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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 83 > New Series > The Legend of Bunny Ketsosu: Part One

The Legend of Bunny Ketsosu: Part One

by tronbonne1718

Untitled Document

Prologue: The land of Neopia has evolved. Long ago there were two Zafara tribes. One believed that Light Faeries were always right and that everything should go the way it unravels, that no-one should do anything to try to change the future. Then there was a clan that believed that Light Faeries were selfish and only did things for themselves, and this clan followed the ways of the Dark Faeries, not caring on whether they made mistakes or not. The Light Faerie Tribe despised the Dark Faerie Tribe, and they were constantly at war. Since then, out of all the Zafara Tribes, only the Light Faerie Tribe survived, and they remain hidden in an uncharted forest. To this day, no-one knew about the Light Faerie Zafaras. Until now. This is Bunny's story.


Hundreds of eyes glanced around the room. There were dozens of Zafaras in the room, all colored brightly, with not a single splotch of dark color in them. There were the average Faerie Zafaras, chatting back in forth on what color it would be. There were the higher class gold Zafaras, talking about how the family was poor and probably couldn't afford a good education. There were the hardworking silver Zafaras, wondering about what it's personality might be. And all eyes were focused on one, single, solitary object. In the middle of the small, overcrowded room, sat an ordinary table made from ordinary wood. And sitting on that ordinary table made from ordinary word sat an extraordinary egg.

     The egg was flawless. It was perfectly white. It was shiny. It was clean. It was everything the Light Faerie Clan expected in an egg. And the egg wasn't from normal folk. The egg was to be the child of the greatest warrior the Light Faerie Clan ever known. The warrior came from a family tree of royalty. His grandfather was an ex-king. His great-grandfather was a general in the military, and so on. His wife was the nurse for the entire village. And the entire village was there today to witness the hatching of the flawless egg.

     "It has to be gold. Only then will it be a flawless child," said one snobby gold Zafara to another.

     "No! It will be Faerie. Then it will be able to fully enjoy life!" said a fat Faerie Zafara.

     "Naw, I was a'thinkin' it'd be tha silvery-type... then it kin be a hard worker, like me!" said a sweaty silver Zafara.

     Finally, after hours of waiting, came the moment of truth. Slowly the egg cracked. The right side kept getting weaker and weaker as tiny claws punched out pieces of the shell. Everyone watched closely, not a thing moving except the egg. It's parents stood there watching as well. It's father, Taroon, stood there tall and proud of the egg. It's parents was hoping it'd be a healthy baby. And then, one side of the egg broke apart. A tiny arm was stretched out and tried to break apart the rest of the side. Mouths dropped. Eyes widened. Ears drooped. Everyone gasped in union at the arm. It wasn't gold, silver, white or lavender and blue. Instead-

     "It's... it's... VIOLET!!" one of the higher classed Gold's screamed. In the older days, a dark color like violet stood for evil in the Light Faerie Clan. But in the Dark Faerie Clan, it was a sign of healthiness. Having no luck breaking the rest of the side apart, the arm withdrew into the egg and the cracking continued.

     "M-Maybe it was just an illusion! You know, like when you stare at one color so long and then it disappears and you see a different color? That must be it!" a brainy Faerie Zafara concluded.

     Glares flashed around the room at the family. Taroon's proud grin was reduced to a stern frown, wondering what had happened. They watched even closer as the top cracked. Finally the top popped loose, and then there was silence.

     "...What's wrong?" the baby's white colored mom asked in a cheery voice to try to lure the baby out of the egg. Then the top levitated a little as the top of a face peeked out from inside the broken shell. Everyone leaned in closer to see. Two huge blood red eyes shone from under the eggtop, and then disappeared. Everyone held their breath.

     Taroon growled. "I've had enough of your games!!" he slammed his fist down on the table and the egg toppled over, breaking to pieces. Released from her shattered prison, a dark purple baby tumbled across the table. Everyone gasped. There was no sign of any light birthmarks or even spots. The baby lifted it's head and looked around at everyone confusedly.

     She was violet to a point where it was almost black. The tuff of fur on her chest was spiky. On her ears, black bat-shaped birthmarks were embedded. She had even darker violet hair, with lime green stripes in. Her eyes were blood red. Her tail, instead of the shape of an upside-down heart like all the Light Faerie Clan members had, was in the shape of a spade, like the ones that demons have. She was, to the clan, unfit to a degree of murder to be in the clan.

     "...Gwaaah?" the baby smiled at everyone, wondering why they were so uptight.

     The silence was broken by the King of the tribe. "This child is born of darkness!" he screamed.

     The father tried to calm down the crowd.

     "This is outrageous!!" the King exclaimed. "I demand that this child be thrown out of the clan!" his majesty turned to leave, when Taroon put his hand on the King's shoulder.

