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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Continuing Series > E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Three

E-Gates and Extraterrestrials: Part Three

by ridergirl333

Untitled Document "Question," Musician said. "Why did the virus only move our oldest pets?"

     "I don't know," Ridergirl333 commented. "But I think I saw Sapphire, my third oldest NeoPet come halfway out of the computer and then take a U-turn."

     She turned around to scowl at me because I was raiding the refrigerator. "Two questions," she continued. "One: Why did this happen to us? Out of all the pets in Neopia, why were ours transported here? We're not even very famous. I'm not in a very big guild. Cathy, you're not in a guild at all! I'm not very important in the outside world either. We're just a couple of teenagers!"

     I had found the chocolate syrup. Ridergirl nudged me hard while I poured sweet, rich chocolate down my throat. "Question number two:" Ridergirl continued. "How are we gonna possibly return these guys? Like you said, they stick out like sore thumbs."

     Musician sighed. "Jen, you forgot question three. If and when we find a way to return them, will they want to go? My Lupe Comet is having a blast with Shelby's squeaky bone. Indigo is playing with Shelby and all poor Shelby wants to do is take a nap. But they're having fun here."

     Ridergirl gazed longingly at a chocolate-covered Scorchio (me) and sighed. "My pets are having fun too. I wish we didn't have to send them back." She paused, listening to the sound of the chocolate syrup bottle breaking. Glowering at my hands, covered in the syrupy brown treat, my owner Ridergirl shoved a blue towel into my claws. "Emerald. Clean yourself up and wipe the floor, please! And get your sister!"

     Grudgingly, I obliged. Ever since my sister RubyRainbow333 and I were sneezed out of the computer by a freaky virus, Ridergirl has been a bit… testy. But then again, discovering portals to other galaxies, the reality of NeoPets and a mess on the kitchen floor has got to be grinding Ridergirl's nerves.

     Ridergirl continued to talk to her best friend, Musician. Musician was also was visited by the dreaded virus. Her pets, Indigo the blue Gelert and Comet the red Lupe are also trapped in this foreign land with us.

     "Kauvara told me all about it. An e-gate is a portal through space and time. The NeoPets live in another galaxy. Food and items regularly travel through the e-gates and into their NeoHomes. Then, the gates close. However, someone built a gate, and then left it alone or something. The gate is growing bigger and bigger. It sucked our NeoPets through. And if we don't destroy it, it may well pull bigger things into our world. I don't want the Soup Faerie living next door! It's time for a bit of Neopian intervention." She sat at her computer and went to She showed Musician, Indigo, Comet, Ruby and I the communications link she had discovered on the quick-ref page. It showed a picture of the living room of our NeoHome. Kauvara, Sapphire, and Amethyst were there, along with Indigo and Comet's siblings, Bluebell* and Lightning*.

     Kauvara wasted no time. "I've been doing some research on e-gates. Something is seriously wrong… or seriously right, whichever way you want to look at it."

     "Let's hear it," Ruby said curiously.

     "Something is actually freezing the growth of the portal. I've been trying to track the source all day, but I've got nothing. Whatever it is, it's buying us another week and a half of time. Plus, the communication between worlds shouldn't have lasted this long either. Ridergirl, an enormous amount of magic is being worked here. Magic is securing the communication lines. Magic is immobilizing the gate."

     "Not just magic," Bluebell the blue Kau said quietly. "Kauvara says whoever did this also has a high level of technology at their hands… or hooves, or paws, or wings, or…"

     "We get the message Bluebell," Musician said dryly.

     "Point is," AmethystSkye111 said. "There aren't many Neopians with lots of magic and super technology."

     That's when I made a very stupid guess. "Dr. Sloth has magic and technology!"

     "Dr. Sloth is the slime of the universe, O genius one." Ruby said, rolling her sweet azure eyes.

     "I think it could have been anyone. Tons of NeoPets are wizards," commented Comet. "And anyone who lives in the space station or Neopia Central has a decent computer system."

     "It's more likely that this is caused by someone from the Virtupets Space Station. They'd have better access to the fibers of space-time. They, after all, live in the vast cosmos." Kauvara said reasonably.

     "Yeah," Lightning the red Peophin said. "But why worry about it? Whoever did this is on our side. They aren't taking pains to be recognized. I say we let them do their work in peace."

     That's when it hit me. Like a ton of bricks falling from the sky, it hit me. I've never been very bright, but I had a feeling that… "Dr. Sloth was the one who made the e-gate! He created a virus to weaken the computers. This allowed him to suck the NeoPets out. Our mystery person-who-is-helping-us managed to save the youngest pets, but arrived too late to save the older ones."

     "Sapphire," Ridergirl said urgently. "You were half sucked out before this… person saved you. Do you remember them?"

     SapphireCloud777 the blue Eyrie placed a lion paw on her forehead, as if getting a major migraine. "I remember a brown hand grabbing my tail. Not much else though. I was sort of focusing on the overwhelming pain that comes with crossing through a ten-sizes-too-small e-gate."

     Ridergirl and Musician's jaws both dropped. "You guys never told me it hurt." Musician said to Indigo and Comet. "We didn't want to complain," Comet (always the tough Lupe) said slowly. "Besides, by the time we saw you, it was all over."

     "We were knocked out," Ruby said. "We had forgotten about the pain until now."

     "Oh, when I get my hands on that extraterrestrial sludge ball, I am gonna…" Musician put a hand on Ridergirl's mouth before the feisty teenager could say any more.

     "We'll get him Jen," Musician reassured her best friend. "Someday."

To be continued...

Authors Note: Musician/Cathy and all of her NeoPets wish to remain anonymous. Therefore, the numbers after their names will remain confidential.

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