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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Six

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Six

by too_kule

Untitled Document Junior G as well as the others stood in front of the Turmaculus. He was planning to go inside the Turmaculus to get a potion for Chakeebo.

     "Good luck. Tasuara will wait here invisible for you to come out. It's not safe for us to be outside. We'll be inside with Chakeebo," said Deracko.

     "You'd better get the potion. The sooner we get out of here, the better," said Methalius.

     "Why can't Tasuara become invisible so she can just go through the Turmaculus and get the potion?" asked Junior G.

     "She'd have to be physical to grab the bottle. If she turned off her ring to grab the bottle and her tail was sticking out then... that'd be bad," said Bortyk.

     "We don't have much time!" exclaimed Yoigo as he lifted the Turmaculus' mouth open. Junior G gulped and crawled in. The mouth shut behind him. This was great. There was barely any air and it reeked! Junior G crawled down the throat and stumbled on some kind of skull...probably from some Petpet that got eaten. Feathers from Airaxes and Whoots... a piece of metal that looked like it was from a Diddler... even a Christmas coat!

     "That must have been from a Christmas Meepit," muttered Junior G. For a strange reason there was light to see. He crawled down the Turmaculus' throat and finally came into its gigantic stomach.

     "This reeks!" cried Junior G as he plugged his nose. He saw that the light was coming from a Flightning Bug that hadn't been digested yet. It was flapping around creating static electricity. Junior G suddenly felt a burning sensation.

     "AHHH! THE ACID!" he yelled. The acid inside of the Turmaculus was burning him! He had to shut his eyes so they didn't get burned. He stumbled around and felt something that felt like a glass bottle, but it turned out to be an offline Pinceron. Then he felt something smash under his foot.

     "Oh no! I broke a bottle!" cried Junior G. He jumped up and landed on another bottle! "This is bad! There's only one more!" He felt around and felt something glass. It was a bottle! He picked it up and crawled out. He was careful not to break it. He opened the Turmaculus' mouth and crawled out.

     "You've got it!" cried Tasuara. Junior G nodded. He shook of some acid and stumbled around. He was lucky the acid inside wasn't very strong, or else he'd be in a lot more pain.

     "Come on let's get inside of the castle," said Junior G.

     "So you really do want to save Chakeebo!" said Tasuara.

     "Sure, but the thing I really want is a shower."


Kyohara looked at where she was. She was in a tent and was looking up at a Shoyru in armour.

     "What happened?" she asked. She stood up and shook her head hard.

     "Just sit back down. If it wasn't for me, you'd probably be dead," said the Shoyru. "My name is Kolicto. I've lived here in the Lost Desert for a long time," he said.

     "I have a problem. I was traveling with a group and we went to sleep. I got lost from them and stumbled into the Lost Desert," said Kyohara.

     "So I presume you want me to take you to them?" he guessed. Kyohara nodded. "Where was your group?"

     "At the northern border of the Haunted Woods," replied Kyohara.

     "Fine, we will go. Not now, you must rest. I think tomorrow would be fine. We'll travel by Krawkadon," he said.

     "Isn't traveling by Krawkadon a little... slow?" questioned Kyohara.

     "Maybe, but I trust my Krawkadons. They can steer us clear from the gas and their smart. They know they way to the Haunted Woods. Their courage will get them through the Haunted Woods and when they need to, they can run. I have complete faith in Mojo and Jojo." Kyohara nearly burst out laughing at the Krawkadon' names, but managed to ask one more question.

     "But what if we come into danger?"

     "I've yet to face a foe I cannot defeat," Kolicto said nobly.


Tasuara flew up the stone staircase followed by Junior G. Frightening noises were heard coming from the room above. The kept on going and were astonished at what they saw. Chakeebo was attacking everyone! Zeedil and Yoigo were keeping him at bay but Methalius and Bortyk were nursing wounds Chakeebo had given them. Poison was flowing through their bodies. Deracko and Millyum were hiding in the corner with the two Ixi. Poison was flowing through their bodies.

     "Hurry up! Get Chakeebo to drink the potion!" cried Yoigo as he shot a wave of energy at Chakeebo with his Gelert Wand. Junior G ran up and stood in front of Chakeebo. Chakeebo opened his mouth and made a hissing sound. Junior G uncorked the bottle and threw some potion into Chakeebo's mouth. Chakeebo choked and made funny noises and fell on the ground. Junior G ran over to Methalius and Bortyk and gave some potion to them.

     Wha...What happened?" asked Chakeebo as he stood up. His body had turned back to yellow instantly. Methalius and Bortyk also stood up. They were all cured.

     "There is still a bit of potion left! We can duplicate in case anybody else gets attacked!" cried the brown Ixi.

     "Seriously! What happened? My last memory was being in Meridell," said Chakeebo. Yoigo handed Chakeebo's ring back over to Chakeebo.

     "That reminds me! Why couldn't Yoigo just use his ring on Chakeebo right after he got bit? He'd be returned to his regular self!" said Tasuara. Everyone looked at each other and laughed.

     "Oops," said Yoigo. Chakeebo looked around and noticed someone was missing.

     "Where's Kyohara?" asked Chakeebo. Everyone looked around again.

     "We forgot about her!" said Methalius.

     "She was in the Haunted Woods when we went to sleep. When we woke up, she was gone," said Bortyk.

     "We'd better get out of here and find her! She could have ran into trouble!" exclaimed Millyum.

     "Not today! It's too late. Spend the night in the castle with us, and I'll escort you back to the Haunted Woods by boat," said Zeedil. Everyone nodded. They had flown around while grabbing onto a ring, they had battled Chakeebo, Chakeebo himself had been bitten and Junior G had gone inside of the belly of the Turmaculus. It had been a very long and very eventful day.


Kyohara was lying in bed inside of Kolicto's tent. Kolicto was standing on guard outside. Several times Kyohara had heard some sounds and some movement but they died down. Black Hopos and black Mortogs were constantly attacking him. Kyohara shut her eyes and tried to get to sleep. She was miles away from everyone else and a complete stranger from evil Petpets was protecting her. Not the best place to sleep, but she didn't have many other options.

To be continued...

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