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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Continuing Series > The Zafara Assassin 3: Eternal Dreams Part Five

The Zafara Assassin 3: Eternal Dreams Part Five

by meratocat

Untitled Document Zana Taru tucked the glass case holding the Flower of Trinifucus under her arm. No fear tinged her thoughts; she was ready to help the Krawks who had become her friends.

     "Have you ever before used the bow?" asked Tasho the yellow Krawk as he watched Zana struggle with even keeping the large bow held right.

     "Actually," she admitted with some embarrassment. "I never have. Is it very hard."

     "For some, yes, but once you get used to the feel of the bow in your hands you can hit almost anything you need to hit. You see…" But he didn't get to finish, for Haothen cried out.

     "We will be within hearing distance soon, so there will be no loud noises, or else Heshrou's plan will go all to fail. Ready!" and in response, all the creatures stomped their bow to the ground in one motion creating a loud crashing sound. "Let's go!" and the march began once again.

     Soon they reached an enclosure of trees that served as a good place to go from. Zana watched in disgust as Jown's men ran about plundering all they could find. "Prepare yourselves," Haothen said to each archer. "We will hear the call soon."

     Tasho looked at Zana as she attempted to fit an arrow to her bowstring. "Wrong, wrong. You are doing it the wrong way. It is like this." And he put his hands over hers, and showed her how to correctly fit the arrow to the string. "Now hold tight, and don't let go until the signal is heard." And then Tasho fit his bow with a lot less struggle, and with the look of experience.

     A loud horn suddenly blew out, long and deep, one that would strike fear into the hearts of enemies, and as soon as it was heard, Haothen cried. "Archers, FIRE!!!" Many arrows filled the air, and fell into the ranks of the assaulters, and then even more did as the archers quickly reloaded, and fired once more.

     "I hit one!" Zana cried, as she saw a Kougra stumble, but she groaned as he got back up quickly.

     "Watch the armor, your arrows cannot penetrate it!" another Krawk yelled out as his arrow struck its mark. We can do this!"

     Heshrou's group then charged with their swords withdrawn, and Haothen called a halt to the archers. "Bows down, swords up! Prepare to join in the battle!" and then throwing her bow over her back, Zana lifted her sword, and prepared to charge.


I readied my sword as the horn sounded, and Heshrou scowled at the array of foes ahead of them. "Almost time to break formation, and charge," he said between clenched teeth, and then as the fourth volley of arrows struck, and Dsupa had had his men pinpoint the direction it came from, Heshrou yelled out a battle cry, and charged for the backs of the assaulting creatures with the rest of his followers behind, and me at his side.

     Tacking them by surprise, Dsupa lost many of his men before the others managed to turn on us, and at that second, the archers, now with swords in their hands, charged too. The metallic ring of steel on steel rang throughout the village as the fight between us worsened. Dsupa had lost many of his followers, but he still had many to take the place of those fallen, and because our number was so weak, we were being beaten back, and loosing many of the warriors who had come with us.

     "Go back!" Heshrou yelled. "Move them into the forest, there we will have the advantage!" and he started to back up into the edges of the wood when he saw Haothen. Many surrounded him, and Haothen had not any chance of escape. "Haothen!" Heshrou cried, running towards his friend, swinging his sword wildly. Heshrou reached the spot of his friend just as a sword bit into his side.

     Heshrou grabbed his hand as he fell to the ground wounded deeply, and a black Lupe lifted his sword to bring it upon Heshrou. His sword did not fall though, for I rushed into the mists of the creatures with my wings outspread, scattering them just long enough for me to pick up Heshrou and Haothen in my paws, and soar past Dsupa's men into the confines of the forest where the ten or so Krawks who were left alive were waiting for their general. "Heshrou! Are you okay!" Thiowa shouted running up to Heshrou.

     "I am fine, it is Haothen." And he looked down to where his friend was gasping for breath.

     "Where's Zana Taru?" I said frantically as I notice that she was not there.

     "Looking for this little creature?" Dsupa yelled flying above us holding Zana Taru in his arms. She still held the flower in one arm, and she was using the other to scratch at Dsupa's red scales. She stopped as he put a dagger up to her throat.

     "Surrender yourself to me Dorono, and I will let her go. In fact, I won't give the word to have my men finish off the rest of these weaklings either. Don't surrender, and I will just have to issue out that order, and once you are all alone, and all your Krawk friends are destroyed, you can watch as I slowly finish off this Zafara."

     "Zana!" I yelled looking up at her with fear in my eyes.

     "So do you take my offer? Surrender yourself, and the rest will be spared."

