Neopedia : Roo Island

Roo Island Royal Palace Location: Island 30 miles east of Neopia Central
Population: 275,000 (95% Blumaroo, 5% Other)
Area: 5,000 sq. miles
GDP: 1.8bn NP
Weather: Warm all year round, light showers daily
Terrain: Meadows, hills, light woods
Government: Monarchy

Roo Island is a medium-sized island around thirty miles east of the main Neopian coastline. It is easy to get there, as there is a twice-daily ferry service leaving from the port of Neopia Central (with a 30 NP fee). For years, Roo Island has been the home of the fun loving Blumaroos, ruled over by their wise monarch, King Roo.

The island itself is around fifty miles in diameter, and about a hundred miles north to south. There are three main towns, the biggest of which is Roo City, home of the royal Roo palace. Each of the towns is connected via a well-kept road, and trade caravans are not uncommon. There are also a handful of little villages dotted around the island. Visiting in the summer is recommended. The fun-loving Blumaroos are great to be around; there are always smiles on everyone's faces, and you can always see the young Blumaroos playing in the meadows and fields.

Blumaria is a bustling port city on the south side of Roo Island, and tourists are often overwhelmed by the sheer variety of things to do there. Those arriving by ferry typically take a walk down the boardwalk to windowshop before heading to the Games Room for an afternoon of fun.

The older Blumaroos mainly concentrate on creating interesting arts and crafts that they sell to the mainland. It's not a proper visit to Roo Island without a stroll through the Art District to see all the beautiful art produced by both Islanders and famous artists from all over Neopia.

Places of Interest

Roo Island Harbour Games Room - To celebrate his love of games, King Roo ordered a massive building constructed in the heart of downtown Blumaria. There are puzzle games, action games, games of strategy, card games, board games... You name it, it can probably be found in the Games Room. Best of all, you can earn Neopoints from every game!

Coffee Shop - Located towards the north of Roo Island in the Art District, this little cafe serves delightful scones and tea. After running the cafe for over thirty years, Grandma Roo recently turned over day-to-day management to a perky young Shoyru from Neopia Central with a lot of talent, allowing Grandma Roo to focus on building her culinary empire. The cafe will make any caffeinated beverage to order... just let them know what you want!

Tournament Hall - The tournament hall is a large marble building near to the royal palace in Roo City. It used to be used for boring town meetings; however, lately King Roo has turned it into the location of Neopia's biggest Dice-A-Roo tournament. Every year, thousands of Neopians meet up to play and try and win one of King Roo's fantastic prizes.

Springy Things - Even though Blumaroos possess a natural spring in their tail, sometimes this isn't enough - and the Spring Shop that just opened up in Blumaria is doing great business as a result. Situated in the village of Blumaria, they sell anything that can make you bounce even higher, extra springs, pogo sticks, trampolines, and much more.