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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 83 > Continuing Series > The Mercenary Lawyer: Part Two

The Mercenary Lawyer: Part Two

by moonsunangel

Untitled Document I came out after awhile, my face expressionless. I took out the empty bottles- at least, previously empty. One contained a necklace of some sort, another held two slips of paper, and a black gem sat inside the last. Diva immediately recognized the necklace, and said as much.

     "Oh, that's my poor Diva's necklace I gave him!"

     I thought this over and sat down next to her on the bench. Opening the bottle and taking out the necklace, I let Diva examine the necklace carefully. As I expected, she gave a cry after a minute.

     "This isn't Diva's necklace! It's a fake imitation!"

     "I thought as much, Miss Diva."

     I carefully bottled the copy necklace again. I had not sensed the feeling that I had whenever I picked up silver, and the necklace did not reek of Chia as it should have if it was truly Diva's. Then I took out a paper slip. Diva's eyes widened.

     "Oh, what does it say??"

     I reread the slip silently to myself, and then just as silently showed it to Diva. Her eyes got even bigger.

     "erusaert ,rednu sehcni net ,enirhS eht ta renorc tfel"

     "What is that supposed to mean?" Diva exclaimed unhappily.

     "It means our thief is partly clever, but is a bit lazy at finding a hard code," I answered. "It reads, 'left corner at the Shrine, ten inches under, treasure'."


     "Next stop- Coltzan's Shrine."

     We got to the Shrine with no trouble, and I led Diva on a path that avoided the main stalls. The left corner of the Shrine was shaded and cool, and I felt right at home.

     The note said ten inches under, so I dug hard and fast. I covered roughly ten inches when my paw struck something slightly hard. I pulled out a chest made of strange, dark, glossy wood, with a strong padlock on the front. I took out my lock-picking kit, but that didn't work; the lock was ancient and of better design than the modern locks. I thought hard for a minute about what had happened so far:

     1. Uni's Clothing was closed and guarded, something was fishy.

     2. Found imitation of Diva's necklace and two slips of paper.

     3. Had a chest that was said to contain treasure, which could be anything.

     I snapped to the present.

     "Diva, may I take this home with me? I think I can get it open with the right tools. I'll call you when I get it open."

     Diva agreed and walked off. I glanced around and melted into the shadows. With its help, I got back to the Central fast, and walked to my home in a trance-like state. Though Diva had forgotten about the second slip of paper, I had not. It read:

     'X3, Be careful. Neopia has its snoops. You know what to do with It and Him.


     I studied this as I got to my room. Skye had noticed my current state and knew that if I bumped into somebody or somebody interrupted me, I'd have a temper, so she got Chiva and Kashee out of my way. I was grateful, in a corner of my mind. I set the chest down on my bed, along with the bottles. My Elements would help me. I closed my eyes. My Elements were Air and DarkFire. Elements are the powers within you. If you are especially magical, those powers can be controlled and used. I called upon my DarkFire Element, and gave it a challenging task, which it leapt to willingly. DarkFire is the most powerful known Element of all, and it loves to be challenged. I took a deep breath, controlled the power it gave, and directed it to the chest, which promptly burst into flame- purple flame. The flame died in an instant, and I rested. It had taken a lot of power to do that; though DarkFire regenerated quickly, I had to have a certain amount of DarkFire in me to be healthy and normal. When I looked up, the chest padlock had partially melted. It had been a bit sloppy, but had worked- the padlock was open.

      unlatched the lock and swung back the chest lid. Inside, sat something so precious, so rare, that I could only stare.

     An Aisha Myriad.

     I had heard of these, through legends and myths. You see, some Alien Aishas searched for the Hidden Tower. Upon finding it, they were confronted by the Faerie Queen, who allowed them a tour of the Tower. She showed the Captain each artifact, and its origin and powers. The Captain, however, had a "tiny, automated micro photo scanner", which would not only show the picture, but the materials it was made of and the inner blueprint. The Aishas, upon reconstructing the items, decided it was a great burden to carry all of those things around, and someone had the idea of combining all the items into one- an Aisha Myriad. The Faerie Queen got revenge and stripped the Aishas of their Myriads, and few are circulating Neopia.

     I closed the chest, stunned. I had to hide this quickly, and somewhere safe. I melted into the shadows. Returning to my room without the chest, I promptly put my head in my paws. What was I going to tell Diva? Humans often could not control their natural greedy instincts. Making up a lie was going to be hard... or I could say that I couldn't tell her. I think, I hope, she will be cool with that. I got onto the communicator, but Diva had gone off for the night.

     I lay down flat on my back on my bed, suddenly weary. This case was more sinister than I'd thought- Uni's Clothing was too heavily guarded and closed, a fake imitation of my client's necklace, and an Aisha Myriad that a slip of paper had led me to. I had to put the Myriad out of my mind, at least for now. I padded down the stairs and out the door without a word to Skye. She'd understand.

To be continued…

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