     "Don't do it Dorono!" Zana yelled, and she tossed down the flower, which I caught in my paws as it fell. "He is evil, you cannot listen to what he says!"

     I looked around at the Krawks who all had their eyes upon me. They all knew that I held their lives in my paw, for I was the target of Dsupa, and if I gave up, they could return to their families, and peaceful living. "I…" I looked over to where Heshrou and Thiowa desperately tried to stop the bleeding of Haothen. "I…" I looked up to Zana, being held in the air with a dagger to her throat. No more would die because of me. I would give up.

     "Well Eyrie, what is your choice?"

     "I surrender," I whispered.


     "I surrender!" I screamed so loudly that all eyes turned to me. "I give up my own life to save that of others." I turned to Thiowa, and handed her the flower, then said "Give this to Zana. We have come too far to lose Zarrel." Then I slowly walked out with drooped wings and ears to the awaiting group of Dsupa's creatures.

     Dsupa laughed as his men bound my paws, and then as soon as I was securely tied, he turned to his men. "Now we have the Eyrie. You can finish off the others."

     "NO!" I screamed. "You said that if I surrendered myself that you would spare them!"

     "I am," Dsupa said with an evil grin. "For a few more moments." And then his men started to advance onto the Krawks who were preparing to take a last stand.

     "I HATE YOU!" Zana yelled, and she bit Dsupa upon the hand.

     "Why you little annoying piece of purple trash!" Dsupa cried raising his sword. "Let's see how well you bite without a head!" but at that second an arrow flew into his sword, which fell from his grasp, and landed point down in the dirt. Startled, the Halloween Nimmo warlord dropped Zana Taru, who fell to the ground with a startled scream.

     Suddenly, tons of Krawks ran out from the swampy woods, and tossed off their camouflaging cover. They were the Krawks who had fled with Taloum. The Krawks fought bitterly, and surprised, Dsupa's men began to retreat. "You fools! We can beet them!" the warlord yelled, but then he too began to retreat as several arrows narrowly missed him, and he left me tied up in the middle of the battlefield. "We will meet again Dorono!" Dsupa called as he turned tail, and flew as fast as he could away from the Krawks who after reloading fired another volley at him.

     "Dorono!" Zana Taru cried, and I looked at her running up to me with Heshrou at her side.

     "Stay still Dorono." Heshrou said, and then he slashed the bounds to me, but as soon as I stood up, we were surrounded by a legion of Krawks all holding spears up to our heads.

     "Betrayers! Kidnappers! Murderers!" a voice yelled, and then Taloum parted the ranks of his men, and came face to face with Zana Taru, Heshrou, and me. "First you help the enemy escape, then you kidnap my sister Heshrou! I also bet that you are the whole reason that we were besieged by that army too!"

     Tasho and the other Krawks with Heshrou began to raise their swords, ready to protect their general, but Heshrou raised a hand, "No, there has already been enough killing without brother against brother." And he smiled as those loyal to him, sheathed their swords.

     "Heshrou!" Thiowa cried running up, "We're loosing him." And pushing past the other Krawks, Heshrou and I followed Thiowa to where Haothen laid down, ready to pass into the next world.

     "Haothen, my friend," Heshrou said laying a hand upon the dying warriors shoulder.

     "You... fought well," he said with a smile. "At least… At least I will pass away knowing that you live…" and then Haothen was silent, and then removing his hand from his friends shoulder, Heshrou covered his face, sorrow in his heart.

     "He is in the better land now," Thiowa said putting a hand over Heshrou's shoulder, but before long, she was yanked away by her brother who was wearing a deep scowl over his face.

     "This is it!" he cried. "I have dealt with his type before, and the best way is with just a quick stroke of the blade. I sentence you to death Heshrou!"

     "No!" Thiowa yelled. "I beg of you to let him live!"

     "And why would that be fairest sister."

     "I-I love him…" And then she embraced Heshrou, and a tear dripped down her cheek. "Please…"

     "You love him???" Taloum said. "Well that changes everything."

     "Really?" Thiowa asked with happiness in her eyes.

     "Yeah, now instead of finishing him off right now, I'll wait until you have been blindfolded."

     "You monster!" Thiowa cried. "If you are to destroy him, you will have to destroy me too!" and Thiowa stood in front of her brother's blade."

     Taloum lifted up his sword, but then let it drop to the ground. "I cannot finish off my sister," he said, and then he looked sternly up at Thiowa. "Instead of death, I give you and Heshrou banishment from our lands forever. Same goes for you two," he said looking at Zana and I who were standing behind. "Now get out of my sight and never return!" and he turned around, and walked away with the other Krawks, leaving us sitting in the soft dirt with the flower of Trinifucus at our side.

To be continued...

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