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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Continuing Series > Imperfect Dark: Part Two

Imperfect Dark: Part Two

by plushieowner

Untitled Document Faerie napped? Is that even a word? "This isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds," cried Angel. "Kidnapping Jhudora! Who am I kidding? Locating her, planning how to capture her and then actually ‘napping’ her. Why do I have a funny feeling this isn’t going to be a piece of cake after all?"

     Angel paused for a while, looked around, and sighed. "Well, first things first. Where would she be? Um, let’s see. I shall make a list of her local haunts and check them out. When I find her at one of them, I’ll capture her!!" Angel sat down with a notebook and Doglefox pen at her study desk.

     One hour later, Angel is still staring at the notebook thinking. A bit weird for such a brain full of ideas and creative energy to not come up with a single place that Jhudora may be at. Angel looks around her at the ring of hundreds of crumbled bits of paper that surround her.

     All of a sudden, a thought flashed through her brain like a grand lightning beam. "I have an idea! I could ask Jhudora’s publicist to see what events and functions she’LL be attending by pretending to be with the Paparazzi. Gotta barge in on her parade!" she laughs evilly.

     Angel starts her search by looking up Jhudora in the Faerie pages, Neopia’s leading telephone directory. She scrolls one of her slender fingers up and down the page, looking intently for the "J" section.

     "Um.. H, I, here we go - J." Angel continued to scroll down the page until she reaches "Jhudora, Evil Faerie Extraordinaire - Personal Publicist" and punches the number next to that name into her purple mobile phone.

     "Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring."

     "This better not be call waiting," Angel mutters to herself.

     "Jhudora’s publicist, may I ask who is calling?" The perky voice on the other end spoke.

     "Um...." Angel quickly thinks of a name. "Sal Addressing here, journalist for The Neopian Times." Angel sighs and thinks to herself "She is going to see right through this because I’m a hopeless liar."

     Gathering up her courage, Angel continues talking to the publicist on the phone. "I would like to know where Jhudora is going to know to be at 12 p.m. tomorrow."

     "Madam, that is confidential information. I’m sorry I can’t tell you. Why do you want to see her? Is it for an interview?" asks the publicist.

     "Yes, perfect!" Angel cries.

     "Sorry, Jhudora doesn’t do interviews much anymore. She has a bad track record with press interviews in her old rock band days with the Rolling Faeries. Lots of scandal! She even turned up drunk on rose wine to an interview once!"

     "Oh! But I still want to meet with her. Pretty please with a cherry on top!" She pleads.

     "No, I can’t, I’m sorry madam, no matter how hard you try, you can’t make me crack like a code on Codebreaker. I won’t say where Jhudora is. I’m sworn to secrecy."

     "Have you heard of blackmail? I have some hot Neopian gossip on Fyora and Jhudora that I’m sure Neopia would love to hear. You know, about them being..."

     The publicist interrupts the middle of Angel’s speech. "Okay, alright! She is going to have coffee with Illusen at Cafe Neopia tomorrow. I will tell her you’re coming to see her then as well."

     "No, don’t! I want it to be a surprise meeting. Casual, not set up. But thanks anyway. You have been ‘really’ useful." Angel replies sarcastically and hangs up...


The next day, Illusen and Jhudora are having a bite to eat over a cup of coffee at the posh Cafe Neopia where the big stars of Neopets dine including Adam and Donna. At first glance Illusen and Jhudora seem to be having idle chit-chat. They are getting along instead of having a huge cat fight for a change.

     "This birthday cake you ordered was delicious and it was nice of you to take me out." Illusen said after finishing off her mouthful of cake.

     "Anything for publicity," sneered Jhudora. "And besides - I just wanted to see your wonderful figure blow up like a party balloon!" Jhudora crammed her mouth full of cake in an unladylike manner.

     "Jhudora, you are awful!" Illusen cries as she starts to laugh hysterically.

     Nearby, Angel, wearing camouflage gear, had an evil Pant Devil smirk on her determined face. She was hiding in a bush waiting to spring on Jhudora and throw a net over her.

     "Man, I’m sneaky as a fox! She won’t see me at all" Angel crows happily. She edges towards the table where the two faeries are sitting.

     Jhudora stands up unexpectedly and Angel quickly drops flat and crawls under the nearest table.

     "Where’s my coffee? I need my daily caffeine fix!" Jhudora screams at the waiter.

     "Excuse me, Madam, it is coming shortly." Replies the waiter indignantly.

     "Sure, that's what you said the last time I asked." Jhudora crosses her arms and gives him a dirty look. She then turns her head slightly in Angel’s direction, but doesn’t see her hiding under the table. "Close Call!" whispers Angel to herself.

     "As I saying before you changed the subject, I think we should learn to get along." Illusen states to her lunch partner, as she delicately wipes her mouth on a napkin.

     "I have been waiting for about 30 minutes for my cup of coffee. I’m getting really impatient!!!" Jhudora continues to ignore Illusen since she is more interested in getting her stupid cup of coffee. After a few more minutes, she starts yelling at the poor waiter again.

     "Geez, calm down Jhudora. Don’t make a scene! You always overreact with your temper!" Illusen whines.

     "I have a right to be angry! Come on, we’re leaving. The service here is shocking!"

     "But... why?" says Illusen, but Jhudora wasn’t listening anymore.

     "Oh no! It looks like they’re leaving. I better act now!" Angel quickly gets to her feet and pulls out the net. Right at that moment, Jhudora looks in Angel’s direction and makes an L shape with her fingers on her forehead.

     "Did she see me?" Angel thinks to herself. Angel throws the net over the top of Jhudora, who winks and waves her hand. "Is that some secret signal?" Angel wonders. She shrugs and yells "I’ve got you now!"

     POOF! Smoke appears where the form of Jhudora once was.

     In the smoke there is someone else’s shadow struggling in the net.

     "Let go of me! Cough, cough!" yells the shadow within the net.

     "Oh no! I caught the wrong Faerie!!" Angel moans.

To be continued...

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