     "Your majesty, please, give her a chance," he pleaded, "She may be born of darkness, but we can change her! She will be a worthy member of the clan, just give us time, please!"

     The King looked at the mom, cuddling the crying child in her arms. "You have one year. If she is not worthy of being in the clan, you must throw her out," the King said sternly. Then he walked out. Taroon sighed and turned to the mom.

     "Teinei, I want that child to be perfect by the end of the year. You know the consequences." He walked out, slamming the door. Teinei sighed and looked down at the baby. "He is so harsh... no-one in this clan is perfect... no-one ever could be... Well, what should we name you?" she smiled and tickled her chin. "I will name you... Bunny..."


Eleven months later . . .

     It was a warm day, for the Month of Awakening. Snow was still on the ground, and clouds were in the sky. Bunny walked down the street towards her home. She had just gotten back home from school, and was glad to be out. She was constantly ridiculed for her dark coloration. She sighed and glanced at the houses she was passing. Most of the clan members avoided her, but she had a few good friends. Her role model was the blacksmith. She thought of him as a strong person with a kind heart. Though he was old, he still had a lot of energy, and was always working. His dream was to make the finest blade ever known. The old man was planning something special for her birthday. "My, you've grown so much, Bunny Ketsotsu!" an aged voice interrupted her thoughts.

     Bunny looked up to see an old, grey Zafara, knitting a sweater for one of her many grandchildren. She spied at Bunny through her tiny glasses and smiled a wrinkled smile. "Seems like it was yesterday that you was just a baby."

     Bunny smiled at her. "Thank you! Where's the Blacksmith?"

     The old lady looked up in thought. "I believe he's at the workshop, as usual. Hyeh hyeh, he's a workaholic!" she laughed.

     Bunny had a huge grin painted across her face. "Ah- well, it was nice seeing you again. Good bye!" Bunny rushed off, flashing a smile. She darted down the streets and into a small black house, made of stone. "Sir? Mister Blacksmith?" Bunny wandered around the small room for a while, the beautiful shining blades were like candy to her eyes. All around the room were some of the blacksmith's finest works. As she was looking in confusion at a brass horseshoe, she head the clip-clops of boots from behind.

     "Ah!! If it isn't Bunny Ketsotsu! Ha ha!" the huge blacksmith slapped her back and flashed a grin. "Listen- I have to be going out of town for a while. I have to deliver some horseshoes to a friend of mine, and my messenger is goofin' off someplace. I probably won't be back in time for yer birthday... I'm sorry, Bunny." He frowned and walked over to a table.

     "It's alright," Bunny started. "I hope you make it back safely at least!"

     The blacksmith smiled and pulled out something from underneath the table. "I wanted ta give ya this, it was yer birthday present! But don't open it 'till yer birthday, y'hear?" he grinned as he shoved a long wooden box in her hands.

     Bunny's eyes lit up and she hugged the muscleman. "Thank you sir!" she danced around and ran out, waving goodbye. Just as she left the shop she crashed into somebody, knocking both of them to the ground.

     "Ow! Sorry about that, I didn't see you!" Bunny got up and reached her paw out to help the other person up, then gasped as she realized it was the Prince of the clan. He slapped her paw away with his leather glove and got up, dusting himself off.

     "Watch it you filthy being!" he shoved her to the ground and glared at her. "How dare you mess up my beautiful clothing! You got it dirty!!" he yelled at her.

     Bunny growled and picked up her box. "I didn't mean to do it on purpose... I said I was sorry, what more do you want?" The Prince hmph'ed and walked off. Bunny sighed. Her birthday was next week, and she didn't want anyone messing up her day.


"Grandfather! Grandfather!!" the Prince cried out as he entered the room, his clothes stained with mud. "That wretched dark Zafara was being rude to me! She pushed me into the mud and called me names!!" the Prince whined.

     The King looked at him up and down, then leaned back in his chair and sighed. "I hear nothing but complaints about her from you..." he growled. "I will evaluate her in one week. If I find what you say about her to be true, then she will be thrown out."

     The Prince smiled evilly and walked to his chamber.

     Later that night, the Prince awoke from his slumber and sneaked out of his room. He walked down the stairs into the cellar and into the King's treasure room. He knew that if Bunny passed the evaluation for tomorrow, she would be rewarded with a fine prize. He overheard his father talking about giving her the Dung Catapult, which was used only in the best battles. The Prince's nose scrunched up in disgust as he walked over to the huge item. "I'll show her why the Light Faerie Clan survived to this day... it was because of our craftiness..." he took out a small knife and cut at the ropes, leaving but one string to keep the catapult from launching it's contents across the room. He cut it at the base of the weapon so that it could easily be overlooked. Snickering, he went back upstairs and into his room.

To be continued...

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