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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 83 > New Series > The WereLupe Files Case 2: The Disappearing Faeries Part One

The WereLupe Files Case 2: The Disappearing Faeries Part One

by neojolteon2

Untitled Document It first started in the Neopian News.

     “For the past few weeks, there has been a decline in the Faerie population. No one knows who is responsible but the Neopian Police Force will find the culprit soon.”

     That was the main news story as I sat in my shop waiting for it to close. I was getting the hang of being a WereLupe and transforming when ever I wanted to and keeping the instincts at bay. Of course, getting angry sometimes made it difficult. But Maylas was keeping at it looking for a cure. Although he spent a good amount of money and went with the trend of being painted starry.

     But the trouble didn’t start until I received an unexpected shipment. It was a single box being carried by a Scorchio and dropped it off. I signed the papers.

     “What is it? I was expecting a shipment until the end of the week,” I asked him.

     “I don’t know why. Must have been late getting it to you last week,” the Scorchio said and left.

     I took the box inside and opened it. I couldn’t believe what I found. A bottled Fire Faerie. My mouth dropped open. With the disappearances going on, the bottled Faeries were unbuyables. I immediately placed it on the top shelf behind my counter to show off and take the best price for it.

     After selling some Lupe plushies, a Lupe battle claw, and a few packs of cards, it was time to close up. I had a few low offers for the Faerie but nothing good enough. I turned off the lights and left my shop after locking the door. I walked home.

     It wasn’t until I opened the door to my house then Maylas jumped on top of me.

     “Guess what?” he said happily.

     I groaned from the pounce.

     “You’ve decided to lose weight?” I said sarcastically. Maylas looked hurt.

     “No. But its about the Faeries. They’re offering a reward to anyone who has any info on the location of the Faeries or of who is stealing them,” he said.

     “So now its someone stealing them?” I said.

     “It has to be Colbolt. Faeries don’t disappear on the own. And I found something in a book.” He got off of me and went inside. I followed.

     Maylas grabbed a book from the book shelf and began to flip through it. Once he came to the page he was looking for, he held it up to me.

     “See? Read this.” He pointed to one paragraph.

     “It is said that when enough Faeries of all kind are gathered together, they will grant one wish to whoever has them all,” I read. “So?”

     “So? So! Who would be greedy enough to capture all those Faeries?” Maylas said. One name popped into my mind.

     “Balthazar,” I said.

     “Exactly. And, here’s my plan. We stop Balthazar, turn him in, and then use the Faeries’ power to change you back into a normal Lupe!” Maylas said excitedly.

     “There’s only one problem to that,” I said.

     “What?” Maylas asked.

     “No one has seen Balthazar for years! Ever since the Faerie Queen banished him to the Haunted Woods, no one has ever seen him or heard from him!” I said aloud.

     Maylas rubbed his ear. “Geesh, next time try your quiet voice,” he said sarcastically. I sighed and went to watch some TV.

     “So what?” Maylas popped over my shoulder and said.

     “Nothing Maylas,” I growled trying to concentrate on the television.

     “So you want to be a WereLupe?” he asked knowing the real answer.

     “No! Of course not!” I said back angrily.

     “Okay, Okay! Geesh, I thought this would be the best plan to turn you back into a regular Lupe.” He said hurt.

     “Maylas, Balthazar is one of the most strongest Lupes known even without abilities. We would stand no chance against him if we found him and tried to bring him in.” I explained.

     “Well, that’s when you transform into a WereLupe and then beat him up,” Maylas said already having this pictured out. I sighed and went back to watching TV. But what Maylas said was true, I could become a regular Lupe again. I couldn’t concentrate on the program but thought of a way to become normal.

* * *

I was walking down the street to my shop when I saw smoke rising in the sky. I ran as quickly as I could and saw smoldering ashes of where my shop use to be. The fire company was there making their last round . I stared at the burned building with my mouth opened.

     “Excuse me sir?” A green Zafara waved his hand in front of me but I was still in shock.

     “Sir?” He shook me shaking me out off my shock.

     “What happened to my shop!” I asked furiously. The Zafara jumped back.

     “Well, there was a report of a fire on this street. The cause is unknown. All that remains are a few Battledome items but everything else perished. We are thinking it was caused by a disconnected wire,” the Zafara said.

     “Now, could I get your name to give to the report?” he asked.

     “Colbolt,” I said depressed. I had no way of making money now. I was out of a job. And I didn’t have the NP to start another business.

     “Where can I find the remains?” I asked finally.

     “That Aisha over there has them,” the Zafara said while writing down on a piece of paper.

     I walked over to the Aisha and explained I was the owner of the building and for my stuff. The Aisha handed me a Lupe battle claw, two pale elixirs, and one of my iron Lupe swords.

     “Excuse me, but didn’t you find a Faerie?” I asked her.

     “No Faerie was found in the wreckage sir. They are extremely rare now. Are you sure you had one?” the Aisha replied.

     Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe this was a disconnected wire incident...

To be continued...

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