..."

     "Woof!" sniffed Akala.

     Outside, there was a giant missile gantry with a rocket-like structure on it. The gantry was tilted at an angle and all sorts of plastic tubes wandered in an out of it. It looked as though the rocket had a lightning rod stuck of the tip.

     "It's a ray gun!" exclaimed a very overwhelmed Shadow, "What's it aimed at?"

     "Woof! Bark! Bark!" Akala panted from Shadow's belt.

     "The Space Station!" Realization crept across Shadow's face. "They're going to blast the station!"

     Shadowflame hit a button and strode out of the airlock right into a Grarrl guard.

     "Oof... HEY!" shouted the guard.

     Shadow dispatched him quickly with her Ultra Bubble Beam and unhooked Akala from the belt around his middle that kept him attached to her belt. He dropped to the floor and shot off down the hallway, which looked strangely like a starship hallway with big Plexiglas windows. Shadow flew off behind him, picking off amazed guards as she passed.

     There was a large room beside the gantry and within it sat all the equipment and people to run it. Above this in the middle of the room was a sort of skybox in which Spectre sat with Commander Garoo, a Grundo Commander, and Jhudora the dark Faerie proposing a toast.

     "To the fall of the Space Station!" grated the blue Jetsam in his rough voice.

     "To the fall of Sloth's mistake!" agreed Garoo.

     "I can't believe what that fool Balantorea told you Garoo!" exclaimed Jhudora after toasting, "I never guessed that technology could do so much! And all it took was my magic!"

     "I thought Pteri's were stupid!" Spectre said thoughtfully.

     There was a sudden crash as Shadow flew through the glass viewing window and bounced off the wall into Jhudora who flew into the melee Akala was creating amongst the Meerca technicians.

     In the main room, there was a large window from which to view the gantry and the gun. It was into this window that Shadow sent Spectre.

     "Traitor!" she screamed.

     Garoo had pulled out a ray gun and stepped beside the Grundo Commander, who had aimed his flame scorched gun at Shadow. Shadow, however, was not in a good mood. She called upon the Fireball ability and pasted the Grundo against the wall before using her grappling hook to throw Garoo on top of Jhudora and Spectre. The three ran out of the room and disappeared.

     Akala, meanwhile, had pinned all the technicians against a wall. One of them had a control pad which could move the gantry to aim elsewhere. The gantry rumbled to face the complex. Shadow had been watching this, though, and used her Shoyru grappling hook to grab the remote. Then the Shoyru and Doglefox ran to the airlock and escaped through the whirl pool, where Shadow pushed the fire button.

     Shadow walked into the Haunted Woods bar. Immediately everyone left except a spotted Kacheek and a blue Blumaroo.

     Albert smiled. "We wondered when you'd show up!"

     "It worked!" shouted Shadow happily, "You two are normal!"

     "Yeah," said the Blumaroo, "Thanks!"

     "No problem-"

     "Fetch. I didn't have a name, so call me Fetch."

     "No problem at all, Fetch," Shadow replied, "You know, I heard a new player's looking for some pets..."

     Shadow sat with her audience enthralled. Her owner, Albert, and Fetch, listened to her every word.

     "Um... Why did Spectre and Jhudora go with the plan? And why did Garoo want to blast the Space Station?" asked Fetch quietly.

     "Spectre was in it for the money, and Jhudora hates everything good. Especially when it has to do with other faeries, like the Space Faerie. Garoo just wanted to curry favor when Sloth returned," answered Shadow.

     "What did Balantorea have to do with this?" inquired Albert suddenly.

     "He knew how to transfer Faerie magic to energy. Garoo also needed a Faerie so Spectre's smuggled technology and Balantorea's information, which the Grundo Commander and Garoo had tortured out of him just before the fire, would work. Since only Jhudora would do it, he asked her. And to cut this question off at the pass, Garoo meant that everything the Space Station is, is what it wasn't supposed to be. He meant it was Sloth's mistake to have anything to do with it," replied Shadow.

     "Oh..." murmured Albert.

     "Why did you call Spectre a traitor?" Fetch questioned wonderingly.

     "I thought he was a friend," Shadow told Fetch.

     "Well, at least it ended happily!" noted Shadow's owner, "And it made sense. Any more questions?"

     Akala suddenly jumped on Shadow and made everyone laugh away their questions as Shadow tried to wrestle him off.

The End

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