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Mootix Drop
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Whenever there was trouble, Harry was ready. He was a commando first and a Mootix second, and danger was his middle name (which was nice because he didn't have a last one).

In Mootix Drop you play Harry, and your job is to successfully parachute down into a number of increasingly hard missions. Using the latest Mootix technology your target has been digitally superimposed on the ground below you, and you have to hit as close to the centre of the target as possible.

To play, use the space bar to launch, and the arrow keys to guide Harry to the target. On the way down there will be a number of rings to fly through. Make sure you guide Harry through as many as possible in order to maximise your score. Flying through the centre of a ring will give you double points! If you quickly tap left or right twice in succession, Harry will do a barrel roll.

Once you have completed easy mode you will be given the option to progress to medium, and then eventually hard modes. Good luck!

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