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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Continuing Series > Of War and Amulets: Part Three

Of War and Amulets: Part Three

by yellowyoshi749

Untitled Document Kiata flew hard, trying to discover where Jade was. She had figured the Shoyru would stop somewhere at sometime but she couldn't figure out where.

    She looked up to see Faerieland growing nearer. "Why does it seem so close?" she thought but shook it off. She continued to fly for the remaining hours of daylight, until she veered off and headed for Krawk Island.

    Kiata landed at the shores of the small island, searching for an inn until she found one. Inside about fifty, mainly Krawks, Grarrls and Lupes, however, there was at least one of each Neopet lounging at tables and what not. Kiata flipped her hood over her head and walked around. Then she heard a familiar voice.

    "Harhar! I wonder where that pesky Shoyru and her friends have gotten to. Curse them!" the voice said and took a swig of his drink. Silently Kiata stood in the shadows, listening.

    "But Captain, how did that Shoyru defeat you and your entire fleet?" questioned a fierce looking Pteri.

    "Well you see, Fror, she brought in thousands of Neopets and destroyed me fleet!" the voice said gruffly, taking another swig of his drink. Kiata smiled and stepped forward, staying close to the shadows and continued to listen.

    "We was just setting sail to go plunder when I smelled the smell of fire ye know. I stood upon the mast and watched as me cabin was set on fire. I looked down and saw thousands o' pets slashin an' detroyin' me crew. I slid sown an' called out an' then I saws the back o' that little Shoyru, Jade was 'er name. Bravely I ran up to ER and slashed ER back. She whipped o'round an' threw me overboard. Isn't tha' right boys? Harhar!" Everyone in the inn nodded nervously. Finally Kiata stepped out of her place and put a paw on his shoulder. A hushed silence fell over everyone.

    "ER harhar... Who're you?"

    "Well, well, well," she said softly, "if it isn't the Shadow Army's craftiest corsair, Mr. Captain Thrice."

    "If it isn't Kiata the general of the Shadow Army. Oh that's right, your status was lowered!" Thrice laughed. Kiata pulled her hand away and unsheathed her sword.

    "No need to get hasty now!" Thrice said as he jumped up to unsheathe his scimitar. As he put his paw on the hilt the flash of silver and blue swept by him like lightning. Less than a second later Thrice lay upon the floor of the inn in a heap, unmoving. Before the crowd of onlookers Kiata stood, holding her blade, which was stained red.

    "Return to the Shadow Army! Go now, back to the Haunted Woods!" she cried. From sheer terror of her wrath, each and every corsair and Neopet fled from the inn. Tables were overturned, glass crashed to the floor and spilled. Chairs were broken; paws were stepped on and cut by the shattered glass. In the mad dash to leave the island some pets were trampled, and some slain. Those that could fly took off at the shores, those that were lucky enough grabbed a lift with companions. Others jumped into the ocean and swam as fast as their limbs would go.

    Kiata surveyed the abandoned inn and shook her head. She noticed a staircase and walked towards it. There she climbed it and found a room. Silently she undid the brooch around her neck and let the cloak fall from her shoulders. She slumped on the bed and drifted off into a sound sleep.


Night seemed to take forever. Jade had had an uneasy sleep, often waking. When dusk had finally come she had grabbed all her garments and items and gotten ready to go. But before she had done so she had looked at Neopia and sighed heavily. After that she had taken off into the night sky. To one far away, she appeared as a jade star floating across the sky as the amulet around her neck glowed brightly.


Jade landed on the fluffy clouds of Faerie Land, approximately 12:00 am NST. She turned and gazed in the dark, at the highest point in all of the Neopian World. She scanned Neopia for the last time before she reached Sakhmet. Down in the ocean she could see many black figures, darker than the dark ocean itself, silhouetted against both the sky and ocean. She stood and pondered as to what it could be, but shook her head and turned away.

    The flight to Faerie Land had been hard and fast. It had taken Jade nearly half the time to get there and she was exhausted. Gently and silently, she made her way by the Water Faeries Healing Springs, Jhudora's Cloud and many other places outside the city gates. After a few minutes of running along the winding cloud path Jade came to the gates.

    "Who goes there?" shouted a voice, none other than the Battle Faerie herself.

    "Tis Jadestone!" Jade shouted back.

    Slowly the gates opened, revealing a beautiful city. The Battle Faerie stepped down from her perch as lookout and stood before Jade. "Well if it isn't Jadestone, the one who freed many slaves and stopped Captain Thrice," she said in hushed tones. Jade looked at her questioningly.

    "Uh... Th-"

    "Shhhhh!!!" the Faerie hissed. "You are to go straight to the palace..."

    "Okay..." Jade whispered. She scampered off into the city swiftly. The Battle Faerie leapt up to the battlements of the massive wall surrounding the city and watched the gates shut tightly. She nodded her head in approval and gazed out into the darkness.

    A pair of hawk like eyes watched the city and Jadestone, through a large black orb. A black cloaked figure, the one watching, laughed, "Ha Jade! I see your every move, where you go... everything! But... blast those Faeries! For their magic prevents me from seeing beyond the city gates..."


Jade made it to the large oaken doors where two blue Pteri guards stood on either side of the doors. They crossed their spears as she approached. "Who goes there?" they chorused.

    "Jade... the Battle... Faerie sent... me..." she gasped and stood before them with her paws upon her knees.

    "Oh. You're Jadestone. Please enter right away! As you enter if you turn to your left there are many doors. The last door you come across is a room sort of like an inn. You can rest there. To your far right-the kitchen is down there-so if you need food then ask the cooks for something," answered the guard on the left. Then they leaned their spears against the palace walls and clasped the large rings attached to the doors with their wings. They pulled and slowly the doors opened. Jade entered and said her thanks. After she had stepped in the doors closed behind her.

    The entrance hall was huge. A west and east wing branched off right from the door. The hall went straight and branched off again. Stairs were located on either side leading up to the ramparts, which, if you followed long enough, would take one to the barracks where the soldiers of the Queen resided. If one continued a little ways north of where these two wings branched off one would come to yet another set of large oaken doors; this lead to the throne room.

    Jade shook her head. "Big enough entrance hall?" she said softly and turned to her left. She was too tired to go down to the kitchen and get food, even though she was hungry, and instead headed down the west wing. She passed what seemed like hundreds of doors when she finally came to the last one.

    Gently Jade turned the doorknob and stepped in. The room was fairly big and there were at least twenty beds, ten along the wall before her and ten to her right. A desk was set along the wall to her left were five windows with deep green curtains hung closed. A little lamp was lit on the desk and a Shoyru sat waiting. She turned, stood up, and bowed, "Hello Jade. I've been expecting you. Can I-?"

    Jade shook her head and slumped on the bed to her right. She curled into a ball and drifted off into a deep sleep. Silently the maid blew out the lamp and stood in the doorway. "You are something else Jadestone," she whispered and then walked out, closing the door behind her.

To be continued...

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